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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Just the Facts?: Zombie Attack Reality -- Plane Crash Ghosts Scare Residents -- Vieques PR UFO Encounter

Zombie Attack Reality

Could zombies actually exist? What would it take for human corpses to rise up and hunt the living? We often think zombies are scientifically impossible — but actually, they're just very implausible. Here's one way The Walking Dead could happen in real life.

To start our zombie thought experiment, we need to make some basic assumptions. First, we're ignoring all supernatural zombie origins. We're also going to set aside space radiation, mysterious comets, or Russian satellites. Our focus will be narrowed to biological origins –- a zombie contagion. Of course, there are many different zombie scenarios in books and film, and no one theory is going to cover all of them perfectly.

The first aspect of human zombification we need to tackle is basic zombie physiology. In virtually every zombie scenario, zombies are able to function despite increasing levels of physical deterioration due to injury or decomposition. There has to be some mechanism for transmitting neural impulses from the brain to various body parts, and for providing energy to muscles so they can keep operating.

The most common science fictional explanation for zombie outbreaks is a virus — but viruses and bacterial infections are not known for building large new physical structures within the body. So let's count viruses out. Instead, the need for a mechanism to activate deteriorating body parts actually provides the cornerstone of what is, in my opinion, the strongest theory: fungal infection. Continue reading at Zombie Attack Reality

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New face-eating ‘bath salts’ attack in Louisiana

Another violent face-biting incident associated with the drug mephedrone has taken place, this time in Louisiana, according to Lafayette, Louisiana’s KATC. Forty-three-year-old Carl Jacquneaux is accused of biting the face of Todd Credeur in a bizarre attack that took place over the weekend and bears a startling resemblance to a case that took place last month in Miami, in which 31-year-old Rudy Eugene attacked another man and tore off most of his face with his teeth before being shot dead by police.

Credeur said that he was working in his yard when Jacquneaux, reportedly upset about a “domestic matter,” attacked him and, in the words of Scott, Louisiana Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas, “bit a chunk of the victim’s face off.” Credeur defended himself by spraying “wasp spray” into Jacquneaux’s face, ending the attack.

Jacquneaux fled the scene, but soon after appeared at the house of another acquaintance in the town of Carencro, attacking him, holding him at knife point and demanding a gun. It was there that police deputies caught up with Jacquneaux and arrested him.

Police say that they believe that Jacquneaux was under the influence of drugs at the time of arrest, but failed to conduct blood tests before he was incarcerated. KATC reports that a woman familiar with Jacquneaux indicated that the suspect had been using so-called “bath salts.”

Mephedrone is a synthetic stimulant that users say makes them feel energized and confident. It intensifies the pleasure associated with hearing music and is therefore popular in nightclubs, at concerts and at “raves.” At toxic levels, however, the drug reportedly causes intense confusion and sometimes violent rage, spikes in body temperature and hallucinations.

Wired magazine reports that regulators are engaged in an elaborate game of “Whac-a-mole” with the chemists producing the drugs. “Every time a compound is banned, overseas chemists synthesize a new version tweaked just enough to evade a law’s letter,” wrote Wired‘s Brandon Keim.

Producers of the mephedrone have sold it under the names “bath salts” and “plant food.” It exploded into widespread use in the U.K. in 2008, prompting lawmakers to ban it, first in the U.K. and Israel, then in all of the EU. Congress hurriedly made the chemical temporarily illegal in the U.S. in October 2011. - rawstory


Plane Crash Ghosts Scare Residents

As the site of last Sunday plane crash in Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos State was fumigated yesterday, some residents of the area have appealed to the authorities to bury the victims far from the area.

Their apprehension was based on their belief in the existence of ghosts.

Idayatu Ali, a 24-year-old unemployed school leaver, said living around the scene of the crash, was a worrisome idea some of them have been battling with. As such, she said no one would want the victims buried at the scene of the accident, “for fear of their ghosts appearing to us”.

