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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cuba: The Zarate Close Encounter

This is perhaps the most unique UFO / alien close encounter case ever reported in Cuba. The incident occurred on Sunday, October 15, 1995 at 9:00 a.m. near the town of Torriente, Province of Matanzas. A 74-year-old farmer named Adolfo Zarate witnessed the descent of an object no larger than a small car, with a cabin, on the premises of his farm. The object remained on the ground for several minutes, and a being of humanoid appearance, dressed in an outfit similar to camouflage and wearing a facemask, emerged from the device, took soil or grass samples, and after an explosion “like air”, took off and headed south, leaving a wake of blue fire. Police confirmed the flattening of grass at the location, suggesting a descent. Members of the Ministry of the Interior investigated the case, but no conclusion was issued after a while. - excerpt from Aliens in Cuba

In his book "Do ETs Exist?" Patricio Bosch Quidiello asks: "What is the reason for Cuba to be the worldwide exception regarding the UFO phenomenon?" He also adds, "Cuba is no exception when it comes to UFO sightings, at least according to Cuban farmer Adolfo Zarate's testimony".

In October of 1995, the Sunday newspaper Juventud Rebelde published an article about this case. The article stated, " Perhaps, Adolfo's biggest fear was that what happened to his cousin Ricardo Zarate, would happen to him. His cousin disappeared two years earlier, in 1993, after leaving his house early in the morning to work in a farm. The search for Ricardo lasted more than a month, until the case was closed. Until this day, his disappearance is still unexplained.

Perhaps because of that reason, the rain, the loneliness of that Sunday, and most certainly, because of the strange looking sphere that was descending from the sky and landed only 60 meters away from him, Adolfo decided to hide among the corn crops. He could have gotten closer to the object, but the fear of being abducted and never returned like his cousin prevented him from doing so. According to him, the machine stood still after landing. Moments later, an individual that appeared to be wearing a gas mask and camouflaged clothes came out of it. The ship also had a type of camouflage because it resembled the same colors as the crops. As it started to rain even harder, the individual walked around the ship and later leaned on the door to talk to yet another one inside the cockpit. He appeared to be picking up plants from the field. Later, he climbed up the stairs and the machine emitted a bright blue light. Adolfo felt a tremendous air pressure as the ship left.

The newspaper Juventud Rebelde also published Adolfo's own words. He stated, "It was the same size of an amusement ride found at the fair grounds. I could not tell what it was made of. It did not have wings, propellers nor it made any noise. It had an oval shape. It landed on two legs that appeared to have some type of air shocks. It also appeared to have very small wheels because it left wheel tracks behind. I could not see the individual's face but he appeared to be an ordinary human being. The individual did not appear to be carrying any weapons".

A commission of scientists was formed to investigate the case. Unfortunately, they did not come up with any conclusions. Nevertheless, they did conclude that Adolfo Zarate was mentally sane and determined that he had good credibility. Dr. Oscar Alvarez Palomares, a phycist, mathematician, and chief astronomer of the Cuban Astronomy and Geophysics Department, personally gave me his opinion about this case. "Although Zarate is a respected farmer, his knowledge regarding these types of phenomena is very limited; therefore, I do not have enough evidence to tell you whether it was indeed a craft nor that it was not. Additionally, I could not find anything out of the ordinary where this event allegedly took place", he said.

It had passed nearly a week after the event by the time we arrived. It simply comes down to whether the testimony of that person is valid or not. Furthermore, it's only one eyewitness. Nevertheless, the event took place at a short distance of 200 meters from one of the nation's major highways and during broad daylight.

We could not resolve the case. There was no additional evidence. There were no other reports. After 6 or 7 days since the incident, there were no longer tracks or marks that would point out that any unknown object had been there at all. Moreover, there were no signs of burns on the ground or in the grass. Zarate himself told us that he was in good health, even a year later, when we decided to visit him and see if anything unusual had happened ever since. Science it's always based on facts; It takes into account reports, records, and irrefutable evidence; therefore, it does not allow any room for doubts or imperfections. Given the fact that we could not find any evidence, we registered our investigation as "personal curiosity". However, we had the opportunity to interview Cuban ufologist Orestes Girbau Collado. In addition to his 34 years of experience investigating UFO phenomena, he's also a meteorologist at the Matanza weather station.

