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Monday, September 16, 2013

Strange Stories & Odd Encounters

The following strange accounts were forwarded to me:


Location. Zelyenyi (Green Island), Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Date: January 17, 2000
Time: unknown

Reportedly the Fitiev family while spending time on this island near the city of Rostov-on-Don encountered a tall hairy humanoid. The being was about 2-2.5meters tall, with its whole body covered by dense thick dark fur. (This island located on the big Russian River Don just opposite to this large city is known as an anomalous area with numerous strange occurrences there, possibly a “gateway” or so-called “window” or portal to another dimension). One of the brave witnesses named Sasha (Alexander) Fitiev had been interested in parapsychology and UFOs and apparently entered into telepathic communication with the being. Amazingly the being told him that he and his kind were from a parallel world. According to the humanoid, in ancient times they (the hairy Sasquatch type humanoids) used to live together with humans, until the humans began killing and hunting them. So they moved into a parallel world. The hairy humanoid also told Fitiev that they had a type of “government” in their world. Their government reportedly prohibits them into entering into closer communications with humans, so when they meet a human being they usually run away or avoid them. “That is the law” said the hairy creature and added that they must obey it or would be punished. (Was he?). The creature then stopped the communication and quickly walked away dissolving into thin air in front of the stunned witness.

Source: Igor Kolomiets, ENIO research center, Rostov-on-Don and
Dr. Anton A. Anfalov

Albert Rosales - Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies



My father grew up in Southeastern New Mexico back in the 50's and 60's and collected a lot of strange stories. I remember him telling me about Bigfoot sightings along the Pecos River, east of Artesia, NM. I mostly just nodded at these as at the time I only thought those lived up in Washington and Oregon. In high school I talked with a girl who lived further north of Artesia and she said she had seen it several times, even looking in her window.

He said that several times when he was a kid, he would see red pinpoint lights on the walls in his room, like what a laser pointer would make, but not on one of the walls facing the window. Another time when camping with his friends they watched a light coming from the west where White Sands is that split into three and went in different directions. He thought of that as one of his first UFO sightings. Another time, probably in the early 70's he was in a bar in Roswell, and two very shaken up EMT's came in and started talking about lights they had seen out in the desert. They thought it was the city, until it lifted off into the air and drifted away.

I was a little too young to remember when this was happening, but he told me about it years later. He was working installing counter-tops and cabinets in a new sub division in Rio Rancho, just west of Albuquerque, NM. He and his partner would be in different rooms working, set down one of the tools, reach for it and it would be on the other side of the room. Or in a different room entirely. Weird poltergeist things like that just happened constantly there.

This one I actually remember. In October 1983 a huge UFO went over us twice. First time was after we were driving home from feeding my mother's horses, we were headed west and it just went over us from behind only a few hundred feet up. We made it home and watched it as it circled around north and went over us again, still only a few hundred feet up. It had lights arranged in circles with radiating lines, and was lit up like a city. We watched it for a pretty long time, probably close to an hour. I remember suddenly getting scared that they would see me, and take me away. When I asked my mother about it years later, she said she remembered it. But got bored, and went inside leaving my father and I outside to watch it. She then got upset and said she didn't want to talk about it again.

This story he said he heard from his cousin who was a MP at White Sands Missile Range back in the early to mid 70's. I'm curious if you have heard anything similar. From what he said, all the MP's knew about it and had similar things happen to them. Late at night, they would be patrolling and checking empty warehouses, and would hear foot steps coming towards them, but the flashlight would show nothing except an empty room. Then one night he and his partner were parked out in the desert having a cigarette, they heard something walking towards them, and when they turned their lights on to where the sound was coming from they could see the grass and brush parting like someone was walking towards them, but there was no one there. They got out of there after that. Finally, one night one of the other MP's stopped reporting in. They finally found his jeep, and it looked like he had tried to wedge himself behind the back seat and emptied his side arm through the windshield at something. They never found him though. - PSI


I've had this report for awhile...but I think it fits the bill:


"Sir, I have read many of your reader's experiences. Because of your presentation, I have decided to come forward with a personal event that happened to me in 1987 while living in New Zealand. You have my permission to post this for your readers."

