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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just the Facts?: Pterosaur Reported Near San Antonio, Texas -- Ghostly Alien Entity -- Venus Crop Circle

Pterosaur reported near San Antonio, Texas - Reader submission

I guess i'll just begin with the story because I don't know how else to begin. Last night my dad and mom were outside working on our car. It was dark and they had been using a lamp. I was inside while this happened. Suddenly my mom came into my room and told me to come outside. I asked her why but she was talking with such a low voice that I couldn't hear her. When I did I found my dad looking through our fence to a nearby church; when I asked what was going on they just told me to be quiet. So I went to where my dad was and he pointed to the direction he was looking in and told me if I was seeing what he was. It was a very large dark bird in the middle of an empty parking lot! I couldn't make up much of it's characteristics just that it was very large and dark. So the next morning I decided to look up local stories in San Antonio and Texas to see if anyone else has seen anything like this? Sure enough it turns out Texas has its own little myth of large birds. The Pterosaur? I saw pictures read all the stories and when my parents came how without mentioning any of this, I asked if they could describe how it looked. They were able to match the description!! Finally I showed then a picture and they both agreed that's how it looked. I know my story isn't that exaggerated as the other sighting, but it's definitely something.

Monsters of Texas

THUNDERBIRDS: America's Living Legends of Giant Birds


Criminal charges: dog barks scared chicken to death

Emotion overcomes Joy C. McDonald each time she pauses to think about what her future might hold.

She could lose her job, her small rented home and custody of her three children — all because her two little dogs supposedly scared a neighbor’s elderly chicken to death.

According to McDonald, the penned bird apparently suffered a heart attack when her two Chihuahuas barked at it while running loose in their rural Lafayette County neighborhood.

A chicken heart attack?

Actually, court records accuse the dogs of killing the chicken but don’t describe how. The bird’s owner refused to recount his version of events to The Star. The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office released only the department’s incident log, which confirms deputies were called to investigate April 5. And the county prosecutor is saying little because the case remains unsettled.

“There are photos with a poor dead chicken and feathers everywhere,” said Lafayette County Prosecutor Kellie Wingate Campbell.

The 29-year-old McDonald faces a misdemeanor charge of animal abuse for not controlling her Chihuahuas — Peaches and Domino — that together weigh about 5 pounds, or about as much as the average chicken sold for slaughter in Missouri last year.

If convicted, McDonald could be sent to the county jail for a year or be fined as much as $1,000, or face both penalties.

“I think this is asinine,” said McDonald, who lives just east of Odessa. “I just can’t wrap my mind around it. All of this because of a dead chicken.”

Her ordeal began with an unsettling phone call McDonald said she received from her angry neighbor, George Gamblin, in early April.

He called “screaming and cussing that his chicken was dead because my dog was barking at them,” McDonald recalled. “He said my dogs were giving him a headache.”

McDonald said she asked Gamblin if he was sure that her dogs were the culprits.

“I might have said it with a little smile because I thought it was asinine and that I was holding back (from laughing),” she said.

That only upset Gamblin further, she said.

“He’s still cussing and screaming, saying I wasn’t taking it serious enough,” McDonald said. “So eventually I hung up on him.”

According to court records, a sheriff’s deputy was summoned to the Gamblins’ residence in the 9800 block of U.S. 40.

Gamblin led the deputy to the chicken enclosure, where they found a white, lifeless chicken sprawled on the ground. Gamblin told the deputy that his wife “loves the chickens,” which are her pets. She had heard noises in their pen and saw the two dogs inside it, court records say. She chased them with a stick, but they escaped through the fence.

McDonald told authorities she had offered to give Gamblin $30 as compensation. But according to court records, Gamblin turned it down and insisted on pursuing criminal charges.

Her dogs may be playful at times but are not cold-blooded killers, said McDonald, who now has an outside kennel for her dogs.

Campbell said the animal abuse charge applies when people allow their animals to run loose and cause a nuisance to other people.

“When you see this kind of case, especially in a rural county, there are other contributing factors,” Campbell said.

Campbell didn’t elaborate because the case is working its way through the county courts system.

