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Friday, August 02, 2013

Odds & Ends: Raising the Dead After 24 Hours? -- Fall UFO Conference in Philadelphia -- Black Jaguar Outer Banks, NC

Raising the Dead After 24 Hours?

Critical care physician Sam Parnia makes the claim in his book Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death saying resuscitation research is on the cusp of a major breakthrough within the next 20 years.

“With today’s medicine, we can bring people back to life up to one, maybe two hours, sometimes even longer, after their heart stopped beating and they have thus died by circulatory failure. In the future, we will likely get better at reversing death,” he told Germany’s Spiegel magazine. “It is possible that in 20 years, we may be able to restore people to life 12 hours or maybe even 24 hours after they have died. You could call that resurrection, if you will. But I still call it resuscitation science.”

Currently the average resuscitation rates for cardiac arrest patients in the US is 18 per cent, while in the UK it is 16 per cent. But at Dr Parnia’s research base in New York that rate is between 33 per cent and 38 per cent.

“Most, but not all of our patients, get discharged with no neurological damage whatsoever,” he said.

Dr Parnia said it is a “widely-held misconception, even among doctors”, that the brain suffers massive oxygen-deprived damage after three to five minutes after the heart stops.

But he said that research is rooted in the past and that brain cells can live on for hours after ‘death.’

“My basic message: The death we commonly perceive today in 2013 is a death that can be reversed,” he said. - 24Tanzania

Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death

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UFO Encounters Near Gila Bend, AZ

Hello...I am from San Diego, Ca. I witnessed UFOs over several mountain ranges, as we were driving through Arizona several UFOs appeared and disappeared.

Before I start the story, I want to explain that I am a believer in extraterrestrial beings and things of that sort, but I am always skeptical about what I see and read. This was unlike anything I've seen before. I see planes day and night fly over my house in San Diego. I know what helicopters and planes sound,look and act like.

Last night, Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 at around 9:45 to about 11 pm myself, my mother an brother were driving between Yuma, AZ and Gila Bend, AZ (we were moving my brother from San Diego to Flagstaff for college).

Suddenly my mother asked us "what are those lights?". It was very dark all you could see was pretty much the road and black skies (this was in between towns I guess so there weren't any lights). I looked over and it was about 6 or 7 very brights lights in the sky like glowing orbs of yellowish orange light. I remember looking right so it must have been East. They were illuminating the mountain range and they were clearly hovering high above the mountains for about 7 minutes. All of a sudden from their random positions in the sky, they formed a triangle almost suddenly, in formation. I know planes can't hover or move instantaneously like that. They seemed to be pulsating light and got very bright and then one by one they would dim and disappear until finally they were gone and it was black dark again. We looked out the front windshield and a really bright one appeared and disappeared again.

We kept driving down the highway very confused and in awe of what we had just seen... we could not explain it. And of course it seemed as though we were the only ones on the road who witnessed it. Along the freeway we saw UFOs 3 more times, but only two at a time. They would get super bright then dim and vanish. I have a few very bad photos, I have an iPhone 4 and the camera is really bad but ill attach what I have.

I'm curious to know whether anyone else has reported seeing the same thing. I never thought I would see a UFO in person even though I could have gone without seeing so many in one night. I guess you never know what they're capable of since we know so little so I was a bit nervous.

Please let me know if anyone else saw this, I've heard that Gila Bend, Arizona is a hot spot for activity but have never witnessed them.

Thank you very much for your time, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. By the way, I love your blog and appreciate the news and stories you share with us.

Thanks again, MA

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Black Jaguar Reported in North Carolina's Outer Banks

The following information came from a very reliable source:

My sighting was May of last year in broad daylight. After much research online, I KNOW that what I saw was a South American Jaguar in Melanistic phase (black). Although he was only 70 lbs, he was a full blown young Jaguar. I have researched everywhere I could in the meantime and have formed many strong opinions about the big cats being seen in the US.

By the way, my guy was on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, basically a swampy area with tall grass that runs all the way from Florida. RC


Fall UFO Conference in Philadelphia

(724) 836-1266


The Mutual UFO Network Announces
Fall UFO Conference in Philadelphia

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce its 6th annual 2013 Fall UFO Conference to be held Friday night October 4th and all day Saturday and Sunday October 5 and 6.

The location will be the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 269-3417.

Join us for three full days packed with informative speakers, vendors, training and interesting discussions on today’s hot topics in Ufology. The Friday evening events will start at 6 p.m. with Pa MUFON Chief Investigator Bill Weber speaking on the history of MUFON and UFOs followed by a meet and greet cocktail hour of food and beverages with the speakers and concluding with WV State Dir Fred Saluga discussing UFOs and cryptozoology.

On Saturday, October 5, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., the event will continue with Maryland MUFON Assist State Dir Antonio Paris; author Tom Carey on Roswell; Richard Lang on Non Physical UFOs and then a special UFO Hunters Reunion with Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert and Dr Ted. Attendees will be the first to view the new UFO Hunters book Season One. There will be a special buffet dinner and Q&A with all of the speakers.

On Sunday, October 6, the event will continue from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with John Ventre on the Case for UFOs, author Nick Redfern on the real Men in Black; author Anthony Sanchez on Dulce NM; author John Maberry on Aliens in Pop Culture and Travis Walton of the movie, “Fire in the Sky”. All Sunday attendees receive a 21x38 World UFO Map which is exclusively owned by Pa MUFON.

These speakers promise to make this an enjoyable and informative weekend. Registration starts at 8 a.m. For hotel rates and advance tickets go to www.mufonpa.com or phone John Ventre at (724)-836-1266.



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