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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: 'Finding Bigfoot' Team Called 'Clowns' -- Stalked by Giant Crocodile -- Free 'Introduction to Cryptozoology' Class

Sydney reporter calls 'Finding Bigfoot' team 'clowns'

The clowns from Finding Bigfoot are in Queensland, attaching a tracking device to a little grey kangaroo. Why? Because they think yowies eat roos. Bigfoot hunter Cliff Barackman explains that back in the US: ''Wherever we see a large concentration of protein we find sasquatches.'' The glaring problem with this assertion is the fact that Cliff and his pals have never actually found a sasquatch. Nevertheless, here they claim that they have succeeded in finding yowies, those elusive hairy hominids of Australian legend. Encouraged by locals who tell stories of yowies doing everything from attacking parked cars to killing goats and hanging them in trees, they head out into the bush to try to attract the creatures. This involves banging sticks together, cooking kangaroo meat and attempting to play a didgeridoo. When they eventually hear some unidentified noises they immediately jump to the conclusion that yowies made them. - SMH

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Stranded tourist stalked by giant crocodile

A New Zealand kayaker has had an amazing escape after becoming trapped on a remote Western Australia island for more than two weeks by a huge crocodile which would not let him leave. The man, known only as Ryan, was last month exploring the northern WA coast near Kalumburu, which is between Derby and Kununurra. Having been left on the remote Governor Island, the Kiwi realised he didn't have enough supplies and attempted to paddle the four kilometres or so back to the mainland. But he immediately caught the eye of the six-metre saltwater crocodile who has lived in the area for years.

Every time he attempted to leave, the crocodile would make his presence felt, leaving the adventurer stranded for a fortnight. On Saturday, local Don McLeod spotted a light on the island, and when he checked it out, the hatless, shirtless and desperate visitor approached. "When I came round through Red Bluff opposite Governor Island I saw a flash in the scrub,'' Mr McLeod said. "I went across and Ryan came out looking a bit distraught. He came down the beach, he had no hat on and no shirt on.

"He was relieved and shocked, and thankful someone had come along because he was running out of options pretty quickly. He is a very, very lucky man.'' Ryan's passage to WA was an incredible story in itself, having travelled from Queensland to the Kimberley on a yacht whose owner was then jailed in the Northern Territory, leaving his passenger stranded for two months. After hitching a lift with a solo yachtsman from the Territory to WA, he was dropped on Governor Island with 160 litres of water, some flour and dry stores.

But after realising he was unprepared for the Kimberley wilderness, his first attempt to reach the mainland was thwarted by the massive crocodile. Mr McLeod said the story was incredible. "He said every time he got in his little kayak, which was only 2.5m long, this crocodile - who has lived there for many years and is a monster - has chased him,'' Mr McLeod said. "He was desperate for water when I trotted up. We gave him a cold beer, which was probably the wrong thing, and then he went to sleep about three-quarters of the way home.'' The New Zealander has been given a bed at a mission on the mainland as he recovers. - WAToday


Rihanna Receives Round-the-Clock Alien Updates

Pop star Rihanna has employed an unidentified flying object (Ufo) watcher for 24-hour updates on extraterrestrial activity, according to a report.

The Umbrella hitmaker is reportedly convinced aliens will land on Earth and she is now paying a helper to keep an eye on possible incidents in the skies above the Mojave Desert in Nevada.

A source tells Britain's Daily Star, "Rihanna has always been convinced aliens will land on Earth in her lifetime. So she started using the man, who calls himself a sky scanner, to give her information from Nevada on anything that relates to sightings.

"He keeps in touch with her from the Little A'Le'Inn, a motel which hosts Ufo hunters. It's also near one of the world's most secret government bases, Area 51. This isn't a fad for Rihanna, she is a total believer and doesn't mind spending her money on it to get results."

The star was reportedly introduced to spaceship-spotting as child by her father Ronald Fenty in Barbados. - Contact Music

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Dead beached whales cause 'sea monsters' rumors in Ghana

The remains of at least three whales have mysteriously washed up on different beaches across Ghana.

Locals had gathered on the beaches at Kokrobite, Asanta and Kikam to get a closer look. Two of the animals were immediately identifiable as whales while the third sparked claims of a cryptozoological mystery with pictures generating headlines that a "mysterious creature" had been discovered.

The animals were believed to have been washed ashore on either Sunday or Monday night and could have been killed by a large supply vessel out in the deep ocean. It is the fifth time within the space of five years that whales have mysteriously washed up on the shoreline in the region.

The local people believe that these events, far from being a disaster, are actually a good omen. "It is a kind of blessing because it is going to lead to bumper harvest," chief fisherman Nii Asase Ayitey told the Daily Graphic. "We will perform the necessary customary rites demanded during such events."

A representative of the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the organization is aware of the whale deaths and will be dispatching a team to conduct a full investigation. - Graphic


Free 'Introduction to Cryptozoology' Class

Fred Saluga & Brian Seech are proud to announce the 1st ever Cryptozoology class in Ohio. The free course is called Introduction to Cryptozoology. In the course you will explore the world of unknown animals such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Chupacabra, and other cryptids. The 6-week non-credit course starts on Monday, September 9th and continues on Mondays thru October 14th. The class time is 6pm-7:30pm and takes place at:

Eastern Gateway Community College
400 Sunset Blvd
Steubenville, OH 43953

Call for registration at:



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