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Friday, September 13, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Sir David Attenborough 'Yeti may be real' -- Abduction in Tennessee -- 48% of Americans Believe ET Visits Earth

'The Yeti may be real' Sir David Attenborough claims legendary beast does exist!

The veteran broadcaster is convinced fossil evidence found in the 1930s proves a 10-12ft tall animal lived in the region.

Speaking to Jarvis Cocker at a UKTV 2013-2014 Showcase, Sir David, 87, said he had not given up hope of the creature being real.

He said: "I believe the Abominable Snowman may be real. I think there may be something in that.

"A fossil was found with these huge molars that are four of five times the size of human molars."

Sir David said that the Himalayan forests which cover over 14,000 square miles could easily contain a Yeti.

"If there are some still alive and you walked near their habitat you can bet that these creatures may be aware of you, but you wouldn't be aware of them," he added.

Attempts to prove the Yeti existed are common. In December 2007 US TV presenter Joshua Gates discovered a series of footprints in the Everest region of Nepal measuring 33cm in length.

The footprints were at first deemed too accurate to be fake or man made but this was later changed after further investigating.

Gates also discovered hair samples in an another expedition and forensic analysis concluded the hair contained unknown DNA.

Sir David could be right after all...Daily Star

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48 Percent Of Americans Believe UFOs Could Be ET Visitations

Nearly half the population believes UFOs could be a sign of extraterrestrial visitation.

A HuffPost/YouGov poll reveals that 48 percent of adults in the United States are open to the idea that alien spacecraft are observing our planet -- and just 35 percent outright reject the idea.

The poll was seen as vindication from the community of UFO researchers who often feel they are laughed off by government officials.

"It's always been intriguing to me how we act as though only kooks and quacks and little old ladies in tennis shoes believe in flying saucers. And it's never been true, at least for 30 or 40 years," said former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, who was the original civilian investigator of the events surrounding the legendary Roswell, NM, UFO crash of 1947.

Friedman is very outspoken on the idea that some UFOs are intelligently controlled extraterrestrial vehicles.

"The believers are far more quiet, but far more on the side of reality," Friedman told The Huffington Post. "When you look at the polls, it's clear. And I see the benefit of that, personally, because I've only had 11 hecklers in over 700 lectures. I've been out there, all over the place, in every state, 18 other countries, and I know that my audience is more than tolerant -- they're accepting. It's been one of the things that really has kept me going."

In the HuffPost/YouGov poll, conducted between Sept. 6-7, 1,000 adults were asked if they either believed or didn't believe that some people have witnessed UFOs that have an extraterrestrial origin.

When YouGov offered respondents the choice between "slightly disagree," "disagree" and "strongly disagree," those numbers added up to 35 percent who are skeptical of the notion that any UFOs may be alien-related.

However, nearly half of the adults surveyed (48 percent) resounded in the affirmative, leaving 16 percent who indicated that they weren't sure on either side of the ET issue. - THP

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Uri Geller thinks ‘ghost of mischievous little girl’ may have put post box on side of bridge

Uri Geller is usually the one creating mysteries but this time he was left baffled after a post box appeared on the side of a bridge near his home in Sonning-on-Thames, Berkshire.

The red letterbox showed up out of nowhere according to the illusionist entertainer and residents of the village.

The sudden appearance of the container proved to be mind-bending for Geller, who has lived in the area for 33 years.

‘This is a very unusual village,’ Geller said. ‘There are many sightings of a child ghost that walks on the bridge.

‘Maybe it was the ghost of a mischievous little girl? ’I have never seen anything like this anywhere in the world, it’s a new one on me.’

The box is also a mystery to Royal Mail which said it had no idea how it got there.

‘It is certainly not an operational posting facility and we have no knowledge of how it arrived at this location,’ a spokesperson for the company added. - Metro

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Woman bitten by snake that had been preserved in wine for three month

A Chinese woman, surnamed Liu, in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province needed hospital treatment after being bitten on the hand by a snake that jumped out of a bottle of wine.

Ms Liu bought a live snake and preserved it in wine to cure her rheumatism. However the snake was still alive after spending three months in an alcohol filled bottle.

Alcohols containing preserved snakes boasting medicinal properties are common in China. When Ms Liu opened the bottle to add more spirits, the snake attacked her. She received treatment for inflammation.

A similar case involving a serpent resurrection occurred in 2009 when a Hubei Province resident surnamed Zhang was bit two months after he attempted a similar brew. Zhang was not severely injured, unlike a villager from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in April 2001 who died a day after being bitten from a preserved wine snake.


Abduction in Tennessee

Columbia, Tennessee - 8/25/98 - unedited: I was in bed asleep and awoke to floating out my bedroom window. The wind was blowing my gown. I saw myself at the tree tops and reached to a limb to grab some leaves. They fell from my hand. I then realized a light was towards where I was floating. I looked to the path I was floating and saw a disc shaped object just above the trees. I was floating closer to the beam of light that was emitting from the bottom of the disc, the next thing I knew I was on a table in a round room. It was very white in the room and the light was of better quality than I have ever seen. I then saw 3 human like creatures. One was below my feet, the second at my right near my legs, the third was at my left and up closer to me. I looked around at them, then the one on my left took my hand, I was not afraid. I had an over whelming feeling of love and compassion from this entity. We looked each other in the eyes and I felt totally relaxed and at ease. Suddenly, a fourth entity came in that was taller than the rest. He came to my right side, just as a surgeon would do. The one at the right of me that was at my legs placed a thing on the fourth ones head. It looked like one of those things children look into to see pictures, the push the handle down and the picture changes. Well, anyway the taller one that had the gadget on his head pulled it down over his eyes the bent down over my chest and a small red beam emerged from the gadget and hit my chest, I felt pain and I could not breath, I felt like I was passing out. The next thing I know, I awake in my bed sweating and feeling panic. I have not shared this story to but a few people. Some of which looked at me like I was crazy. I know MUFON are believers, so I thought Id share this story with you. Some people have told me it was just a dream, but I feel it was real. I looked so closely into the eyes of the one that was the tallest, which I will call the surgeon, and so closely into the eyes of the one on the left of me that held my hand, which I will call the anesthesiologist. I know they did not look like eyes, they looked like lens of some sort. Maybe it was a dream, but I will always believe it was real, I will never forget it, I know that for sure. I wonder how many times this has happened to me and I dont remember. What else have they done? - MUFON CMS

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