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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just the Facts?: 'Hollow Earth' Expedition -- Military Craft or UFO? -- St. John the Baptist Remains Found?

North Pole expedition seeks the 'Hollow Earth' gateway

The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is the Greatest Expedition in the History of the World!

Become part of History. Donate. The film record made during this expedition may be the rarest, most awakening ever produced. More than 40 million enthusiasts are following this Voyage. If you ever considered participating in a major feature documentary, now is your chance. Help us write history by testing the ultimate myth. We strongly believe that the films made from this venture will more than pay for the expenses to conduct it. We still have a chance to make this Expedition happen.

A major Park Avenue New York film documentary company has stepped forward and pledged the funds for the Expedition! This $1.5 million pledge gets the ship charter in place by August of 2012. The Expedition launches in July of 2013 on the last available ship in the world for this excursion. The only thing left is the expense for the crew to get there and back, which is a mere $350,000. We can do this. 100 people get to go on the ship. Millions will travel with us by live streaming connection. Be a part of it!

The science is real. The story is more than 5,000 years old. The legend says that at a certain place above the Arctic Circle, there exists an oceanic depression or an entrance into the Earth. It's a place where the maritime legend claims sea level isn't level anymore.

The discovery that the earth is hollow would forever shatter our long-held beliefs about how planets are formed. More importantly, however, discovering life beneath the earth's crust could potentially provide us with new tools that would allow life on the surface to regain environmental balance, harmony, and possibly even peace. These prospects make the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition the greatest expedition in the history of the world.

If you feel the call to support this once-in-a-millennia expedition, you may review the business plan and proforma here.

The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is by far the most innovative and courageous exploration effort in modern times. We are unable to go to the Moon. We are decades away from manned exploration to Mars. This Expedition to the North Pole region is possible and within reach.

There has never been a more exciting nor appropriate time to visit this region of the Earth. The science is ready. The documentary film viewing public is ready. The mission is extraordinary enough to dominate documentary content for a strong feature release and bold enough to make history.

We want the public to participate. We want all the data to be freely released. The expedition and production need support from those who can see the vision.

With a proven global marketplace, as already evidenced by 17 million Japanese viewers, the Galileo Award, many millions of online hits, and low production cost, visionary investors may see solid financial return on their investment as well as films upon which they can be proud to see their names. More people may know about the Inner Earth than knew about Middle Earth prior to the films being released.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about the science behind the journey that brought the hollow earth to our attention, and how you can be a part of this incredible expedition. We'd love to hear from you with any questions or feedback you may have. - NPIEE

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No, a bunker will not save you from the apocalypse

Everybody talks about the apocalypse, but almost nobody actually prepares for it. But let's say you're one of the few visionaries who actually plans for every eventuality. You've been stashing your supplies. You've built a personal bunker, or you've purchased your own spot in a communal "survival suite."

When the apocalypse finally comes — possibly later this year — will you really survive if you're locked inside a bunker? (Answer: No.) - Continue reading at No, a bunker will not save you from the apocalypse

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Military Craft or UFO?

Wells, Maine - 6/10/75 - unedited: I have always been interested in aircraft. When I was in school and went to the library I always read Janes Military and other aircraft books. Even at the time of my sighting I could indentify 95+ percent of any aircraft, military or civilian.
During summer school vacation my parents would send my younger brother and I to stay a week or two with my grandparents in Wells Maine. I was approx 14 or 15 years old at the time. Their house sat 90 degrees to the road it was on. A small dirt parking lot about 40 ft wide and 100 ft long separated their house from the neighbors. My grandparents house was a two family with a garage attached to the rear of the house. Above the garage was a patio, accessible by the second floor apartment where my grandparents lived.

Behind their house was a small field, 150 feet square. Beyond the field was a row of small trees, less than 25 feet tall. Beyond the trees was a water treatment facility under construction at the time. Beyond that was a large salt water marsh several hundred yards wide,a road, beach houses and then the ocean.

Many times while at play here I noticed many,many military aircraft coming and going from the north. They were always rather low, less than 5000 ft. Due to their low altitude I always assumed there must be an air force base near by. I saw mostly C 130 cargo planes, but do recall one time seeing a b-1 swing wing bomber, again heading due south right over the house then out over the marsh.

On night My grandmother, my brother, and I were just settling in to watch TV. It was around 8pm, but summer time, so it was still kinda light outside. All of a sudden my grandfather could be heard yelling "HEY, COME HERE,HEY ,HEY COME HERE" He was out on the patio above the garage. We all went out there, and when I turned to the right and looked there was a saucer shaped craft over the dirt parking lot about 20 feet off the ground. It was about 60 feet away and moving south very slowly. It was about 15 to 18 feet long and about 3 or 4 feet thick. It was a dark flat black color. I could not see any rivets or panels, or doors. the lower half was ringed with thin, almost lazer like lights. Green, Yellow, orange in color, with thicker "bumps" in the lines that moved back and forth. It made no sound.

