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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Humanoid Reports: Finland - Part II

Albert S. Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies forwarded several more interesting encounter reports...these are from Finland. This second part is from 1955 through 1983:

Summer of 1955, about 21.30 –2200, the road between Karhula and Huruksela near Kotka

A young man was driving his first car, a Russian Moskvits, when in a straightaway in the middle of the forest he noticed how three creatures resembling bears or penguins run from the woods to the road some 100 meters away. When he drove closer the creatures started to gesture him to stop, which he almost did. The creatures at once run to his car and tried to open the doors, which luckily were closed. The young man was terrified when he saw their faces resembling those of the Chinese or Eskimos. Their hands were covered by the dark overalls they had. Scared, he gestured that he would drive to the side of the road a little bit farther out. When the creatures let go so that he could drive to the side of the road, he accelerated all the Moskvits was worth. The creatures seemed angry, gestured with their hands and ran some tens of meters after his car in a clumsy way. The driver came back quite soon with some other youngsters, but there was nothing to see. Later he found out that others in that area had found that there was a place where the ground vegetation was all burnt in a round area some 7-8 meterts in diameter.

Midsummer 1956 Järvenpää

Female observer, who at the time of the observation was 15, was sleeping in the main farmhouse and his brother in a nearby storehouse. In the night she woke up and noticed two small humanoids with large eyes and in grey suits in her room. She did not let them notice that she was awake, as she was afraid of them. They seemed to be interested in the two alarm bells that were in the room. After a while they moved to the living room, and she could hear how the big wall clock in that room was drawn. Soon after the humanoids went out of the main building. Now the girl watched trough window and saw one of the humanoids standing in the open door of the storehouse in which her brother was sleeping, with a clock in its hand. Then both humanoids came out of the storehouse and began to bounce one after the other towards the corner of the field, where a strange vehicle with many lights and a cupola was standing. The humanoids bounced to the vehicle, which then ascended straight up. Next morning all the clocks in the farmhouse were showing different times, between 24.00 and 04.30. During next years, nothing grew in the corner of the field where the strange vehicle had stood. (Unfortunately, this case is based on a telephone call, and no more information can be obtained).

August 1962, daytime on the road between Puolanka and Oulu

Ilmari Karunto was a young man from Helsinki, having a vacation in Northern Finland together with a friend. On a warm sunny day they decided to drive from Puolanka to Oulu. When they had drived some 50 kilometers from Puolanka, Karunto, who sat beside the driver, noticed a short man on the road side. With his hands up he signaled the men to stop and asked for a lift to a forest path five kilometers away. Karunto moved to the back seat and they began to drive. In the back seat Karunto started to wonder the appearance of the lifting man. His head was larger than usual, mouth broad and thin and nose quite big. The eyes were black and round. And when he happened to watch his eyes from the side mirror of the car, he saw to his astonishment that the mans eyelids closed from down to up. The man seemed to notice his observation and put sunglasses on, and Karunto now saw that he had six thin brown fingers. Karunto was now not a little upset and asked where in Finland the man was living. This question seemed to make him thoughtfull, but then Karunto heard like in his brain that he was not from Finland, but travelled around the world. Almost at once after this the path came to sight and the man stepped out, thanked once again politely and began to walk along the path. Karunto suggested to his friend that they would follow his walking a moment. After the man had walked some 50 meters he came to a pile of brushwood some 3 meters high – and jumped on top of it and ”walked”over it. ”Look, he can levitate”, said Karunto to his friend, but spoke yet nothing of his observations during the car trip. Both men were upset and decided to continue their journey. But after a while they heard humming noise, which became louder. Suddenly the motor started to cough, then stopped altogether. When they stepped outside, they saw a large round object, perhaps 6 meters in diameter, fly low over their car, make a wide turn and then disappear from sight. When they had recovered from the shock of this sighting, they tried to start their car again and it started without problem. Next day they saw in a local paper a small notice of a light phenomenon that had flown northwards.

