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Friday, June 29, 2012

Humanoid Reports: Finland - Part III

Albert S. Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies forwarded several more interesting encounter reports...these are from Finland. This third and final part is from 1983 through 1998:

21.8.1983 02.00 Lake Pojanjärvi in Kytäjä in Hyvinkää, Southern Finland

35-year old man woke up in the night to go to the outdoor closet. It was dark outside with no stars visible. When he returned , he saw through the window a luminous sphere on the other side of the lake in a U-shaped valley. He woke up his companion, a 33-year old woman, and opened the window to see better the sphere. It came behind the hill on the left side of the valley and was 3-4 times the size of the moon and deep yellow in color. On it were several black spots, which resembled eyes, mouth and nose, like in cartoons of full moon. The sphere lifted a little, but stayed under the hilltops . a beam of light emerged to the lake down under. The sphere now changed to somewhat oval shape and almost immediately after this they both observed a human like figure on right edge of the sphere. Its height was about one fourth of the height of the sphere, had a broad belt and tight sitting clothes. It moved to left edge of the sphere walking along the side and taking hold of the side of the sphere first with right hand, then left hand. When it disappeared behind the left edge of the sphere another similar figure emerged from the right side, and when this figure had disappeared behind the left edge, two more came from the right side. The sphere moved to the right descending slightly and disappeared behind the hilltop on the right side of the valley, but before that reddish stripes appeared over it, and these stripes remained visible after the sphere had disappeared for a couple of minutes. An interesting detail is that the phosforous numbers on the old alarm clock which the woman used when she recorded the time of the observation were luminous for over fifteen minutes after the observation, although they usually did not show any luminosity at all. The whole observation, as recorded with the alarm clock, took 19 minutes.

It must be noted , howewer, that the full moon was descending at that time in the direction of the observation, and it is possible that this observation was just a missjugdment of full moon, how improbable it may sound.

July 1987 22.00-01.00 Kannus, Parsiala

A 19-year old student was watching TV together with a friend, when they heard whistling noise and saw trough window a grey object with a bright white light. It resembled a tea saucer and vas visible in the northern sky only some seconds. Both boys rushed to terrace door. Near the wall of the house two men emerged, one of them older. Both were long, bald and clad in white clothes. They smiled friendly and asked telepathically if they could come in. The next thing the 19-year old remember is sitting on a sofa and explaining something tensely.

The older one of the humanoids spoke, the younger was silent. 19-year old students friend was standing nearby and staring wright ahead without reactions,but he was not worried about his friend. Sometime after the older one said that they musrt go. The boy would not let them go, but they smiled friendly and he got a warm and pleasant feeling. They said there was no cause for fear and promised to come again and take him with them.

Next morning the boy woke up in his bed, head aching and with a strange taste in his mouth. The TV was on. He assumed he had dreamed a very realistic dream. He called to his friend, who did not recall anything of the night before or how he had got home.

Summer 1987 Espoo, after midnight

A female student still living in her parents house woke after midnight to a strange feeling that some warm power drew her to. After she had wondered the feeling for a moment, she went downstairs to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Then she stepped to the living room eating her sandwich, and saw three humanoids staring at her outside the glass door that leads to the large garden. The humanoids were about one meter tall and were clad in a suit, the colour of which was perhaps something between dark green and bluegrey. Their head was disproportionately large compared with the body. The eyes were large, perhaps the size of an egg, and no eyewhites were visible. There were no hair or ears, and the nose was just two holes, the mouth a short thin line. Their fingers were extremely long and it seemed they had only tree or four of them. Behind them, about 20 to 30 meters away was a metallic or bluegrey ovalshaped ship standing on the ground. It was about three meters broad and one and a half meters high, and it had red and yellow flashing lights.

She stared at this sight paralyzed for a minute, then she got scared and forced herself to move and ran upstairs to her bed and put the blanket over her head, and tried to calm herself. The next day she went to the garden to see if there were any traces, but could not find any. During the later years she noticed that nothing was growing on the place the ship had stood, howewer.