According to her, human beings are no goats and when they die prematurely, especially, violently, their ghosts tend to haunt the scene for a while.

“This is no superstition; I have witnessed where a young man died in an accident and his ghost continued to cry at the scene for days until a sacrifice was performed.

“Please, tell them not to bury the victims here or else, some of us will have to abandon our houses,” she pleaded.

However, Jude Agwu, a commercial motorcyclist, said he and some of his colleagues could easily offer sacrifices to Ogun (the Yoruba god of iron) in a bid to get rid of any ghost threat.

Mr. Iyiola Akande, the South-West Zonal Coordinator, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), said no decision had been taken on where to bury the victims.

He, however, believed that identifiable bodies should be released to their relations for burial, while badly burnt ones would be given mass burial, probably far from the scene. - leadership.ng

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Vieques Island, Puerto Rico UFO Encounter

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico - 6/18/1996 - unedited: My brother worked as a civilian security patrol guard at the former NARF(naval ammunitions reserve facility) US NAVY base in Vieques, P.R. about 15-20 years ago. Although for some reason(maybe the language barrier) little has been informed to the public about it, this area has had a fairly large history of UFO and Alien activity. This activity was concentrated and has been recorded to had happened here more during the years that the US NAVY operated and had they're base facilities here. It is said that many people who were there at some time during those years observed and witnessed several unexplained UFO and Alien beings encounters. This eye witness reports were people that included civilian security personel, local police officers, US NAVY personell stationed at the base there, and civilians from the island. It is known that some of this unusual encounters and incidents were recorded and entered into official records by the US NAVY people. And also that this records became US Government "Classified Information". Vieques is a very small Carribean island and part of Puerto Rico a few miles south-east of the main island. The US military occupied 3/4 of the whole island for over 50 years until around the year 2004 when they ended operations there. They had two military bases there, this particular one on this story was the US NAVY on the West side of the island. And it was a location were NAVY stored naval ammunitions for the Atlantic fleet. You can see Vieques and both od this the military bases there that were feautured in Clint Easwood's movie Heartbreak Ridge (1986). My brother was working as a civilian patrol security guard there when he had this encounter. He recalls that on this occasion, him and a security guard partner were patrolling doing they're rounds around this very remote area on the hills on the base facilities area. And while they were at at one of the ammunitions storage magazine warehouse, they spotted in the distance a very unusual craft(UFO)hovering in the air over this remote beach area. My brother in total disbelieve became very inquisitive about what he was observing. And talked to his partner about wanting to drive down to that area to take a closer look to see what this thing was. But his partner seemed to be full of fear about it, and did not wanted to drive down there to get any closer to the object. My brother observed that this thing hovering in the air over that beach was emitting all this very unusual colored-lights and that is was something like he had never seen before. And he could not explain to himself what that thing was. But whatever it was, it did not appear to be like something out of this Earth. He did not wanted to go alone down there closer to that beach area to investigate what that thing was. Finally he was able to convinced his very frightful partner to join him and drive they're 4-wheel drive patrol vehicle down there and take a closer look at it. According to his description of the account, they drove down from this hill area down this remote beach 4-weels trail and stopped the vehicle a little distance away from where the craft was still hovering over the beach. And he got out of the vehicle mesmerized observing all this wierd display of colored lights comming out of this hovering craft. He went back into the vehicle and brought out this spot light with him. And then he began to flash like signals to this craft. At this, it sounds like the craft noticed they're precence nearby. And inmediatly turned and began hovering and approching them at a very fast speed until it came to a distance right above they're heads. And even with both being so frightened by this, they observed all this lights comming out of it and then like a light beam began comming out from the bottom of the craft at them. Inmediatly panicking and back inside the vehicle they managed to peel away and make a run down that trail away from that thing for dear life. And they kept going until they got back to the base buildings area. And this story is one of the several others UFO/allien encounters that had occured over the years on this area in Vieques, P.R. - MUFON CMS

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