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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Russian 'Twilight Zone'

The following narrative is from a longtime reader and wiki contributor Gillian Ann Abbas. She gives us a description of her August 2010 expedition to the 'Russian Bermuda Triangle' set in the very rural Ural mountain area of Kishertsky District of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the bank of the Sylva River:

My Trip to the Anomalous Zone, August 2010

Originally published October 2010

Without troubling the reader with an account of my journey from Bahrain to Russia, as all travels by air present pretty much the same features which have been so frequently and so well described by others, I will just give a simple account of my actual holiday and amazing experiences in a country where still, very little is known by the West.

Russia lies at the back, an undiscovered country, with fresh and original people.

Far from the concrete cities, in small villages in forest clearings and half-forgotten river valleys, where Western clothes and culture never really seem to penetrate, lives a lost family of our brothers and sisters. It was amongst them that I went to stay for two weeks, to experience and understand a small part of the true Russian life , in a remote area where Western Europeans rarely venture.

Sadly, there still exists a great ignorance of Russia and, as always is the result of great misunderstanding, making the popular notions about this country not only imperfect but absurd. These ideas partly derive from a distorted legends of past wars, partly from sympathy with nationalities or causes which the Russian Government has treated badly and very largely from fiction. The last is the fiction of many writers/reporters who remain wholly ignorant of the country, so we’ve ended up with the Russian spy, the Russian conspirator, who are popularly conceived as figures of melodrama or comic opera, but not of actual life! To these novel writers, Russia has been the happy hunting ground, where they’ve been able to lay on the colours as they choose and make up fantastic scenes worthy of Arabian Nights.

It’s actually an impossible task to give anyone an idea of the immensity of this great country which rolls away eastwards from Germany for nearly two thousand miles before the Rural Mountains rear their jagged peaks between Europe and Asia, but this was our destination. The country is a plains country, a bit like the American prairies in some parts, but different in being for great stretches covered with forests of birch, the Russian national tree, pines or oak and appearing wonderfully green and fresh in those parts.

After a two hour car ride from the city airport, along the one and only dirt road full of holes and ruts which lent a lot of excitement to the our journey, we finally arrived at our destination, this New World that had aroused so much expectation in me and perhaps not a little fear of the unexpected as well.

But now I was really there in Molebka, a fact of which I had to constantly to reassure myself, so unreal and impossible did it seem. Here at last was a place that did not disappoint one's expectations, but even far surpasses one’s wildest dreams.

Situated on the left bank of the River Sylva, a foreground of meadow land and small log cabins with forest masses either side, this sparsely populated village of maybe a few hundred people at most, bordering the Perm territory and Sverdlovsk Region is truly remarkable for the salubrity of its pristine environment, beguiling forests, mountain and river views. Strange and old in every feature, old log cabins, new people and customs, and above all, a richness of coloring that quite defies description, which was the most impressive feature of the scene.

The village and the anomalous zone, occupy about 44 square miles and has often been called the favourite UFO village, famous for abnormal events, myths and the fabulous kingdom of Shambala, a place of happiness, tranquility and peace. The area still attracts many tourists, especially at the time of the annual festivals, for instance the festival called “Energy of Life – Atmosphere of Love” , beckoning many Russians, UFO researchers, psychotherapists and astrologists.

I hardly need to emphasize that after the above narrative, the wonderful hospitality that we received on every hand in that village, not least from our host Valery, who accommodated us throughout our stay in a quaint traditional log cabin that stood at the top of a hill. We had a wonderful view of the surrounding area and countryside. It was almost humiliating to see the way we were greeted on every side and everyone showed the liveliest interest in making us comfortable and at home. It was fantastic and a good start to our trip.

Over the next two weeks, daily we’d wake up to a glorious morning of sun and clear blue skies, which was inspiriting and inspiring. We’d tumble out and troop off down to the river Sylva where we could take a dip or simply sit back and inhale the amazing magnificent panorama which surrounded us, range after range of level topped, interminable forest and tree clad hills with here and there peaks rising. During those hot days lasting the entire holiday, many times we’d venture off down the steep dirt track deep in dust, down to the sun-baked hills that bordered the river, to search for stones and fossils.

