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Friday, August 09, 2013

Book Review: The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?

A few months ago I received a book titled 'The Orion Project: Real? or Imaginary?' by Eva Draconis. It is a very long narrative (600+ pages)...an uncensored version of the story. In August 2011 Eva was contacted by a man (or alien being) from Orion. Soon after the initial contact, a self-proclaimed Dinosaur and Reptilian beings started communicating with her. She was ultimately introduced to several human-alien hybrids...and later told the she was being used as an 'egg donor' for their project. The conversations are somewhat convoluted since the beings have yet to master the English language.

Eva states that theses are authentic telepathic conversations with Orions, Dinosaurs, Zetas, Reptilians and other ETs. She also claims that the book's content is a documentary and not fiction. If what Eva states is true, then it is a shocking allegory. The fact that Eva freely allowed these beings to use her for any number of experiments is somewhat hard for me to understand. Still, there is a sense of substance as the memoir continues. Some people may venture to describe it as an astral 'love story.'

I can recommend this book for those readers with an open mind and a lot of free time. Like I stated earlier, it is a very long read, and laborious at times. To those people willing to give this chronicle a chance...I'd love to get your reaction. Lon

The website can be found at The Orion Project. The book can be purchased on the website or at The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary? - Lulu

Eva Draconis posted the following statement on the website:

Ever since alien contact begun in August 2011 I have been writing everything down. The Orion Project website was to showcase a documentary in which I embark on the project to figure out, is this contact real? Or imaginary?

Months into the contact, in April 2012, I compiled all of the evidence and concluded - that the contact is real.

But most of the material I have compiled, which mainly consists of careful notes of telepathic conversations is far too graphic for the public website. This website is the censored version, and only the books will tell the true story, inclusive of all the sex, gore, violence and obscene material.

Books don't have an official censorship or age restriction, like movies and video games do. So anybody is able to buy my books. However, please be advised that the books are only suitable from 18 years and up, and maybe not even suitable then either. Censored versions of some of the books may be made available later on, so that you can still appreciate alien contact but without all the offense.

Note that I love my Orion Project. I have had to quit my dayjob to devote myself to writing these books, because I am returning to college overseas later and have to finish writing all my books before then, because I am not allowed to work on a student visa. It has so far taken a toll on my finances, but the (true and uncensored) story of me and Hamish and all of the aliens and military has to be told, and deserves to be put into books. I am now working up to 8 or more hours a day on the books.

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