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Monday, August 19, 2013

This Week On 'Beyond The Edge' Radio: Chad Lewis - Paranormal Researcher / Author 'The Van Meter Visitor'

WE'RE BACK! After a 3-week hiatus 'Beyond The Edge' Radio is coming back with an amazing line-up of shows & guests...especially for the upcoming Halloween season! There will be witchcraft, demonology, dark hauntings and much more! On Sunday August 25th, we start back as Eric, Lon & Sean welcome paranormal researcher & author Chad Lewis to BTE.

For nearly two decades Chad Lewis has traveled the back roads of the world in search of the strange and unusual. From tracking vampires in Transylvania and searching for the elusive monster of Loch Ness to trailing the dangerous Tata Duende through remote villages of Belize and searching for ghosts in Ireland’s haunted castles, Chad has scoured the earth in search of the paranormal.

With a Masters Degree in Psychology, Chad has authored over 15 books on the supernatural, and extensively lectures on his fascinating findings. His latest book is The Van Meter Visitor: A True and Mysterious Encounter with the Unknown

The more bizarre the legend, the more likely you’ll find Chad there.

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The Van Meter Visitor

It was typical small-town America when someone first saw something that didn't belong. The sightings quickly escaladed from unusual lights acting in unexplained fashion to that of huge 8' tall creatures with giant bat-like wings. As the sightings of The Van Meter Visitor continued the creature grew bolder and closer to witnesses revealing more mysteries with a large single horn upon its head, able to emanate blinding light and a strange smell that disoriented witnesses. All the more terrifying were the visits from the dark as the monster remained impervious to bullets.

The identity of this mysterious visitor was never discovered. Over 100 years later, three internationally renowned researchers set out to Van Meter; shining their own light on this amazingly bizarre case. Filled with eye witness reports, historic photos, and current accounts of the paranormal, this in-depth book looks to discover what really happened in the town of Van Meter.

Go to the website: The Van Meter Visitor

Read more at: Bizarre Winged Creatures Terrorize Iowa Hamlet

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