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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alien Abduction: The White Room

In 2006 an associate forwarded the following inquiry for my opinion. It had been directed to them by an 'experiencer' name Melody. I originally published this information in July 2011 after I received permission to post after a follow up statement was provided directly to me by Melody. Here is the original inquiry:

Sir - what I am about to reveal to you is an absolute true event. I will describe only what I can recall. I have told my story to two people other than my Mother and Father. One day I hope to be able to remember all of my experience.

I have read several stories of alien abduction and missing time - I would have never believed these recollections before I went through my own ordeal.

In the Summer of 2004 my family (my Mother, Father and I) took a trip to the Bahamas. It was going to be a three-day jaunt to Nassau and a few other spots. I was 17 and was looking forward to my senior year in high school.

We were staying at a beachfront hotel in Nassau which was a large suite with separate bedrooms. We arrived mid-afternoon and started to take in the scenery as soon as we were done checking in. After a long evening of sightseeing, I was totally exhausted and decided to go to bed at about 10:30 pm. No sooner had I laid down I was fast asleep (at least that is what I think happened).

After awhile I was startled by a loud humming sound that was coming from outside. I was curious so I started to get out of bed to investigate when suddenly a bright blue light hit me in the face. I was very warm but soothing. I don't know what happened right after that.

I woke up much later when, in fact, it could not have been more than a few minutes. I laid back down in the bed and went to sleep, like nothing had happened. I still don't know why I didn't alert my parents. I started to hear the loud humming again and started to feel like I was a passenger in an airliner. I opened my eyes, looked around but could only see large high back flight chairs arranged in several rows. I was the only person seated in my row.

I must have went back to sleep because the next thing I remember I was sitting in a large brightly-lit white room that was completely bare except for 5 metal chairs and four other people sitting. These people were not human in my estimation and seemed to be there to monitor me. They were dressed in white smocks and looked human-like but had a few irregularities, for example slightly larger heads, no hair anywhere on the exposed body and a strong antiseptic odor. They didn't talk but you felt like you knew what they were saying when they would look directly at you. After several minutes each of these 'people' got up in unison and walked through a sliding door that quickly disappeared. I was completely alone, just waiting - but I never had any apprehension or fear.

All I remember after that is hearing my Mother screaming.

You see, I had been missing for over 40 hours. My Mother screamed when she discovered me laying on my bed in the hotel room almost two days after I was reported missing.

That is all I remember. I have been to psychiatrists and have been taken regressive hypno-therapy but I can not recall any further details.

I suppose that I was abducted by someone or something. Why else would I be physically missing for almost two days? When I 'reappeared' I had on the same night clothes - nothing was different. I have had no ill effects since.

Could you offer an explanation?

To be honest I had forgotten about this incident. I had never conversed with Melody and had never received any direct contact from her. In July 2011 I received an email from her that included the following statement:

Mr. Strickler - My name is Melody (redacted). I was given your email address from (redacted). I have included a copy of an email I sent to (redacted) several years ago that described an incident I had. I would like to provide an update to you.

Since my first email to (redacted) I have endured a few events that I feel may tie into my abduction. Yes - I am positive at this point that I was actually abducted by unknown beings. It took me a long time to accept that fact. Unfortunately my parents, especially my Mother, never got over the incident. My parents divorced in 2009 and my Mother subsequently took her own life not long after the divorce. I am just starting to face facts and learning to deal with what happened to me.

My recollection of the event is still not totally accessible to me. I have had many hypnosis sessions with several doctors - it's just the same. None of my recall is any different.

A recent occurrence is the reason why I am contacting you at this time. My Husband (we were married this past Spring) mentioned that I occasionally talk in my sleep - to the point where it seems I am having a conversation with someone. A few weeks ago, I was talking in my sleep and my Husband heard 'replies'. These 'replies' were part of the conversation and where coming from another part of the bedroom. He could not see anything unusual but sensed that 'something' was there while carrying on a conversation with me.

There have been bits and pieces of other strange activity over the years but I am quite bowled over by this revelation. Who could I be talking to? I don't usually dream while asleep and I have no memory of conversations. Could I still be in contact with my abductors?

I hope you are well and thank you for reading my email - Melody

NOTE: I replied to Melody and received permission to edit and publish her account and emails. I really could not give her a definitive answer as to what she is experiencing. I offered to help her with any questions in the future, but I have not heard from her since 2011. I would be interested in finding out how she is doing. What are your thoughts? Lon

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