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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Humanoid Reports: Finland - Part I

Albert S. Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies forwarded several more interesting encounter reports...these are from Finland. This first part is from the 1880's up until the end of World War II:

In the middle of 1880s, July-October, Brante in Kemiö (Kimito in Swedish)

A young woman, mother of three, was picking berries in the forest when she saw a kettle lock on a small hill. Beside the kettle lock was an elf with some kind of an axe on its shoulder. She was terrified and returned to the village. After a couple of hours she came back to the place with other villagers, but the kettle lock and the elf were gone. Her observation was told by her grandmother, now 71 years old.

End of August 1914, about noon, Alastaro

A 10-year old boy, Arvo Kuoppala, was sitting in the living house of a farm with her grandmother, Maria Fält, when suddenly it became dark like during an eclipse of the Sun, a a loud blowing noise could be heard. Then a bright wall of light came from the east, and soon after a large shining globe became visible. It headed to the house and stopped outside the window, after which an oval window opened on its side, trough which the top part of two male beings could be seen. The bigger of the beings was in the middle of the oval window, the second more to the side but well visible. Their heads were large compared with the body, faces broad and angular, but the eyes were friendly.The being that was standing more to the side was even more midget-like and looked ygly.

Arvo became terrified that the men would come in through the window, but his grandmother assured him they would not, that they had something to say. The bigger humanoid now began to smile and started to speak. The lips and faces were moving like he would speak, but no voice was heard. Arvo said in excitement:”He is talking, he says something”, and immediately the creature ceased talking and the face disappeared inside the globe, although no movement could be seen when the oval opening closed. After a moment a loud ”hump”was heard, then a bright flash and the object rose to the sky and vanished to the west with great speed. The observation had lasted only some minutes, but Arvo felt so tired that he went to bed and slept all the way to evening.

His grandmother seems to have anticipated the event, and she later told Arvo that they were not from heaven, but from a distant place, and the globe was intended to travel short distances and that it had come from a heaven ship to which it also returned. Of the beings she told that they had large heads and were much more intelligent than humans, but somehow related to us, and visited us now and then. It seems clear she had a lot of information about the humanoids and she claimed to have made an observation by herself earlier. Contact?

29.11.1939 about 17.00 Saarijärvi in Kullaa

This observation came to our knowledge 51 years after, but the date can be assumed correct, as the Winter War began next day, November 30th. At that time 14-year old Arvo was in the forest with his father making firewood. When it was too dark to work in the twilight they headed home. Almost at once the boy noticed on the right side of the path, on a small rocky hill some 2-3 meters high, a strange device 3-4 meters in diameter. He supposed it was a moonshine factory as he had not seen one before, and wanted to have a look. His father deterred him from this, howewer. He observed the device from some 70 meters.

He descibes the device as being 3-4 meters in diameter, narrowing to the top which was hidden by the dense firs. The bottom part was round like a kettle and it was about 2,5 meters above the ground, supported by perhaps three landing legs made of 2-3 rods and ending in a triangular plate, which he could observe later. From the bottom came ”cosy” flame like that of an upside down candle, 1,5 meters long. From the sides of the lower part of the ship came 5-6 strong flames of different colours, angled 45 degrees down and about 1 meter long, making loud noise like a gas blower.

Outside the ship was a 160 cm long humanlike creature, which was clad astronaut-like and had a round helmet with an oval opening. It had a box with which it seemed to direct 2 or 3 robot-like creatures, which had box-like heads. At least one of these robots lifted his legs very high when walking, so Arvo could see that the legs were like two rods under the knees, ending in a plate. It was not possible to make very accurate observations of their activities due to the twilight and covering trees.

The next day began the Winter War, but Arvo went to see the landing place despite of his father, who opposed it and did not want to go to make firewood, either. On the place where the ship was seen a triangular track of the support leg could be seen. There was also a strong, unpleasant smell.

August 1940 Padasjoki, Kellosalmi

A 9-year old girl was sleeping in a summer camp room together with her friend, when she woke up because of loud thundering sounds. She woke her friend and they looked out. They saw lightning-like lights which rised from the ground upwards behind a small hill. Soon after they heard heavy steps and saw a humanoid walking through the berry shrubbery towards the shore. The humanoid went past their room in a distance of only 5-10 meters and the girls could see it clearly. It was clad in a shining dress, which resembled a divers suit, covering also head, feet and hands. Before the eyes, which were not visible, were a glass panel like in the welders helmet. The dress was so silvery shining that it hurt the girls eyes.

The humanoid went briskly towards the jetty in the shore, stepped to the water in the side of it and walked over the water 50-70 meters to the other shore without making any visible impact to the water surface. On the other shore it climbed to the roof of a summer cottage, then to the top of the chimney of the same cottage. There it stood a while and then disintegrated into small translucent particles. The lightning had also ceased and only the Moon could be seen. The observation was told first in 1995.

May 1942 before noon Petäjävesi

First a woman, who was baking and went outside for a while, observed a fiery disc flying from southwest to northeast for about half a minute. In the same time a relative to this woman, who was working on the field with a horse, saw a fiery roundel land . It was piloted by a man with shiny clothes and white hair. He was panicked and run to his mother, who lived close by. There he explained weeping that Jesus was driving in a fiery ballshaped vehicle and landed behind the forest. Even the horse fled to the forest with harrow still attached. When the harrow stuck fast, it broke the harness and was later found in a shed still trembling. It did not recover fully and would panic if caught in the car lights.

