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Monday, August 26, 2013

Skyfish, Flying Ray...or What?

Above: this is a version with the background and noise removed. Below: the original image gives a better representation of the anomaly

I received this interesting photo a few days ago. The reader who forwarded it stated:

It was taken by a Choctaw woman who is a Shaman. I can't tell you her name without checking with her and I doubt she would allow me too anyway. She has amazing images of all kinds of "paranormal" beings. I just saw your pics of the flying ray and thought you would find it interesting to see an image very similar. She calls it a skyfish.

NOTE: I have heard the 'flying rod' phenomenon referred to as a skyfish..but this image is definitely not a flying rod (which I think, for the most part, are fast-moving insects that optically appear to be elongated). I don't know of the Native American traditions on this anomaly. Lon

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