21.06.1991 17.00 Lake Kääkönlampi in Häkkilä, Haukivuori

A 46-year old man and his brother went fishing with a boat to the small lake of Kääkönlampi. At this time nothing unusual could be seen. After they had fished some minutes, the second brother noticed a shining grey vessel to the north of them some 500-700 meters away. It was 7-8 meters broad and 1,5-2 meters high, the contours were a bit unclear as it was shining some light(which was not blinding) and no separate lights were visible. Two beings in shining grey suits were on its deck. The man said to his brother:”Look, two guys have come with a splendid boat to fish with rod and reel out there.” His brother watched and observed the same object. He wondered who had brought such a big boat to such a little lake as this. After observing the boat for 2-5 minutes they continued to fish for some 2-3 minutes and when they again looked at the boat it had disappeared without a trace. Astonished the men thought it must be out of sight in the cove of the lake and went looking for it, but nothing could be found.No sound was heard.

November 1991 about 21.00 Kyrölä in Järvenpää

A 29-year old female was watching TV in an armchair in her living room. Suddenly it was like a wind had started to circle him, beginning from the feet. She wondered what was wrong with her and tried to stand up, but she was not able to do so. She was paralysed. Her head rose up and mouth opened. She could not close her mouth or turn her head. She could see in front of her up on the left side a hologram picture of a small creature half a meter long lying on a bed, with one hand under the jaw and feet kicking nervously. She could do nothing but watch this creature and feel angry. After about 10 minutes she was shown a large star map, and when that image faded she send a message in her mind that she did not want to go where the humanoid was coming from, as she was terrified. The humanoid now moved to sitting position, and a long tube of white light reaching some 50 meters outside the window appeared in front of him. The image of the humanoid was faded three times, after which only lines were shown. She was not able to see the face, fingers or toes of the humanoid.

25.6.1992 about 21.00 Suomenniemi, road to Mäntyharju

54-year old woman was driving her car on the way to her summer cottage in Ristiina . After a long straightaway the road curved climbing a hill and the woman noticed some movement there. She thought it was some animal and drove closer speeding down. She thought she saw acouple of rabbits, but when she drove closer she noticed they had not long ears, so he assumed they were some other small mammals. Howewer, when she came closer she could see they were 2 humanoids, who seemed to be measuring something, the first in the middle of the road, the second on the roadside. They were so concentrated on their work that they did not see her car before she was already very near. When they noticed her car they turned and the one on the roadside jumped to the ditch and disappeared, while the humanoid which was near the middle of the road petrified on his place as the woman drove over it, trying to steer so that the wheels woud not go over the entity. When driving over she heard a metallic ”niuuhh”-sound from under the car. She stopped her car and went out to investigate, but could not find anything. Later she discovered that a cover of hard plastic under her car had been torn out .

She described the humanoids as being welltrained miniature humans some 50 cm tall, clad in tight dark grey overalls with a darker broad belt around the waist. Their head was round, not eggshaped, they seemed to be baldheaded and had large dark, round eyes or eyeopenings.

13.9.1992 03.00 Sotkamo, Northern Finland

A headmaster, aged 56, and his wife, nurse, aged 55, were on a vacation with travel van in Sotkamo. They had been eating late supper with their 85-year old German friend, and after some chat went to sleep around 22.00. At 03.00 the wife woke up and saw her husband sitting up on the bed asking: ”Do you see the same as I?” the woman answered: ”Do you mean that golden fellow?”

On the table in the travel van, just three feet from them, was sitting a 100 cm tall humanoid, shining gold and smiling benevolent. It said:”Pasi Pieskä, I know you”. The couple discussed whispering some five minutes, then the husband decided to touch the humanoid, but when he started moving the humanoid disappeared like a fog, which is running away.

In the travel van the curtains were not on, and the full moon outside lit the van. Inside the van, on the side that the humanoid was, there was some shining fog. The German friend also woke, but he was not told about the humanoid. The electricity had gone off and it was cold in the van, so the husband merely gave some blankets to the guest so he could sleep. All went to sleep again.

In the morning it was noticed that a curtain beholder had been removed from inside the van and left outside on a table. The curtain beholder is rather difficult to remove and none of the occupants went outside that night.

14. or 15. 3. 1993 Somewhere in Lappland (exact place unknown)

24-year old man had been awake for some nights, thinking of his divorce and missing his child, when he woke up in the night of scrathsing noise from the door. In came 8-10 grey-green humanoids, which did not have any special clothes, were 100-120 cm long and had only four fingers, the thumb was missing. One of the creatures carried in his hand some kind of ”firearm”. The man was leaded some 100 meters to the shore of the river, where an oval shaped white ship was standing. It had doors opening to both sides like in elevator, and the ladder had a couple of steps. Inside the walls were metallic. The ship started to move and vibrated. One of the humanoids said they would be going far away. Nothing was done to the man in the ship, and finally he was brought back to the river shore. A humming noise was heard and the humanoids gestured him to leave. When he left, he was deeply relieved, as he had seen beings he had known to exist since his childhood. He later estimated that the whole thing had lasted only five minutes in earth time.