May 1964 , daytime on the road between Tornio and Kemi (Lappland)

A 50-year old religious woman was on a car driven by her husband when she about half way to Kemi observed a flying man on the right side of the car. The man was flying in a standing position with hands out some 200 meters from the road and 300-400 meters over the forest to the same direction as the car. He was flying a little slower than the car was driving (80-90 km/h) so he was slowly left behind. The man was clad in a silvery or metallic suit and had a helmet. When she later saw astronauts in the TV, she said they were similar. She observed the man in 2-4 minutes and could see him clearly, but did not see any planes or other vehicles in the air. Her husband did not want to look at him, though she insisted, and has in fact never believed in her story. A relative of hers, a retired police officer, told her story which he was convinced was of actual observation.

19.08 1965 about noon, Luumäki

A family of four, Matti, Maria, Teuvo and Tapani went to the forest of the village of Hermunen to pick blueberries. They scattered to four directions keeping eyecontact with each other, howewer. About noon two of them, father Matti and his eldest son Teuvo had an experience they shared with the others only later. Already when they arrived to the forest Matti Kuningas had observed a large stone,or so it looked like, which he had never seen before although the forest was very familiar to him. The distance to the stone was about 30 meters. The stone was about two meters high and three meters broad, and on it was some very green moss and a rowan tree. Suddenly a gust of wind rose, which astonished Teuvo Kuningas,as the day was clear and calm. Both he and father Matti observed now from their respective places a little man , about one meter tall, who appeared near the stone. The mans skin was reddish like that of a carrot and he had a green overall. The head was large and his shoulders broad. Teuvo Kuningas observed a box in the mans chest, from which came some kind of flash. Now the man started to run away from the stone, and Matti Kuningas, who was closer, heard him make noise like he was mourning. Teuvo Kuningas heard voice like human speech.

Suddenly the man turned and ran now towards Matti Kuningas. He stopped at a distance of 15 meterts and for a minute or so looked at Matti. He seemed to have human like face, a face of an older person. Then he turned and started to run away. About 50 meters from Matti he seemed to turn a somersault and disappeared. Teuvo saw also the disappearance, but he saw also the man reappear, now closer to him. He was now somehow deterred by some unknown force and could not even look at the man properly. He could not move, either. He smelled some bad odour. After the man had again disappeared, he heard noise from the direction of the stone, but nothing could be seen. When the whole thing was over, Teuvo noticed to his astonishment that over a half an hour had passed.

When they going to head home, Teuvo decided to have a closer look on the stone to see if there were any footprints. When he came near he too noticed the moss and the little rowan tree and some silver grey on its surface. When he tried to go closer and touch the stone with his berry basket, the same unknown force deterred him again and even turned him around and forced him to go away. He was thinking of throwing it with a stick, but could not do that, either. In the car he suddenly felt himself unusually tired. He intended to tell about his experience to the others, but soon it all vanished from his thoughts. Only gradually could he remember the event, but it was first some six months later he told of his experience to his younger brother Tapani. Teuvo had thought he was the only one who had seen the little man, but now he got to know that his father had also seen it.

Note: Tapani Kuningas was at that time already interested in UFOs, and later he wrote several books about UFOs and is nowadays the leading ufolog in Finland.

July 1965 or 1966, 01.00-01.30 Lake Näsijärvi in Otavalta, Ylöjärvi (near Tampere)

