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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Czech Republic: Flying Humanoid

I recently received the following statement from a witness in the Czech Republic. I had to edit the narrative because of the spelling, etc....though I kept the original text as best as I could in order to convey the story in the witness' own words:

Hello - I hope you are having a very good day. Please bear with my lack of English. My experience would not be well received in my community. I ask that you not publish my name and town.

I live in a town north of Prague in the Czech Republic. My family and I have lived here for many generations. My homeland is full of stories about legends, myths and ghosts. I had never taken these legends seriously until I had an encounter with this unknown 'thing'. I looked on the internet and most of what I found led me to your site 'Phantoms & Monsters'.

My home is near the Vltava River - I can look out from my second floor and observe the entire waterway. The time was close to 10pm and I was sitting on the terrace on the 2nd floor. I noticed a red light floating over the river - it continued for several minutes. I noticed a red light floating over the river and it continued for several minutes. I have seen many white and yellow orb UFOs over the river at night, but this was different. I then observed the red light move towards the riverbank in my direction. The light was gaining altitude and moving towards me. When the light started to pass over me, I could tell from the moonlit sky that it was a large bird with huge wings. The entire front of this bird was glowing bright red. There was no sound. As I watched, it started to circle above me without flapping the wings and was descending towards me. It slowly flew lower until it finally landed on the roadway beside my house - about 60 meters from me. The street lamp illuminated the bird enough to where I got a very good look at it.

I can only describe it as a "human bird." I read your stories about the mothman and these match closely. One difference is the size. This "human bird' was very tall - I would say 4 meters! The head was very large and red light glowed all around the circumference. It had long legs and a torso like a man. It didn't walk but hopped like a bird. The wings were shaped like those of a flying fox. I watched it hop along the road for several minutes. Then it disappeared - just vanished.

This incident took place in June 2013. I have not heard of other people seeing this "human bird", though I'd be surprised if any of the local people would mention such an experience.

I now receive your daily email - thank you. KT

NOTE: I'm going to search for other sightings in Eastern Europe, though I think I am aware of those sightings that had been reported. Not sure what to make of this submission...I just hope something wasn't lost in the translation. Anyway, I'd be interested in reading and presenting your cryptid encounters. Lon

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