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Monday, September 09, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Minister Claims Angel Sighting -- The Damascus Prophecy -- Switzerland's Mystery Man

Angel Caught on Tape, Claims 'Astonished' Evangelical Minister

Charles Shelton is accustomed to living with a number of crime elements in his West Side Charleston, W.Va., neighborhood. Recently, however, he discovered a more welcome addition to the area.

After waking in the middle of the night and walking downstairs, Shelton, who had installed a surveillance system for his home, glanced at one of the monitors. What he saw was a bright ball of light, a presence he told the Charleston Daily Mail “passed through a window and a wall and filled the entire room.”

Shelton, an evangelical minister, told the newspaper God had revealed to him “this was His angel and His presence.”

Whatever it might have been, Shelton has surveillance videotape of his experience.

“I was astonished,” Shelton told the Daily Mail. “You hear about shootings, killings and vandalism. When somebody sees angels, why can’t we let people know?"

Shelton is convinced God’s presence abounds and that He is protecting Shelton’s neighborhood. Shelton continually prays peace over the area and rebukes the crime element.

“No wonder how rough it may get, God is still in the midst,” he says. “I don’t care what critics say. I know what happened.”

Shelton, who is also a UPS employee and has been a resident of the neighborhood for 25 years, evangelizes in various churches in the Charleston area. His wife, Helen, who works at the library at the West Virginia University School of Medicine, has written a faith-based book—set to publish in December—about breaking free of the chains that hold people back in life. - Charisma New

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Why the situation in Syria has end-times fanatics on edge

As the situation in Syria heats up and Congress prepares to vote next week on the authorization to use military force in the Middle Eastern nation, the prophecy of Damascus, which is detailed in the Bible in Isaiah 17, has taken on a new significance with the End Times industry in the U.S. Both writers and pastors contend that the world is now ever-closer to the return of Christ as forecast in the Book of Revelation.

The prophecy in question is known as the "burden of Damascus", an Old Testament prophecy that says that a war in the Middle East will leave Syria's capital city in ruins and move the world a step closer to Armageddon.

In Isaiah 17, the prophet explained that in the days leading up to Armageddon, "Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and will become a fallen ruin." This implies that the Syrian capital will be destroyed by God on behalf of Israel as a part of the last major struggles for mankind on Earth.

Exactly how the destruction of Damascus comes about is not entirely clear. The Bible does not specify how it happens, only that it does.

Among those now beating the Damascus drum are best-selling novelist Joel Rosenberg, End Times radio host Jan Markell, and evangelist Hal Lindsey, among others.

Rosenberg has even consulted with an anonymous member of the U.S. Congress about the prophecies and how it relates to events going on in the Middle East, and is later this week travelling to Topeka, Kansas, at the invitation of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback to talk about the situation in the Middle East.

Markell sent out an email to followers last summer warning that the "burden of Damascus" may soon be coming and last week reiterated her position last week.

Lindsey is no stranger to preaching about the Damascus problem, and addressed the issue in a 2008 column at WorldNet Daily when he was inspired by fears that Barack Obama, who was then president-elect, might move the world one step closer to a war between Israel and Iran. Lindsey further warned about the "burden of Damascus" during the spring and early summer, but on Friday offered up an even more dire warning, just one day before Obama announced that he was taking his case to make strikes on Syria to Congress.

Whether the "burden of Damascus" may soon be upon us or not, there's another thing the Bible says to consider when taking into account its end times prophecies:

"For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night." -- 1 Thessalonians 5:2

Cleveland Leader

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The Creature

I woke up early this morning, had a cup of coffee, and then left the house in a bit of a rush. Just like in the days when I was employed.

I struggled hard to grasp that concept - unemployment. What a difficult transition to make, employed to unemployed.

The days seem longer, not to mention the nights. Sometimes, for hours I'd lay in bed, just staring at the ceiling. Wishing that a job would somehow materialise. Wishful thinking, uh.

I even shower sometimes and dress in work clothes, and head through the door. Trying hard to convince myself that there is indeed life after unemployment.

This morning, I drove to 'Back Road' to bask in the serenity of the sea waves. I parked my car with my back to the sun, adjacent to where those skimpily clad ladies ply their trade.

At this time of the morning, it was just me and the seagulls. The rushing waves bashing lazily against the seashore could also be heard.

I sat in my car and listened, while I munched on a piece of stale white bread I had in the car. I washed that down with some car-temperature water. That was breakfast.

Facing the Hellshire Hills, I could view the entire 'Back Road' stretch. From Laroose to Rodney's Arms and up to the quiet hills of Fort Augusta. It was a peaceful experience.

I concentrated briefly to those rushing waves battering the seashore. Like a scratched record, it went on and on. Like music to my depressed ear.

