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Friday, April 10, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Downed WWII Airmen Were Dissected Alive By Japanese Doctors -- Nun Stabs Boy In Hand -- Rare Black Flamingo Spotted In Cyprus

Downed WWII Airmen Were Dissected Alive By Japanese Doctors

-Parts of brain and livers of soldiers were dissected while they were alive

-Prisoners of war also injected with seawater at university's medical school

-Soldiers were still alive and thought doctors were going to treat them

-Actions of surgeons and university staff brought to light in grim exhibition

A Japanese university has opened a museum acknowledging that its staff dissected downed American airmen while they were still alive during World War Two.

The move is a striking step in a society where war crimes are still taboo and rarely discussed, although the incident has been extensively documented in books and by US officials.

A gruesome display at the newly-opened museum at Kyushu University explains how eight US POWs were taken to the centre’s medical school in Fukuoka after their plane was shot down over the skies of Japan in May 1945.

There, they were subjected to horrific medical experiments - as doctors dissected one soldier’s brain to see if epilepsy could be controlled by surgery, and removed parts of the livers of other prisoners as part of tests to see if they would survive. Read more at US bomber crew shot down over Japan were dissected while ALIVE in horrific WW2 experiments: Japanese university acknowledges full details of atrocity 70 years on

NOTE: you may want to read Savages of the Rising Sun...Lon


Nun Stabs Boy In Hand To Teach Him ‘How Jesus Suffered’

When we were at school, we had a mock crown of thorns plonked on our head to demonstrate what Jesus went through on his way to the cross.
But one nun took it a little bit too far when she stabbed a schoolboy in the hand so he could experience the suffering of Jesus.

Sister Ludovita, 30, had been giving an RE class at a school in the town of Kysucke, Nove Mesto in northern Slovakia when she beckoned a boy to the front of the class.

She then reportedly proceeded to take a needle from her handbag before ramming it into the hand of seven-year-old Adam Celko, and told him that this was how Jesus suffered.

She also said that he too would experience a similar fate if he behaved badly.

Adam’s mum Helena, 30, said: ‘When Adam got home, he had a wound on the back of his hand and when I asked him what had happened he told me the nun had done it.

‘I was completely shocked. I mean, what on earth was she thinking?’

‘And with Easter coming I began to worry about what she would do next – crucify one of the students or hammer a nail into their hands?’

A school spokesman said: ‘We strongly disapprove of this sort of teaching method.

‘When I contacted the Sister she told me that the class had been learning about Jesus Christ and personal sin.’

‘She added that the children had been invited to voluntarily experience mild pain so they could empathise with the theme.

‘She said she had invited the pupils to prick themselves if they wanted to but were not forced to.

‘She denies stabbing the boy and says he did it himself.

‘Either way this is inappropriate behaviour and will not be tolerated in this school. - Nun Stabs Boy In Hand To Teach Him ‘How Jesus Suffered’


Rare black flamingo spotted in Cyprus

A flamingo sporting an uncharacteristically black hue has been filmed on the island of Cyprus.

The bird, which was observed feeding alongside other flamingos on the banks of a salt lake on Wednesday, could be the only one of its kind ever recorded. Its distinct black color is thought to be the result of a genetic condition known as melanism which causes it to generate too much of the pigment malanin.

Wildlife experts believe that the bird could be the same one that was spotted in Israel last year.

"A melanistic individual is a very, very rare sighting," said Pantelis Charilaou, head of the environmental department of the British Sovereign Bases in Cyprus.

"Basically its the opposite of an albino when the individual produces more melanin than normal."



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