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Thursday, August 08, 2013

'Not' the Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil On Video - 1st Footage Of It Ever Caught! - REAL DEAL PEOPLE or cut/paste - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f2nNkgOSa4

NOTE: Paranormal State's 2010 season finale offered a bit of cryptozoology and legend...the search for the 'Jersey Devil'. They were able to capture an infra-red image of a creature that appeared to have wings. Somebody decided to repost the video in order to start a sensation. It later became apparent that this episode was manipulated and the culprit was most likely a white-tailed deer. Sorry...this wasn't the 'Jersey Devil.' Lon

Here are a few links of interest - Pterodactyl-Like Cryptid Witnessed Near The Pine Barrens

The Mystery of the Pine Barrens

Museum Investigates Jersey Devil Lore

Phantom of the Pines: More Tales of the Jersey Devil

Monsters of New Jersey: Mysterious Creatures in the Garden State (Monsters (Stackpole))

The Jersey Devil Did Exist!

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