Collado stated, "something did land in that area and I'm almost 100% sure that it wasn't from our planet. I'm not just coming to this conclusion because the radar did not pick up any contacts. As a professional meteorologist, I can assure that during that day, we had several cloud formations. Some of the characteristics of the clouds were typical of most rainy days. Some of the formations were at high altitudes, and some at low altitudes. The ship was not from our origin; it came either from a different dimension, time or planet, but I don't know exactly. During that year, there were similar other sightings and landings like this one throughout Spain, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and many other Latin American countries. There were even reports of appearances by humanoids in Spain, which may mean that the amount of record numbers of sightings were at their peak. One of the reasons why I don't believe that it was an aircraft was the rainy weather itself and the awkward place where it landed. Furthermore, there's no way that it was an advanced aviation craft, such as a spy plane, simply because they use satellite heat sensoring tracking systems. Because they can 't use radar, they have to rely on satellites to track their heat signature to report and verify their position. The weather presented very harsh conditions to conduct these types of operations".

And what about the rice ears?

" The situation with rice ears came later, because they got crushed; nevertheless, some time later some colleagues went by there and they found that in the surrounding areas, some small rice ears with "black tips" grew around, that is to say that they grew on their own, or spontaneously because they were in a place where no one planted them. Although Zarate suffered some rare symptoms, such as swollen and watery eyes, during that time, he did not notice anything unusual with that; however, those are typical characteristics of UFO landings. Those effects are caused by the fuel or by the EMP waves found during high combustion transfers or perhaps a physical-chemical effect that UFOs create. Until recently, Zarate still had those symptoms.

Zarate is a person with very little imagination; he did not know anything about UFOs. In fact, he knew about them as much as I know about old Hebrew languages, which I know nothing about. Furthermore, I think he was fearful of talking about it. He probably thought that it was some kind of espionage operation and he did not want to be subject to intense questionings. I also think that Zarate was very lucky because if it weren't for the corn crops near by, he would not have had the chance to hide. If he would have been walking along the open field - if I can speculate a bit-, he would have been gone just like his cousin who disappeared two years earlier during the same date, the same crop field, at around the same time. This sounds incredible but is true".

During the summer of 1999, a program was broadcasted on Cuban television; it was a documentary called UFOs in Cuba. It was done by Hugo Parrado, Armando Linares and Octavio Cortazar. Upon asking Cortazar his opinion about Zarate case, he stated: "We knew Zarate, we knew the place where he saw the ship and the aliens, because evidently what he saw, in my opinion, was an extraterrestrial ship and what came out of it were indeed aliens. What's most amazing is that Zarate presents the typical characteristics of the person that has had extraterrestrial contact. Furthermore, I was astonished with what happened with the ground at the place of the landing; the soil used to be fertile. Now, no plant can grow in that spot, which again, is very typical on most UFO landing spots. Even Zarate himself has tried using many different types of plants and fertilizers without any success. This was the same soil that only days before the landing, he was able to grow his crops from. He still does not understand how fertile soil can suddenly turn into dry useless ground. With regards to the effects caused to his body, I'm convinced that these physical symptoms are typical of people who have contact with these unknown craft. It was most certainly caused by his proximity to the ship".

While science seeks an explanation to the UFO phenomenon, other individuals with the same intensity and dedication, investigate cases that help solve some of those mysteries. Each doubt is a new point of departure of the intelligent search of beings in our Universe. The investigators of the phenomenon, along with science, and with the knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the years, they will find the truth. Let us put our faith in mankind, as there are millions of systems to seek and find in our universe. - Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo - OVNIs: Lo fisico y psiquico del fenomeno (Spanish Edition) - Miami UFO Center - Forwarded by Albert Rosales

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