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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Readers' Eerie Encounters

The following accounts were submitted by readers:


Some time in the 1950’s I was visiting with my friend’s family in Toronto, Ont. Canada, where I grew up. My friend’s father, who was a respected chemist/scientist, told me a story that had happened to him recently. He had returned home one evening to find a strange looking dog on his veranda. The dog seemed to want to come in the house with him and he, feeling sorry for the dog in the cold of the late fall, took the dog in, fed it and put an old coat on the floor in the kitchen for a bed. In the morning he let the dog out and it trotted away.

Later that day he received word that his brother, who lived in New York City, had died suddenly. He made arrangements to leave immediately for New York. When he arrived there many hours later, he made his way to his late brother’s home. He rang the doorbell and waited for his sister-in-law to let him in. When she opened the door he saw beside her the dog that had visited him the previous night.

Dr. M was very quiet after telling me this story. I don’t think he shared it with his family and this is the first time I have related it and it happened about 65 years ago. E.Mader



Hi, back in 1980, a friend and I were in high school and spent a lot of time exploring the desert near Tucson, Arizona. One night in October (don't remember the date), I was spending the night at his house. He lived in a old ranch house that had a old barn/shed near a dry river bed where we used to sleep in so we could talk and wander around at night. This night was a little cold for October and it was clear with no moon.

Anyhow, it was around 1 AM and we were about a mile away from his house in the riverbed talking. We had a miner's lamp that was operated by a 12 volt battery and was worn on his head. It cast a half mile beam. Ahead of us was a tall (20 plus feet) Palo Verde tree which was very thickly covered with branches so we couldn't easily see the other side. Suddenly, the tree shook violently and we heard a loud snort like sound. Fearing a pack of Javalinas (wild pigs) or maybe a loose bull we froze. My friend shone his light on the tree about our eye height and we saw nothing. The tree shook again but higher up. He fixed the light on the tree about 15 feet off the ground. What we saw we will never forget, two big blue eyes set about 1 foot apart! Again the tree shook followed by the sound of 2 heavy feet running the other way. Needless to say, we ran the other way!

The next day we returned to search the area. We found large footprints going the other way. The strange thing is there were sightings of strange lights in the area skies for the next couple of weeks. This happened on the west side of town at the base of the Tucson Mountains. CM



Dear Lon,

I am writing about an incident that happened several years ago. First, let me say that your site rocks. I live on an acreage 5 1/2 miles from the town of Hampton, Iowa. Late last summer there was an incident in the town that we heard over the police scanner about 9:30-10:00 p. m. People were calling in to the police department saying they were having trouble sleeping because there was a bright blue light just pouring through their windows.

After several of these calls, one police officer came on the scanner saying that he was a few miles on the edge of town and he could actually see what was a vivid blue ceiling type effect covering the whole town.

Within minutes, there were several calls coming in from the different officers and a few business owners saying that their electronic gadgets, ie: door locks, shop lights, etc. were all going crazy. The police, who have as part of there nightly rounds check all the doors on the main street businesses to make sure they are locked, were reporting that they were having to backtrack and redo their routine.

I couldn't see anything from where I live and after a small amount of time, nothing else was said. I imagined they might have switched channels or scrambled the channel. The next day when I went to town and asked a few people who I know to be fairly open minded like myself, if they had seen/heard anything about the blue light or the electric gadgets freaking out. Nobody seemed to know anything or to have heard anything.

I waited for our weekly paper to come out and checked the neighboring town papers for anything about it, but, nothing showed up. I just wanted to know if anyone else has written about this or if anyone has ever had anything like this happen in their area. Name Withheld



I am a Hospice nurse, so death is part of my daily work life. I had been called to sit with a family while my patient was dying, not an unusual request in my line of work.

My patient was a widower who had also lost his only child to cancer a few years back. His niece and nephew were waiting for the grandchildren to arrive. The niece remarked that it seemed so unfair to the man to be dying alone after he, himself had so many losses. The nephew was outside on his cellphone arranging transportation for the out of town grand kids, I was sitting with the niece. The nephew came inside saying he was going to the motel to pick up two of the kids, I asked him to help me straighten the room to make room for visitors.

After the nephew left, I performed a quick once-over, and noticed a sweet looking young lady standing in the doorway, I assumed the kids had started arriving. I made brief eye contact with the girl, and stepped around her to give her privacy with her grandpa. Back at the dining room table, talking with the niece, she again mentioned the sad fact that he was dying alone. I reminded her about the girl in the room...to which she replied, "There's nobody back there." I walked back to look...there was only the dying man. I described the girl, we looked through family photos, but could not find anyone resembling the girl I saw. The niece said her husband was talking to a woman outside, but when he returned, he said he was talking to no one.

I looked AT the girl, not through her; we made eye contact. I have not seen her since...but I suspect I will. Someday. Suzanne

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