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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just the Facts?: Michael Jackson's Ghost Haunting Neighbors -- Cow Buried With Woman -- Alien Abductions

Michael Jackson's Ghost Allegedly Haunting Neighbors

Michael Jackson may have passed away three years ago, but some of his former neighbors claim that the King of Pop's spirit still lives on.

Jackson, 50-year-old pop star who was pronounced dead on June 25, 2009 after an overdose on the surgical anesthetic propofol, has reportedly been scaring neighbors of his former Beverly Hills mansion. A source recently told the Daily Star that neighbors have heard the pop star's music recently along with his singing.

"It has freaked everyone out. When he was living there, Michael would regularly look through the curtains and see who was around," the source said. "People have heard his music coming from the house and even singing. Everyone thinks that Michael's ghost walks around the house."

One neighbor reportedly told the publication that Jackson took an interest in the afterlife, which may explain the return of his spirit.

"It is so weird. The world knew that Michael was obsessed by the afterlife, from his songs like Thriller," the neighbor said. "He believed in spirits – now his own has returned."

Although no members of Jackson's family have confirmed any belief of the pop star's spirit haunting his former mansion, many people celebrated his life on Monday by taking time to tweet about his memory.

"Three years ago today the world lost a legend. RIP Michael Jackson," rapper Wiz Khalifa tweeted. "Your music lives on for you. Thank you for everything!"

Spike Lee, film director, producer and actor, also tweeted his condolences to the late singer.

"On this day, June 25, in the year of our Lord 2009 Michael Jackson left us in his physical state," Lee tweeted. "May the almighty continue to bless him."

Paris Jackson, 14-year-old daughter of the late singer, also joined in on the "RIP Michael Jackson" Twitter trend that took place on the three-year anniversary of the singer's death.

"Dad you will forever be in my heart," the young Jackson tweeted. "I love you." - christianpost

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Cow and woman found in Cambridgeshire Anglo-Saxon dig

Archaeologists excavating an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Cambridgeshire say the discovery of a woman buried with a cow is a "genuinely bizarre" find.

The grave was uncovered in Oakington by students from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Central Lancashire.

At first it was thought the animal skeleton was a horse.

Student Jake Nuttall said: "Male warriors might be buried with horses, but a woman and a cow is new to us."

He added: "We were excited when we thought we had a horse, but realising it was a cow made it even more bizarre."

Co-director of the excavation, Dr Duncan Sayer, from the University of Central Lancashire, said: "Animal burials are extremely rare, anyway.

"There are only 31 horse burials in Britain and they are all with men.

"This is the first animal to be discovered with a woman from this period - the late 5th Century - and it's really interesting that it's a cow, a symbol of economic and domestic wealth and power.

"It's also incredibly early to find any grave of a woman buried with such obvious wealth."

The skeleton was found with grave goods including brooches and hundreds of amber and decorated glass beads.

"She also had a complete chatelaine [keychain] set, which is an iron girdle and a symbol of her high status," Dr Sayer said.

"It indicates she had access to the community's wealth.

"She is almost certainly a regional elite - a matriarchal figure buried with the objects that describe her identity to the people who attended her funeral."

Joint director Dr Faye Simpson, from Manchester Metropolitan, said: "A cow is a big thing to give up.

"It's a source of food and something that would have been very expensive to keep, so to sacrifice it would be a big decision.

"They would have wanted to give her something really important to show respect and they wouldn't have done that for just anybody.

"That's why we don't find cows with burials," she said.

Dr Sayer added: "The cow burial is unique in Europe which makes this an incredibly exciting and important find.

"I don't think I'll find anything as significant as this again in my lifetime." - BBC

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Mother rips out 5-year-old’s eyes during satanic ritual

Police in central Mexico have arrested a group of family members after a mother allegedly ripped out her five-year-old son's eyes during a satanic ritual, local authorities said on Thursday.

The violent ritual occurred on early Thursday morning at a house in the city of Nezahualcóyotl, located in the State of Mexico near the capital of Mexico City, when neighbors reported hearing screams coming from the building while the family carried out the act.

The state's Citizen Security Ministry chief Salvador Neme confirmed the incident, explaining that responding police officers found a number of family members at the residence when they entered. The relatives allegedly said they were going to kill the boy to "cast the demon out" and "avoid an earthquake to save this earthly world." Officers also observed family members praying in an unknown language.

Authorities believe 28-year-old María del Carmen Ríos García, the mother of the child, ripped out the child's eyes after he refused to close them during the ceremony. The boy's aunt, 22-year-old Ruth, allegedly held down the boy's head while the mother removed his eyes, using her bare hands with the help of a spoon.

The boy, identified as Fernando, was rushed to the city's Public Security Department where he was airlifted to the Red Cross Pediatric Hospital in Mexico City's Polanco area. He was later transported to the Children's Hospital in Tacubaya, also in Mexico City, where he was reported in a stable but serious condition.

Neme said eight people were arrested in connection to the brutal act, including the boy's mother, aunt and his grandparents. One of the men arrested had sought help from police officers patrolling the area, saying a boy had been injured at a house. The father of the child was not in the house at the time of incident and reportedly did not know of the ceremony. - minews26


Argentina: “Four Alien Abductions Ocurred in Rosario”

Source: Diario La Capital
Date: 06.24.2012

A statement by UFO researchers gathered yesterday in an inter-provincial forum. They defined themselves as “cosmic detectives”. They exchanged results of their latest findings yesterday.

“We’re cosmic detectives.” These are how the researchers who devoted yesterday’s sunny weather to exchanging their most recent results of their UFO research. They met at Centro de Distrito Sur and spoke on various phenomena related to the subject. The audience was stunned by a fact: in recent decades, four abductions occurred in Rosario that were thoroughly investigated and were even forwarded to the court system. Furthermore, they said that cattle mutilations had taken place in neighboring Victoria (Province of Entre Rios) and that a green light fifteen degrees over the Paraná River illuminated an astounded onlooker, while the recent “crop circles” in Pujato had been created by a very earthly ATV.

“However, the creation of a perfect circle measuring 25 meters in diameter in the middle of a cornfield in Las Perdices (Province of Cordoba) can indeed be ascribed to a UFO,” said the researchers, making it clear that they are not interested in adding information that cannot be corroborated with the rigor of a multi-disciplinary approach. This is their greatest desire, and they make it evident when they speak of matters they consider authentic: “We are sharing our world, seeing or participating with something that is not representative of our planet Earth.” Continue reading at Scott Corrales - INEXPLICATA-THE JOURNAL OF HISPANIC UFOLOGY

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