A man was laying longline to the water of Lake Näsijärvi between the north side of the island of Pikku-Hornu and the island of Hornu . Having finished the job, he was taking a one hour pause in the northern shore of the Pikku-Hornu. He was eating his sandwiches and drinking coffee when he heard over the weak rushing of the wawes an increasing rushing noise from the south of island. He thought it was another boat coming to the island, and soon after a sound of letting the anchor was heard. Then began a very load hammering noise, and the man assumed the other boat needed motor reparation. After this noise had faded, he heard steps from behind, first one person, then two persons. As he expected they would come forward and adress him, he did not turn. When nothing happened, he rose and packed his things and went then to his boat and started to lift the longline to the boat, slowly rowing the boat. It came to his mind to see how the other boat looked like, and soon he saw it from a distance of about 30 meters. He was astonished to see that it had a row of oval windows , trough which a faint light was shining. After a while he looked again and was even more astonished when he noticed that the ship was actually standing on the shore and over the surface of the island. From the opening between the ship and the island he could see someone walking on the island. The ship was standing on four telescopic legs, two of which were shorter as the slope of the shore is quite steep. On the island side of the ship a ladder with three steps visible could be seen.

The fisherman now felt that this ship was not from this world, but he continued to observe it now and then (he had to row his boat and take up the longline, as well as unfasten the fishes from hooks). Someone in the ship did not like this, as they began to show bright lights towards him as soon as he tried to observe the ship. This ceased after a while, however. He could altogether see five humanoids, three taller and two smaller. As they were all the time behind the ship, he could not see many details. They seemed all to be clad in jeansblue overalls. Finally they all got into the ship, which began to ascend. The telescopic legs, which had round plates lowest, went to black holes in the bottom of the ship, which was oval shaped, some 2,5 meters high and 6 meters broad. After it had ascended to the height of ”several treeheights” it started to flew with great speed (”like a mortar shell” towards north-northwest. After it had flown a kilometer it disappeared.

March 1970, about 02.00 Lappeenranta

Musician Pauli Niiranen and the band he was in had performed during the evening in Joutseno. He was now returning home to Lappeenranta with his car. The weather was awful: a snow flurry with strong wind that had caused snowdrifts on the street. When he was driving on a street that passed the Lappeenranta airfield on eastern side, he noticed a small creature in the next crossing about 200 meters away. The humanoid was standing in the middle of the crossing and watched in turns to left and right. When he drove nearer, Niiranen noticed four other similar creatures, three on the northern side of the crossing and one behind them on way towards the barracks area. The humanoids were a little over one meter with a large head and a slim body and they were clad in an overall green or darkgreen suit. Their eyes frightened Niiranen most: they were long and oval, tilted upwards and seemed to glow blue light. Niiranen is certain that they were human beings but not from this planet. After watching them for about half a minute he got an unresistible urge to run away. He turned his car on the road and went home another route.

The next day there was a newspaper item that a round melten spot had been found near the place of his observation. He did not coupled it with his observation at that time. He spoke of his observation only to the other members of the band next evening, but it was only after he had seen a TV document film of UFOs in 1992 that he contacted us. It was the first time he told to his wife, too.

15.04.1970 17.00 Kursu village in Salla

Locally well known and respected former athletic Kalle Tiihonen had just come from the sauna at about 17.00 and was drinking coffee in the kitchen. The first thing he noticed was a sound like from a swarm of bees, which was also heard by other family members. Then he had a feeling that someone was staring at him from the door, which was behind him. He turned and saw on the doorstep a small creature about 120 cm long, clad in tight shining green suit and helmet. The creature had large, very dark eyes with a human look. Tiihonen decided that it could not have come trough the door, as he would have heard it.

For some moments they stared each other speecless, then Tiihonen asked where the creature was coming from. ”From the space” was the answer, and Tiihonen is unsure whether he heard it or if it was fed to his brain. Just to ask something more he asked if the Apollo-astronauts (then in space) would get back home with their broken ship. ”Yes they will” was the answer. Tiihonen discussed some time with the humanoid of other things, too, but could not recall later what it was, other than that the humanoid promised to return. Then the humanoid started leaving, and when Tiihonen looked to other direction for a moment, it was gone. A similar noise of a swarm of bees was heard.

Kalle Tiihonens 8-year old son was sitting in an other room, and he heard his father discussing with someone, but the wall kept him from seeing the humanoid. Howewer, he had seen a bright object land on grass outside through the window and also saw it lift. When the humanoid had left, Tiihonen ran to sauna where his wife was and told her of his observation. After the observation Tiihonen could not sleep for three nights, and weeks later he was feeling somehow strange.

