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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Paranormal Radio Hosts Advocate Killing Bigfoot -- British MoD Accused of UFO Cover-Up -- Missouri Lycan Sighting

Paranormal Radio Hosts Want to Kill Bigfoot

If California-based paranormal experts do succeed in killing Bigfoot – the possible Silverton resident – local law enforcement promises to throw the book at them.

Earlier this month, the three hosts of “Paranormal Central” on Dark Matter Radio set parts of the Internet alight when they determined a 2008 photograph – that allegedly captures Bigfoot cavorting in Silverton alongside the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad – might be authentic.

“We don’t think it’s a kid with a hoodie and a skateboard,” said host Jeff Gonzales in a telephone interview Friday.

On the same radio broadcast, Gonzalez and fellow hosts Allen Thomas and Danny Valderrama announced their intention to kill Bigfoot.

Since The Durango Herald published a story Wednesday about the podcast, national media outlets published their own stories. Twitter erupted with innumerable tweets about the veracity of the claims. And numerous others on the Internet, such as the SasquatchChronicles.com, weighed in on why the story and photo resurfaced after the 2008 sighting.

On Friday, Gonzalez said, “We’re not ashamed to say it. We came out a few years ago, saying, ‘We need to shoot Bigfoot.’” To prove the existence of Bigfoot, scientists will require a body. Then they’ll be able to identify Bigfoot DNA and go from there.”

The assassination attempt could get financing. The Fox network picked up “Paranormal Central,” which soon will air on TV affiliates in California.

Gonzales said in the last 10 years, Bigfoot has been spotted at least eight times in Silverton. In 2003, La Plata County resident Vi McCoy wrote a letter to the Herald claiming she saw “Sasquatch” while she was riding the train. He is “a solid part of our history with so many people witnessing his presence,” she wrote.

“If you are fortunate enough to see this creature, be sure and share it with the newspaper. ‘Much thanks to the creature – whomever he may be!’” McCoy wrote.

Local law-enforcement agencies warned that they would come down hard on anyone who bumps Bigfoot.

San Juan County Undersheriff Steve Lowrance said, “As far as our statement on Bigfoot, obviously, we can’t discount the existence of such a creature in Silverton.”

But, he said, if the people from “Paranormal Central” “do come here and kill Bigfoot, definitely, we’ll investigate, working closely with (Colorado Parks and Wildlife).

“We could bring conspiracy charges if there are enough people involved and they took substantial steps in killing such a creature,” he said.

Sixth Judicial District Attorney Todd Risberg said while offing Bigfoot would be a criminal act as well as ethically reprehensible, he didn’t yet know how he would charge such a slaying.

“If Bigfoot is a human, it would be murder. If Bigfoot is an animal, that might be more of a Division of Wildlife question,” he said. “I don’t know what Bigfoot is.”

Mark Esper, editor of The Silverton Standard, said bringing murder charges might be more appropriate.

“There’s a lot of people in Silverton who might be related to Bigfoot. We haven’t done the genetic testing yet,” he deadpanned.

He said the federal government ought to be doing more to protect Bigfoot from hunters.

“Look – I don’t have much of a stake in this. At the Standard, we’re very proud of our Bigfoot coverage – but Bigfoot doesn’t subscribe or advertise,” he said.

“This is prime Bigfoot habitat because of the climate. Given the threats, I don’t think the (Environmental Protection Agency) or the Bureau of Land Management is taking Bigfoot protection seriously enough. A lot of people in Silverton want Bigfoot on the endangered species list,” he said.

In an email, Joe Lewandowski, spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said, “Instead of ‘searching’ for Bigfoot, these folks should make themselves a nice big bowl of popcorn, slip into their footie jammies and watch the 1987 film ‘Harry and the Hendersons.’ The movie will give them everything they’ll need for an enjoyable evening in the cozy environment of their own homes.”

Risberg offered the people at “Paranormal Central” graver advice.

“When I was a judge in Silverton years ago, a waiter used to run by the train in a monkey suit,” he said. Anybody planning an attempt on Bigfoot’s life “better be careful what they’re shooting at.” - Kill Bigfoot, and prepare to be prosecuted

NOTE: You may remember this claim from Jeff Gonzales in 2011:

Sanger Paranormal Society Swabbing Bigfoot DNA From Car Windshield, With Armed Guards Standing By - this was posted by BigfootEvidence.com on Monday. Read the article and then come back and read the links to the back story. This pertains to the claims and news conference debacle in June 2011. Below are the links to the story as the events unfolded:

Smear Campaign: The Incredibly Disappointing Bigfoot Press Conference

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British MoD Accused of UFO Cover-Up

The British Ministry of Defence has delayed the release of 18 'bombshell' documents by several months.

The files, which are believed to relate to cases of Unidentified Flying Objects over the British Isles, were due to be released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

When Lord Black of Brentwood brought the subject up in the House of Lords last month however the MoD admitted that the documents had yet to be handed over due to "additional processing requirements" and stated that they would not be released until either the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

"This massive delay will have conspiracy theorists up in arms," said Nick Pope, a former investigator who once headed up the MoD's UFO desk. "It looks like the MoD is stalling."

"The suspicion will be that there's a bombshell in these files and that the Ministry does not know how to handle it. I can understand why conspiracy theorists will be angry and suspicious."

It isn't clear exactly what is in the files however it is thought that there is at least some information pertaining to the famous Rendlesham Forest incident which took place in 1980. Read more at MoD accused of UFO cover-up after delaying release of massive cache of evidence dubbed 'Britain's X-Files'


Missouri Lycan Sighting

I received the following email from Margie Kay the ASD of Missouri MUFON:

In response to the Lakewood Lycan sighting - I had my own sighting of something very similar on March 13 in Boonville, MO. I awoke at 12:00 a.m. in my hotel room to see this creature that looked like it had a humanoid body and a wolf head walk in to the room and to the side of my bed, it then jumped on the bed and growled in my face. I jumped out of the bed, waking my sister. I looked around the room for it but couldn't see it, then two hands with claws reached out from under my bed towards my ankles, I backed up to the corner. The creature then disappeared. I believed it to be possibly something inter-dimensional and not 3-dimensional since it did not leave by ordinary means. What is strange is that not only have I never experienced anything like this before, but since then I've been receiving accounts of a wolf-man like creature from all over the place! When I saw these drawings that look so much like what I saw I had to respond.


Margie Kay


A Face Only A Ewe Could Love

A lamb has been born in the Russian village of Chirka with human-like features.

When 45 year-old farmer Blasius Lavrentiev saw the animal he worried he wouldn't be able to sell it on for much. However, he told the Irish Mirror he was offered a higher price than normal...from a circus. Lavrentiev refused this offer.

A veterinarian in the village stated that an excess of Vitamin A in the mother caused the facial deformities.



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