July 1942 Niinisalo in Kankaanpää

A 9-year old girl had taken the cows out to pasture and was returning home walking by the railway, as usual. Near a railway crossing she met an ordinary looking ,tall, about 40 to 50 year old woman, who smiled all the time and gave such a friendly and trustworthy impression that when she took the girls hand and began gently leading her, she had no fear. When they came to the road, the girl saw two men, about 30 to 35 and also friendly looking, coming towards them and dragging a 13-year old boy between them. She knew the boy, who was living in a nearby village, and who seemed to be terrified and resisted all he could.

Then they walked off the road to a small opening in the forest, where a strange vehicle stood on three support legs. It was aluminium colored, seven meter broad and two meters high, and there was an opening on its side, from where ladders with four or five steps reached to the ground. The men lifted the boy to the vehicle and then the girl ”felt” that the woman asked her if she would step in. She did it without hesitation.

When she stepped in, she noticed the boy who sat huddled on the floor and was screaming in terror. The room was round, and on the other side it had a two meters high panel like a control panel full of gadgets and meters. On the opposite side was a table, round which were sitting five friendly looking men in deep conversation. On that side were also a row of windows through which one could see out. The woman led her to the control panel and told her to push one of the levers. She did so and she felt how the ship lifted up with incredible speed. The woman signaled that they were now flying east towards the birth time of Jesus. Then she and the woman moved to a room behind the control panel, some 2 x 2 meters large, where there were maps on the table which she began to show to the girl.

They began a deep conversation about matters she could not recall later. The woman asked her what she knew about Jesus and told her that it was very important to know everything about Jesus and that all Jesus said was true. Paging the maps she explained that the man never disappears, the is no border or end, and there is no time as one can travel in it both forward and backward. The girl got the impression that the woman was the leader.

Gradually, all she had heard and seen began to go over her understanding, and her peace of mind started to erase. Above all she wondered that no notice were taken of the boy who sat on the floor and screamed in terror. There her memory ends and she woke up lying on the field some half a kilometer from the railway crossing to the direction she came from. The boy was nowhere to be seen. She felt ill and her stomach was hurting . About two hours later she came home, where people were already worried of her.

The next weeks she was sick and upset. She lost wight as the stomach was hurting and she could hardly eat. Her eyes became swollen and sensitive to light, and the eyewhites completely red. After a month she was so ill that she was taken to hospital, where they could find no reason for her illness. She became gradually better, howewer, but the illness had taken so much time that she missed the autumn termin in the school. Still next year she was afraid of the place where she had seen the object. The boy sufferd worse: he had a nervous breakdown and at seventeen he was taken to closed mental hospital care.

End of September, 1943 Nastola

A boy who was treated for tuberculosis in a sanatorium in Nastola recalls following event: After a peaceful night he woke up and noticed at once that something had happened. The other children whispered about a ”boogeyman” who had visited during the night. The nurses soon heard about it and began to question the children about the ”boogeyman”. The children told that it had a large head and was clad in strange clothes. Furthermore, they said it was looking for ”red eyes”. Even the head doctor came in to question the children, but when he did not get any answers, he ordered the matter not to be discussed. Next night the boy , who was sleeping with his back towards the linen stock room, woke up because of noise from it. Howewer, he thought the night nurse had come. After a while the light in linen stock room was lit, then put off, then lit again and so on. It was like somebody had played with the light. Finally, the light was left on. More noise was heard from the stock room and the boy started to wonder who it was. Somebody was dragging his feet in the room and then the stock room door opened, first slightly, then more and a creature step in and leaned his back to the door frame. It was 160-165 cm in height, was clad in silvergrey clothes and it had a very large head, much bigger than the human head. It raised its hand and the boy could see it had only three fingers. In the place of face was a dark opening, like a glass dome from which the light in linen stock room reflected. By this time the boy was so frightened that he covered his head with his pillow to avoid looking at the creature. He heard the voice: Dont be afraid". Nothing happened and after a while he had the courage to look up again. The room was dark and silent and after a while he went to sleep again. When the night nurse came he asked at once, if there had been any night visitor. The nurse was clearly nervous about the question and said: be quet! The boy was a bit frightened about her reaction and went to sleep again. In the morning he woke when the nurse was pulling his pillow from under his head. When he asked why the nurse said there was blood on it. The blood came from his ear, which continued to cause him trouble even in later years.

November or December 1944, 13.00 Ritoniemi in Ruovesi

An 11-year old girl looked out through the window of her home and saw two 130-140 cm tall strange beings coming from the nearby small forest. They had miners torches and walked stooped in deep snow. Their faces were somehow diffuse. The girl told of her observation to her father and sister and they all went out to the yard to see better. On the field where the humanoids were walking, there were some ploughs covered with snow. When the humanoids came to such plough they seemed to conversate by ”ringing”. Then they turned and went back to the small forest.

The next day the girl told about her observation in the school to the boy next to her, who lived on the other side of the small forest. The boy answered that he too had seen the humanoids, and draw a picture of some kind of flying vessel, with which the humanoids had flown off. Some days later the girl went to investigate the footprints that the humanoids had left on the snow. They were round marks, unlike the marks left by shoes.

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