Several hours were whiled away before we ever thought of returning to the cabin and were not sorry to find in the village shop a good "deposit" of beer and soda drinks. The total effect was wonderful, fairy like, a dream of the East, and I was not sorry to sit there till late afternoon, watching the river shadows slowly creep upon the hills and forest.

One of the many incredible sights that kept me in total wonder was witnessing the awe-inspiring night sky that never seemed to disappoint us, no matter where we ventured, including our regular night trips into different locations in the forest and across the river. Above us, appeared a domed-shaped sky that reminded me of the Milky Way, upon which thousands of silent, glistening stars were throwing their mysterious light down upon the forest and village.

I lost count of the shooting stars , as there were so many each night, and then the other mysterious ‘stars’ that moved, stopped and moved again, with other ‘stars’ following behind. In my mind’s eye I tried to rationalize this phenomena and asked Valery if these moving stars were maybe a sputnik or other type of satellite, to which the reply was that it would not be feasible for two or three sputniks or satellites to be traveling in such close proximity to each other. I then thought of all the numberless spots in Russia and elsewhere in the world like this where one could have a bird’s eye view of such amazing phenomena! I felt so privileged and fortunate to be there and in that spot.

My best days were spent setting off from the log cabin in the late evening and walking to the forest in darkness and the pitch black of night, followed by a faithful dog called Jake who looked like a cross between a Siberian Husky and wolf. His owners had died to he was a free spirit to come and go as he pleased from cabin to cabin in the village.

Jake following us in the forest at night
Before leaving we were soberly advised by Valery to try to conquer our fear and avoid using our torch/flash light that I had tucked away inside my jacket pocket; a perfectly sensible thing to do considering we could barely make out anything three meters ahead of us. Initially we were petrified, stumbling along those long, narrow country lanes, hands held outright as if we were blind automatons. This was something I never ever envisaged, trudging along in the middle of nowhere in the darkness for an hour or so, ostracized from civilization, occasionally tripping in the ruts and uneven surfaces, spending actual time alone in that deafening silence and solitude.

Eventually, our eyes and balance soon became accustomed to the new surroundings and we were soon introduced to many places where we could sit and contemplate. In the darkness of the night, we would soon start to experience something unique and wonderful; the inner knowing that somehow we were protected and looked after, a great exercise to calm the nerves and connect more deeply with one’s own inner resources. Soon the silence was welcomed and I actually began to feel something new; a heightened sense of unity with everything.

So many times, sitting in those magical parts of the forest, we would witness strange balls of orb-like balls of lights appearing and disappearing in those forests, and in the clearings it became even more apparent that we were the ones being watched. It seemed almost like a game of hide and seek with us being the seekers and them the watchers.

‘Don’t be scared and have no fear’ were the words I clearly heard in my dream the second night in the village, so it reminded me that I should not be unduly nervous about anything including the odd bear that might spring out, however I had be told that there were none in that area! I actually believed it too!

On one of our many trips, we were taken across the river by the Argo(An amphibious off-road All Terrain Vehicle), to visit an area known to some as Shambala or place of happiness. It was plain to see why some considered it to be so spectacular; the incredible view surrounding both sides of the river, mountains and forest were stunning and I felt as if I’d been transported to another time zone. Our host Valery explained that he believed this place to be a gateway or portal into another dimension. We climbed up a tree clad cliff to get a better view across the river of this eerie place, and I could sense that many had been there like us, to get a glimpse of this very special place.

One of the most spectacular evenings was spent traveling by car to an unknown destination deep in the forest. On the journey, I was told that attention should be paid to animal sounds in the night and odd animal appearances as apparently these are good omens for extraterrestrials to communicate with us in many ways, including the sending of animal messengers. They too can help us to perceive nature as part of our greater reality and the animal kingdom provides another dynamic communication network to tap into.