28.4.1993 02.15 Lake Kitka in Kuusamo, Northern Finland

Observer, 50-year old construction manager, was in his summer cottage and woke during the night to go outside. He was smoking a cigarette when he noticed two obscure beings, which were wobblingly walking towards the cottage . He got scared and took his shotgun and loaded it. When the walkers got inside he was astonished to note that they were now like a normal couple, dressed in outdoor suits. The couple said good morning and wondered about his shotgun. When the observer had explained for what purpose it was used, they said it would not be needed as they intended no harm. The man spoke only english, the woman also bad finnish.

They told the men in Kuusamo had good genes, of which they were interested. They would contact in breeding purpose 384 men in Northeastern Finland , 4600 men in total in Finland during 10 years. The observer could not accept or decline their proposal, although they promised a winning Lotto line in compensation.

After a 5-8 minutes long conversation the couple left trough the door, but the observer could not see them in the yard in front of the cottage. He went outside and could find in the snow the incoming tracks of the couple, which were like something between a humans and a bears. When he wnt to the shore of the lake, he found a deep round melten spot in the snow, with a diameter of about 5 meters.

15.8.1993 01.30-03.10 Järvikylä village in Nivala, northern Finland

A 73-year old woman was sleeping deeply, when she woke by someone shaking her shoulder. When she woke up she could not , howewer, look at her room as it was so brightly lit that she had to cover her eyes and look through the fingers. The woman went to the front yard to find out the source of the light, but nothing could be deen there. It was all dark and raining smoothly. When she went back in she was astonished to see that the light came from the back side of the house through a window. When she went to investigate she saw a fiery ball some 60-70 meters away. It was about 3,5 meters in diameter, at the height of 4 meters and shining so brightly that trees close by could not be seen.

She woke her sister, aged 70, who observed the phenomen for about 10 minutes, after which she felt so sleepy that she went back to sleep. She slept to the morning without seeing any dreams. A strange detail is that the bright ball could only be seen through the other glass panel of the window. Looking through the other panel one could only see the dark rainy forest.

The 73-year old woman , howewer, decided to observe the phenomenon to the end, even if she had to be awake to the morning. She took a chair and started to observe the ball trough the window. Nearly at once the ball started to descent vibrating, became smaller and then suddenly two walls appeared on the forest. The ball, now quite small, settled to the corner of these walls and stayed there the rest of the observation. The walls were brightly lit by numerous lights on the top part of the walls, and each wall had one staircase attached to it. The walls were hovering in the air.

About 10-20 normal looking men now appeared descenting by the staircases to the ground. They were clad in normal light grey suits, were about 170 cm tall, handsome middleage men with brown hair sticking up under the white cap. Faces were identical. Each carried a weaved basked on their left elbow. The men started to move very fast, like in a video put to fast forward, and seemed to collect something. Every now and then they went up and down the staircases without taking a hold with their hands. Where the staircases were leading could not be seen because of the bright lights. After one and a half an hour they seemed to get their work ready and suddenly the walls and the lights disappeared. All that could be seen was the dark forest. The 73-year old woman went back to sleep.

The next day both women remembered the events during the night first in the evening. The 73-year old described her observation as looking a film or show, and her condition as being somehow ”doped”. The 70-year old woman remembered that she was very tired already in the evening before, and watching the ball she felt so irresistibly sleepy that she had to go to sleep.

8.12.1993 18.15 Vihtiläjärvi, Kankaanpää (near Tampere)

The observer, 45-year old house repair worker, had finished his daily work and was heading home to Nokia. Driving in his car he first noticed that the surroundins became brightly illuminated. His first thought was that an airplane was descending and he tried to look up, but could not observe anything unusual. After a while bright lights were seen in his back mirror. On the next sraight part of the road the lights came very quickly towards and stayed just behind his car. Then the lights put some distance to the car, but on the next straight part of the road they again raced towards his car in a second and passed it without a sound. The object behind the lights somewhat resembled a red car. The red colour was glowing and in some way transparent, too. In the ”car” there were 3 or more beatiful completely white women, aged 20-30 . As the ”car” passed, they smiled and wawed to the observer. Except for black eyes and mouth, they were completely white. Even the hair, which reached to the shoulders, was white.