I glanced to my left at the peaceful Caribbean Sea. I observed what I initially thought was a man swimming in the deep waters. I looked away as it was not unusual to see swimmers in the early morning.


To my surprise, I heard the sound of flapping wings. I turned around in time to see the person airborne. "A wha dis, fawda?" I soliloquised. The 'person' was flying towards me at a leisurely pace. I tried to beat a hasty retreat. I tried to start the car. It wouldn't budge. I got out and tried to run. My legs were frozen.

"Lawd, me dedd now!" I screamed. While 'Bird Man' flew towards me.

I sat back in the car. Resigned to my faith. "What is to be must be yaw, Lawd."

Then bird man landed in front of me, on what appears to be dumped up land. That piece of earth right across from Cookies.

Bird man didn't appear to see me, while I was busy in the car wetting my pants. I looked at him in detail. It stood about 6' 9". It looked human except for this one eye in the centre of its forehead. It was green in colour and had webbed hands and feet and a scaly body. Its wing span was about 10 feet. It was bipedalled, walking past my car and heading towards the road. Water was dripping from its skin. As it passed within five feet of my car, it bared its fangs, in what seemed like a menacing grin.

I jumped back in awe and hid under the back seat." A wonda if him si mi?" I questioned.

My question was immediately answered when the creature stopped, turned around and looked me in the eyes. It started to walk towards me with that unfriendly grin and I could swear that I, at that moment, had lost consciousness. I was awash with cold sweat.


I tried to run again. My legs just weren't working. This is it then. Goodbye all. My kids, my girlfriend, everyone. I'll see you at the Great Resurrection. I was pronouncing myself dead.

Then out of nowhere I heard the blaring of sirens. Some policemen in a lopsided 'King Fish' were chasing some gunmen in a Lexus. No match for speed there at all.

So the commotion went on. "Stap in de name of de law!" the policeman shouted.

Bang! Bang! Pow! Pow!

The police fired and the gangsters fired back. A shoot-out was taking place on 'Back Road'.

The creature looked puzzled. "What the hell is going on?" it was probably thinking.

It ran towards my car, leapt over it then was again airborne. It flapped its large wings and slowly drifted out into the distance. My eyes were glued to the creature, until it dove back into the sea.

The siren and gunshots did the trick, or I'd be bird man's morning meal. I never thought I'd be saying this, but thank God for police and bad men. They certainly did save my life on that infamous morning.

I started my car and did a disappearing act myself. Poof into the sunset. - Jamaica-Gleaner


Switzerland's Mystery Man

For over ten years, someone has been patrolling the forests of Switzerland dressed in a gas mask, boiler suit and cloak. Every day, the mysterious man walks the same route through the forests. Until now, the figure has only been local folklore, spoken about in whispers and furtive giggles.

But the forest warrior, Switzerland’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster, has become so infamous that he has earned his own nickname: “Le Loyon”. Such is the infamy of this shadowy figure that speculation about his identity has now spilled over onto the internet.

A recent encounter between Le Loyon and a member of the public resulted in a photograph of the woodland mystery man, and renewed interest on the internet in finding out who is behind the gas mask.

He fixed his eyes on me, then turned around and walked off quietly. He – or she, for that matter – was not aggressive. I was with my family, they were frightened and I had to reassure them. Remaining cautious, I snapped a photo with my phone.

Patrick is just one of the people who has spoken out about an encounter with Le Loyon. He told Media-Libre.fr about his experience, which was so unnerving that he wished to remain anonymous.

Local resident Marianne Descloux of Maules told Le Matin of an experience that occurred during a walk in the woods this spring:

It was a rainy Sunday. He had on a cap, a dark cloak and gas mask. What goes on in his head? I don’t know. It was unpleasant. I hope I never run into him again.

One recorded encounter with Le Loyon is particularly unusual. On a hot summer’s day in 2012, a family driving through the forest in Maules saw Le Loyon on patrol, but this time he was holding a bouquet of flowers. Scared that he might attack them, they drove off.

Multiple theories exist as to the identity of the mysterious woodland figure. The most popular legend is that behind the gas mask lies a mentally-unstable woman, searching for companionship in the forest. Other tales tell of a man suffering from a debilitating skin condition, who fled to the forest in search of solace, covering himself head to toe in a boiler suit and gas mask.

A more recent theory is that Le Loyon is a survivalist, preparing for the end of the world in his army gear, harvesting food and building a woodland home to outlast the impending apocalypse.

Whatever the identity of the mysterious forest-dweller, residents of Maules are concerned. The Swiss police are working to try to make contact with Le Loyon. While he hasn’t done anything wrong, they are mindful of the local residents’ concerns and wish to deter the mystery man from behaving in such a strange way.

In the meantime, Le Loyon remains one of the internet’s most compelling and eccentric mysteries. - Kernal Mag



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