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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Shadowy Daytime Orb UFOs -- The Lost Tomb of Jesus -- Hawaiian King's Treasures Return Home

Shadowy Daytime Orb UFOs

Queens Ferry and Edinburg, GB - 4/7/2015: when looking at photos from outing to Edinburgh yesterday it showed up in photo, did not actually see event - MUFON CMS


Town re-elects mayor who died last month

Frank Roland Jr., who died on March 9 aged 81, was elected to another term as mayor of Hillsboro, eastern Missouri, in the election on Tuesday.

Roland, who had been mayor since 1995, had been seeking re-election and was unopposed on the ballot before his death.

Roland got seven more votes than write-in candidates garnered, according to unofficial results. Jim Gowan, president of the board of aldermen, had registered as a write-in candidate.

He has been serving as interim mayor since Roland's death. Now the the board will decide whether Gowan will continue in that role or whether to appoint someone else to fill out the term.


Buried Mars Glaciers are Brimming With Water

The Red Planet is home to a large volume of glacial ice buried beneath a layer of surface dust.

A new study has revealed that the quantity of water locked up in these subsurface glaciers is much greater than anyone had previously predicted - enough to submerge the surface of the planet in a layer of ice more than 3ft thick.

The discovery was made thanks to a combination of radar image data and computer simulations which were used to calculate the volume of the glaciers based on glacial activity here on Earth.

"We have looked at radar measurements spanning 10 years back in time to see how thick the ice is and how it behaves," said Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson from the University of Copenhagen.

"We have calculated that the ice in the glaciers is equivalent to over 150 billion cubic meters of ice - that much ice could cover the entire surface of Mars with 1.1 meters (3.6 feet) of ice."

The finding of so much ice beneath the planet's surface could help to explain what happened to at least some of the water that once existed on Mars in the form of lakes, rivers and oceans.

It is thought that the dust covering the ice may have prevented it from evaporating in to space. - Buried Mars Glaciers are Brimming With Water


The Lost Tomb of Jesus

A geologist in Jerusalem claims to have found “virtually unequivocal evidence” that could reopen the controversy over the final resting place of Jesus Christ.

Dr Aryeh Shimron says he has carried out new tests that suggest it is more likely the Talpiot Tomb, a burial site found in East Jerusalem in 1980, was a family grave for Jesus of Nazareth, his wife Mary Magdalene and his son Judah.

Dubbed “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” in a 2007 documentary movie directed by James Cameron, the chamber contained nine burial boxes or “ossuaries” inscribed with the names “Jesus son of Joseph”, “Mary” and other names associated with the New Testament.

The inscriptions and the approximate dates of burial have led some to suggest the Talpiot Tomb means Jesus married, that he fathered a child, and that the existence of bodily remains means the Resurrection could never have happened. Read more at The lost tomb of Jesus? Scientist claims he has 'virtually unequivocal evidence' that could help explain the whereabouts of Christ's remains


Hawaiian King's Treasures Home After 191 Years

A shipwreck hunter describes it as the first luxury ocean-going yacht built in the US, one that reportedly hit a shallow reef in April 1824, when everyone on board—save, perhaps, the captain—may have been drunk. Though no one is recorded to have died, the 83-foot ship, which belonged to the second king of Hawaii, went down off Hanalei. And 191 years later, the artifacts the Ha'aheo o Hawaii (Pride of Hawaii) held for so long at the bottom of the sea are going home. "We found gold, silver, Hawaiian poi pounders, gemstones, a boat whistle, knives ... Every bit of it is royal treasure," Richard Rogers tells the AP, putting the item-count at more than 1,000. He, in tandem with Smithsonian Institution scientists, surfaced King Kamehameha II's treasures between 1995 and 2001 after receiving what the Star-Bulletin reported at the time were the first underwater archaeological permits granted by the state.

All the retrieved items save those that needed attention from Texas A&M's Underwater Conservation Lab spent the following decade-plus in the Smithsonian's custody, on loan from the state of Hawaii. No more: Four crates were sent to the Kauai Museum last month, and another two or three are to be delivered. The AP notes the items are the only confirmed objects from Kamehameha II's "short but intense reign," which ran from 1819-1824. He purchased the ship in 1820; it had been built four years prior in Salem, Mass., for $100,000 at a time when comparable ships were built for $4,000 or $5,000. Half that staggering sum was spent on construction and the other half on exotic wood and furniture, a Smithsonian historian told the Chicago Tribune, adding "this was so unusual for the period that up to 2,600 people a day came to see her in 1816." - Hawaiian King's Treasures Home After 191 Years


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