Gamblin refused to give specifics and didn’t return several phone calls from a reporter or answer his door when a reporter knocked.

But in one brief phone conversation he did say, “All I did was make a complaint with the sheriff and they turned it over to the prosecuting attorney and that’s all I know.”

The value of a pet chicken is unclear, but the average chicken sold for slaughter in Missouri last year brought $2.62, according to data kept by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

McDonald said she has owned Peaches, a white and brown female, for almost six years. Domino, a black and white male, has been around for almost two years. Since the incident, McDonald has built a pen to house the dogs.

An irritating bark is part of a Chihuahua’s DNA.

Chickens, on the other hand, are fragile creatures and are susceptible to heart attacks or collapsing from stress, said Jeff Firman, a professor of poultry science at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

“I don’t know if I would call it a heart attack, but if you had a dog chasing around a chicken and the dog never touches the chicken, it could die from just being stressed out and running around,” Firman said.

The only way to find out how the chicken died is to conduct an autopsy, he said.

“Of course, nobody does unless they (chickens) die in big groups,” he said.

McDonald said she appeared in court in June. She expected to pay a fine after pleading guilty. That quickly changed when the judge insisted she fully understand the charge.

The rest of the story is likely to play out next month when McDonald returns to the Lafayette County Courthouse.

“I thought it was a little humorous until I found what the charges were, and now it isn’t so funny anymore.” McDonald said. - kansascity


Ghostly alien entity appears in bedroom

Durham, NC - 6/27/2012 - unedited: I do not recall hearing any strange noises, though I am used to hearing rumbles due to my proximity to a major street in my town. Many trucks rumble by late at night. It was a strange night to start. Before getting in the bed It appeared as though the moon and stars were in the wrong location in the sky. I dismissed it because I usually do not track such things...it just felt out of place. Anyway, I was in my bed and I saw something just walk through the wall from outside.(I live on the second floor) It looked sorta like a floating pale double "S". It was strange...I dismissed this too and decided It was due to my exhaustion. It was at this point that I felt like someone else was in the room with me. I woke up my girlfriend and told her...she just rolled over and went back to sleep almost immediately. I attempted to go back to sleep but this being got right in my face...as if testing to see if I could detect it. I could not see it fully...mainly like a ghostly outline and some facial features. It was hunched over so I estimate that It may have stood around 3 to 4 feet tall. It had an oblong shaped head with huge eyes. I could only see an outline of the creature...it was invisible mostly. As it was almost directly infront of my face, my right eye began to feel strange...as if I just got over a migraine headache...but it only felt uncomfortable on the right eye. It sort of looked like a Zeta type being or gray alien...but it was smaller than I would expect and it appeared much skinnier. I didnt feel threatened by it but It did startle me when it got right in my face..it appeared as though I was walking through the object (my dogs kennel) right next to my bed to get in my face. I asked it to leave and it did...needless to say I did not sleep very well last night. Not out of fear, just perplexed. - MUFON CMS


Venus 'Sunfish' Crop Circle

It appeared overnight, a mysterious snake-like crop circle weaving across a wheat field in Wiltshire.

The 350ft-long installation is marked out of a field near the 200-year-old Alton Barnes White Horse chalk figure.

Dubbed a Venus 'sunfish', the circle is thought to capture the 'transit of Venus', an astronomical phenomenon which began last week and will continue until the beginning of July.

The crop circle shows Venus' period of visibility as a morning star, where it rises with the sun, and tracks its ascension in the sky following the sun through its rising and setting stages.

The ancient Mayans spent much of their time recording the path of Venus, splitting its 584-day cycle of the planet into four distinct parts.

The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circle Insight - Great reference...Lon


Woman high on bath salts said she wanted to kill, eat someone

Two more shocking incidents involving people high on bath salts in Oneida County. Police in Utica say they responded to a bar where they found a woman acting bizarrely. When an officer got close to her she lunged at him and tried to bite his face. Police say she screamed that she wanted to kill someone and eat them. She was taken to the hospital.

Later, police found a 20-year-old man who threatened to kill his family. He was also high on bath salts. When police arrived he had ripped a door off its hinges and was punching a car. He was charged with criminal mischief. - 9wsyr