"One January morning, I set off on what should have been no more than a 3 hour drive to Auckland, NZ. I arrived at my destination feeling extremely tired and confused. When I went to the hotel front desk to check in, I was told that I had no room reservation. Then, after the desk clerk checked the records, I was stunned to learn that I had lost 5 days and had no idea where I had been."

"Luckily, there was a vacancy, so I checked in and went right to the room. After a quick shower and a bite to eat, I decided to grab a nap. I laid there wondering what had happened to me and that I may as well drive back home because I missed all of the appointments I had scheduled."

"Eventually, I drifted off to sleep but would wake up every hour or so feeling nervous and helpless. The next day, I drove back home. After a few days, though, I continued to experience extreme anxiety. I called my GP and was able to see him the next day. I didn't tell the doctor about my experience but did explain my nervousness and lack of sleep. Sensing this was more than a physical ailment, he suggested I see a anxiety therapist. After several sessions with the therapist, who I confided in about the lost time, I was recommended to a psychologist who had dealt with this phenomena before."

"A week later, I went to see the psychologist. As soon as I saw him, I had an instinctive feeling this was going to be an unusual session. He was fairly young with short blonde hair. His mannerisms were unlike those of any person I have ever met though, I just couldn't put a finger on why I felt this way. I sat down in a large leather chair directly facing the doctor. He stared at me for almost a minute, then smiled and asked me to tell him what I remembered. All of a sudden, a large flash seemed to hit me in the face and I was able to remember being escorted on board a huge craft by a tall and thin female dressed in a dark gray leotard. Her body features were human-like, similar figure with hips and breasts but a slightly larger head. Her nose, mouth, ears and hair looked human-like but her eyes were large and round with onyx black pupils. I suppose she could be termed as a 'humanoid'. She directed me to a room where I was told (in English) to wait."

"Soon, I was approached by three other humanoids, one tall, looking like the previous female humanoid, the second a bit shorter and was male. The third was a very short and stout male and walked ahead of the other two. All three had similar facial features except the short, stout humanoid had a small mouth and nose. I was struck with an almost overpowering feeling of his presence as if he possessed an energy that was being projected then reabsorbed by his body. The short humanoid said, "welcome" and told me that he was the designated “guardian” of this section. The humanoids seemed to communicate to each other by using telepathy and various hand motions."

"I was shown another "world" and arrived at a huge metropolis, which was very neat and orderly. I noticed when the craft landed that the city lacked any tall buildings and most of the buildings were pyramid shaped dwellings and made of what appeared to be a transparent but tinted material. I was taken to a residential area with children who were playing just like human children. The buildings here where cylinder shaped and opaque. The color inside the buildings was mostly a bright white with a touch of silver, gray and red inside. A soft light seemed to radiate from everything and all the residents seemed so peaceful."

"After what seemed like a few minutes, I remember sitting in my car parked in front of the hotel in Auckland. Then I hear the words "is that everything?". I opened my eyes and looked directly at the doctor, but this time he had transformed into the small, stout humanoid wearing a business suit. He simply said "hello...did you enjoy your journey" and I attempted to reply but could not speak. Then he told me to wait here and walked through a side door in the office."

"Several minutes later, the secretary walked in, shocked when she saw me and inquired to who I was and why I was in the doctor's office. I told her that the doctor had just left. She gave me the oddest look, then told me the doctor was out all day on an emergency. She then asked if I would care to reschedule an appointment. Still taken aback, I replied that I would call back later."

"I never have figured out how I got in the psychologist's office and why the small, stout humanoid confronted me there. Since that time, I have never had another experience."

"I wonder if others have had a similar encounter?"


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