Keeping an open mind and heart on this, I was completely taken aback when, on the dusty, dirt track we were suddenly confronted by a huge owl and I mean huge! It just sat there and took little notice of us as we gawped in amazement at this beautiful bird, till eventually it flew off into the dense undergrowth. A few moments later, the figure of a fox ran across our path and again, into the undergrowth where it simply vanished.

Last and not least, a hare skipped and hopped its way in front of our car without a care in the world. That for us was the icing on the cake!

Eventually we reached our destination wherever that was, in the middle of nowhere, pitch black and deadly silent. That night the sky was crystal clear, the air chilled and crisp with zillions of stars twinkling above us; the perfect conditions for UFO hunting. Well, I honestly did not know what to expect but never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would see the mysterious, incredible sight that greeted us. There beyond a patch of shadowy field, one could just make out above the tree line of the beginning of the forest, a stream of lights hovering and pulsating in some sort of organized linear display!

I had to rub my eyes to take it all in. It really did appear to look like some flying saucer. I was told that this object does not always appear in this location and many times other enthusiasts have attempted to film or photograph it with dismal results. GPS apparently will fail to identify the true location as it simply gives no reading when one tries to approach the object. Strangely, if one attempts to find the place in daylight, all that can be found is an empty field about three to four kilometers from the place we were standing.

Dare I say, my video cam did capture some very good footage and to cap it all, some extremely interesting sounds which we heard only on playback and not at the actual time of filming. At the time of filming, we heard absolutely nothing, it was deadly silent the entire time. I was told that ‘they’ knew we were there and were putting on a bit of show or display for us! Our distance from this object was apparently three to four kilometers and I was assured that there was absolutely no military presence in the area.

My only thought at the time of seeing this craft was that I really didn’t want a night pass for actual contact with any of these entities/aliens/beings as I simply wasn’t expecting that sort of reality, besides I was not dressed for the part(just joking).

After a fair amount of video footage, we left the UFO in peace and quiet and headed home to reflect on what we had seen, knowing full well that no one would actually believe me when I recounted this story and even with actual footage, would still not convince a soul!

Video stills of UFO showing two of the pulsating lights
The following night we revisited that area to see this strange object and again managed to capture some more amazing footage, however, till now, I’ve not posted the video online as my host Valery has insisted it remain private for the time being so I’ve honored his wishes and kept it at that. I believe that he has his own reasons for the protection of this incredible anomaly.

Video still of UFO showing at least four of the six plasma lights
There were so many occasions when we stopped in wonder at the strange sights and sounds that we experienced on this expedition, too many to recount here.

What I have discovered too is that all of us has the ability whether we like it or not to step outside of our beliefs and consider information which does not fit into our previously accepted view of reality. When you reach that point in your life then expect some extraordinary things to happen.

Whatever one is seeking, to see flying saucers, experience renewed energy, good health, to test out your courage and fears, then this is the place to come and stay.

Also, it’s always very lucky to follow one’s fancy, not that one will definitely have great adventures, but because you will be led into strange scenes, into those hidden parts that lie just beyond the obvious and utilitarian. You many not get all the answers to your questions but at least you’ve tried your best to find out.

As for some of the other Russians that I met on my travels, many appeared to be as strong as giants, quite religious and others mystically superstitious by reason of the many unexplained phenomena that surrounded them.

I will say though that my impressions of the first real sight of Russia and the village are deep and lasting in my memory and am convinced that every open-hearted, nature-loving person who visits this wonderful place, will also never forget it. The urge to return to this place will last a lifetime. I for one will definitely go back.

Click for video - cut/paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW5Y-DJ7CyU
The Russian Bermuda Triangle set in the very rural Ural mountain area of Kishertsky District of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the bank of the Sylva River.

Click for video - cut/paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVTWcJf16Pk

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