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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Tailor and the Aliens

Florentine tailor Mario Zuccala, who was walking home through a wood, watched as an object like an inverted bowl passed overhead and came close to the ground. From its underside came a cylinder, which opened up, and two beings emerged. They took hold of the witness gently under his armpits and led him into the empty interior of the object. The only part Zuccala could remember was a message that they would return to give him a message for humanity.

On April 10, 1962 at about 09:30 p.m., Italian tailor Mario Zuccala, aged 26, was walking from a bus stop to his home in San Casciano, Val di Pesa, near Florence, Italy, when he felt a wind blow. He turned back and saw a disc shaped object of about 25 feet in diameter hovering nearby. A cylinder descended from the underside of this and then withdrew, revealing a second cylinder inside it, which contained a doorway from which a bright light shone. Two humanoid occupants of about four feet tall and dressed in what looked like suits of shining metal came out of the craft and approached Zuccala. They grabbed him and gently took him into the craft, which was filled with a bright light with no obvious source. Zuccala asked the beings where the light came from, but did not receive a reply. At that point, he heard a voice that said in Italian: "At the fourth moon we shall come at one o'clock in the morning to bring you a message for humanity. We shall give notice of this to another person in order to confirm that that which you have seen is true!"

The next thing Zuccala knew is that he was standing outside his home and that it was 09:45 p.m. He told his wife about what had happened, she was alarmed at his obvious state of confusion and distress. The next morning, one of Zuccala's colleagues at work, to whom he had told his story, told about it to a journalist and the encounter was subsequently widely reported in the newspapers. Although no physical evidence could be found at the landing site, all those who knew Zuccala testified to his honesty and trustworthiness. He was interviewed by investigator Ceccarelli Silvano and provided sketches of the craft and beings. Zuccala later said he was contacted again and been given half a message, which he kept in a locked case, the other half being given to someone in another European country.

NOTE: Skeptics have commented that the saucer he describes comes straight out from the movie Earth vs the Flying Saucers and generally consider the story as a hoax. IMO, Zuccala didn't provide much commentary...which makes his story suspect. Lon

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