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Friday, August 23, 2013

Strange Trail Cam Anomaly

OK folks...here's a strange series of images recently sent to me:

I had these photos on my trail cam and am mystified what it could be. At first thought it was an arrow, but in the last photo it is going up and it is way to colorful to be an arrow. The camera is set to take 3 pictures - 6 sec. apart when it is triggered. the date is wrong but the time is correct, They were taken on 8-18-2013. If you have any ideas what this is I would sure like to know. Thank you for any help you can give me.

If indeed the images were taken 6 seconds apart, then it's very doubtful that this was a flying insect. Did this object / anomaly hover in front of the trail cam for a minimum of 18 seconds? Is it possible that 3 separate objects (possibly insects) crossed in 6 second intervals (though, I suppose a new set of 3 images would have been triggered at each passing?). What do you think? Lon

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