Nobody said a word, I could feel every hair on my body standing on end. Its height was even with my line of sight. It just cleared the row of small trees, went out over the marsh, then out over the ocean. Due to its slow speed this took some time. We all went into the house when it was just a dot of light in sky. - MUFON CMS

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Scientists find new evidence supporting John the Baptist bones theory

Scientists have uncovered new evidence that mysterious remains found in an ancient reliquary in a 5th century monastery on Sveti Ivan Island in Bulgaria belong to St John the Baptist.

The remains - small fragments of a skull, bones from a jaw and an arm, and a tooth - were discovered embedded in an altar in the ruins of the ancient monastery, on the island in the Black Sea.

But after the find two years ago was met with universal scepticism Oxford University archaeologists undertook carbon dating tests.

On Thursday, the team announced they have provided scientific evidence to support the extraordinary claim. The findings are to be presented in a documentary to be aired on The National Geographic channel in Britain on Sunday.

The research team dated the right-handed knuckle bone to the first century AD, when John is believed to have lived until his beheading ordered by king Herod.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen analysed the DNA of the bones, finding they came from a single individual, probably a man, from a family in the modern-day Middle East, where John would have lived.

While these findings do not offer conclusive evidence, they also don't refute the theory first proffered by the Bulgarian archaeologists who found the remains while excavating under an ancient church on the island.

Many sites around the world claim to hold relics of the saint, including the Grand Mosque in Damascus which says it has his head. Countries around the Mediterranean claiming to have remains include Turkey, Greece, Italy and Egypt.

The right hand with which the prophet allegedly baptised Jesus in the River Jordan is also claimed to be held by several entities, including a Serbian Orthodox monastery in Montenegro.

“We were surprised when the radiocarbon dating produced this very early age,” said Oxford Professor Tom Higham, who led the study.

“We had suspected that the bones may have been more recent than this, perhaps from the third or fourth centuries.

"The result from the metacarpal hand bone is clearly consistent with someone who lived in the early first century AD,"

He added: "Whether that person is John the Baptist is a question that we cannot yet definitely answer and probably never will."

Dr Hannes Schroeder, from the University of Copenhagen, added: “Of course, this does not prove that these were the remains of John the Baptist but nor does it refute that theory.”

Bulgarian archaeologists had found a small box made of hardened volcanic ash close to the sarcophagus.

The box bore inscriptions in ancient Greek that referred to John the Baptist and the date that Christians celebrate his birth, June 24.

The findings of another Oxford researcher, Christopher Ramsey, using historical documents, suggest that the monastery of Sveti Ivan may have received a portion of John the Baptist's relics in the fifth or early sixth centuries.

St John, who is especially revered by the Eastern Orthodox Church, foretold the coming of Christ before being beheaded on the orders of King Herod, with his head served up on a plate. - telegraph

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Hiker who fell 100 feet and lasted a WEEK with no food or water is found just minutes before the search is called off

A Connecticut hiker has been found alive after surviving a week in the Naugatuck State Forest with severe injuries and no food or water.

Richard Roncarti, 50, from Waterbury, was discovered on Thursday around 12.30pm stumbling along a train track in the Beacon Falls section of the forest.

The man was severely dehydrated, with a broken leg and possibly a broken hip, according to NBC News. He suffered the injuries after falling 100 feet from a clifftop.

He was rescued just minutes before the seven-day search for him was called off, officials said.
Emergency crews said Mr Roncarti was lucky to be alive.

'He looked like he had been in the weather a few days. He was beat up pretty good,' Beacon Falls Fire Department chief Michael Pratt said.

Mr Pratt said the man had no idea he'd been missing for so long, asking rescue workers who found him: 'I've been out here for a full week?'

His family had reported him missing on June 7, and while his car had been discovered at one of the state forest's parking lots last weekend, there was no sign of him until Thursday.

He had last been seen at his mother's house and hadn't said where he was going, according to the Naugatuck Patch.

Mr Pratt admitted rescue workers were losing hope of finding Mr Roncarti alive.

'After seven days you don’t think positive. You don’t think you're going to find someone alive,' he said.

Mr Roncarti was taken to Waterbury Hospital and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. He should be released this weekend.

Crews said Mr Roncarti was almost impossible to find because he had no cell phone. They have urged other hikers to be more prepared when they hit the trails this summer.

'Yes it could have been a lot worse ... it could have been fatal,' Mr Pratt said.

Rescue workers described the area where Mr Roncarti was found as so steep that hikers need to climb on their hands and knees in some parts. There are also a lot of loose rocks climbers can slip on.

Naugatuck Fire Department chief Ken Hanks said Mr Roncarti did well to survive, particularly as the forest had heavy rain on Wednesday night.

'The fact that someone survived seven days in the woods, especially in that area with the rain we had, is a pretty amazing survival story,' he told the Naugatuck Patch. - dailymail