After the ”car” had passed, it accelerated and vanished to the end of the straight part of the road (some 500 meters away) in a second. After the observer had driven a couple of kilometers he noticed the ”car” again. It had stopped in a downward slope after a curve. He began to brake cautiously, but as the object started to move towards the observer and a crash seemed inevitabel he braked all he could. Yet the object closed fast and the observer was sure it would hit his car. Then, suddenly, when it was only about a meter from his car it stopped and vanished completely. Astonished, the observer got out of his car to see if there was some trace of the object, but there was none, not even warm air.

19. or 20. 07.1995 about 15.00-16.00 Varpasalo in Rääkkylä

An old farmers wife went out to see if there were any strawberries in a familiar spot in the forest. Walking towards it she heard three faint shot-like noises, but did not pay any attention to these. When she came closer to the spot he noticed something blue in the forest. When she came closer she saw it was a giant blue ”umbrella”, which rised and descended some half a meter. She heard noises like two sighs when the umbrella descended to some 20 cm over the ground. Under the blue surface of the object some kind of ribs could be seen, hence the image of an umbrella.

To her astonishment she now saw that a man was standing stooped some one meter from the blue object. He seemed to be picking something to his vessel, which plinged when he throw things to it. She assumed the man was collecting ore, as there are many ore mines in the area.The man was clad in dark green overall with possibly a broad belt. Once he stood up (or went to the object, she does not recall ) and then stooped again.

After observing the man some 5-15 minutes she felt a compulsive urge to leave, so that she would not disturb the mans work. She went home (the man and the object were still there when she left) and on the way watched if there were any cars in the forest, but did not see anything. When she came home her daughter-in-law at once noticed that something had happened to her, and after they had discussed the event they decided to go to the place some two hours later. When they came to the spot only a faint impression could be seen. During the next months the old lady felt often a compulsive urge to visit the place, and could see how impressions began to create on the ground, when the ground vegetation withered away, being almost black in the end.

The UFO investigators visited the spot first the following year in the spring, when five black spots were visible there. Samples had been taken from the ground, ant nests and trees. The place where the object was is well covered from sight due to the dense young firs that surround it. The last visit was made 22.6.1996 when it was observed that the spot which had been under the ”umbrella” was still completely lifeless, though outside it the vegetation was growing normally.

01.08.1998 after 23.30 Kuusamo

Two couples were in a summer cottage chatting and waiting for the bath in sauna. The owner of the cottage, Pekka (alias), went to the terrace to smoke a cigarette. Suddenly he noticed how his guest, Teemu (alias), came to his left side. He was a little surprised as the door had made no sound as usually, but did not pay any attention to it. Pekka began to tell Teemu about events in the cottage last winter, wondering why Teemu did not said anything, just smiled, when he suddenly noticed that the other man was not Teemu, he only resembled him . Pekka said: ”But you are not Teemu”. The man just smiled and walked to his right side. Pekka now looked inside and noticed that the other three were sitting in the living room of the cottage. He was going to ask who the man was when he answered like he had read Pekkas thoughts : ”You know very well who I am, Pekka”.

The man was now having difficulties to keep his appearance. His jaw fell down wax-like, but he managed to restate it after some ”facial gymnastic”. When the jaw fell down his mouth was wery thin and the jaw pointed, so Pekka began to think that the man was not from this planet, and started to fell uneasy. He kept asking who the man was, to which he answered: ”You are one of us,Pekka. You are chosen.” Pekka started to move indoors and asked :”Why me?”, to which he answered :”You are a good man”. When he was on the door Pekka asked : ”How long did the journey last?”, to which he replied ”11 months”. Pekka got the impression that he would have wanted him to get closer, but Pekka went inside, where the others noticed at once that something had happened. He told them of the meeting first next morning, howewer.

In spite of what the stranger said, Pekka did not recognise him. He had not been interested in UFOs previously and was badly shaken about his experience. He indeed drove some 1000 kilometers to a meeting where UFO was discussed to ask if there were other people with similar experiences, and that way his observation came to our knowledge.

NOTE: Many thanks to Albert for the fantastic reports...Lon

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