15.1.1971 06.30 Ikuri, Tampere

69-year old woman was awake and watched through window how a 120-140 cm long creature appeared to the yard and walked in deep snow with stiff and machinelike steps. It wore a blue-green tunika and baglike trousers, and it had some kind of helmet with four antennas. In the hands it had some kind of mitten. Face could not be seen. The creature walked past the swing in the yard and disappeared into thin air. It left round footprints in the snow.

02.02.1971 20.00 Kiiminki, road from Kuusamo to Oulu

Two women, mrs Sinikka Kuittinen and mrs Manninen, were driving from Kuusamo towards Oulu, when in Kiiminki they observed a light behind the car on the right side of the road. After some time the light passed over to the left side of the road, during which the ears of mrs Kuittinen plugged up. When they came to a field the light disappeared. Suddenly mrs Kuittinen, who was driving, saw a head behind the snow wall that lined the road on the left side and thinking it was a child, braked. Howewer, it was a creature one meter tall, with a helmet on its head. It was clad in browngreen suit and crossed the road with small jumps, disappearing on the other side of the road. There were no houses or other buildings round the field. The woman were very scared and did not stop to investigate if it left tracks, but drove straight to Oulu.


37-year old female teacher was on her way home after work. It was cold and rainy, when she arrived to the busstop at about 20.45. She had waited for bus some minutes when a dark ”car”stopped in front of her and the man in the car asked where she was going. When she answered that she would be going some 20 km to the direction of Turku, the driver offered her a lift to her home bus stop. She accepted and stepped in. At once she noticed that there was some kind of transparent magnetic or electric field between her and the driver. The driver, whom she could see only in profile, was in a strange way elegant and slender built. She was astonished to see that his dress was of one silvergrey material. Howewer, it was pretty dark inside, so she was not able to see very many details. The driver asked him questions about her work, about the pupils and so on, like he would have been unfamiliar with schoollife.

She also noticed that the ”car” was driving soundlessly and some 1-2 meters over the surface of the road. Strangely, no cars met them, nor passed by, although this road usually is fairly densely used. She could see the familiar landmarks, howewer. When they came near the bus stop where the teacher would get off, the driver said he wanted to continue the conversation. She refused because of her little children waited her. The driver then asked if he could continue the conversation some other time, but she refused as her husband would not understand it. the driver then asked where her husband was, to which she replied that he was in Sweden in business, so she had to hurry to her children. She said goodby, than the driver also said goodby, after which the car door opened by itself and she stepped out. When she was watching, the car disappeared, although there were more than one kilometer of straight road visible. She suffered from feeling hot directly after she came home, and later from headache, electric feeling and reddened face.

14.12.1972 02.30 Lauhala village in Honkajoki

Farmer Veikko Kivioja was returning home after a visit to his neighbour, Seppo Oja. After driving some one and a half kilometres on a winding forest road he suddenly after a turn saw three bright lights on the left side of the road. He thought it was an other car and stopped. Then he saw that the bright lights were made by three humanlike creatures who walked over the road to the logging opening on the other side of the road. Even if they were bright, Kivioja could see that they had a round head, faces were not visible, and their somehow winglike hands were resting on the hip. Legs could be seen clearly and they seemed to walk softly and with ease. Kivioja now decided to return to his neighbour Seppo Oja to get a witness to what he had seen. He drove first forward a bit so that he could turn his car, and when doing so the headlights lit the three creatures he noticed that they did not pay any attention to it. When he reached his neighbours house he used the car horn to arouse him . The neighbour, Seppo Oja, was already in his underwear, but agreed to follow Kivioja although he did not quite believe in his story. But when they reached the logging opening the three creatures were still there, although on the way behind a small hill some one hundred meters away. Both men could see how the sphere of light around the men was moving in pace with their steps. The light was so bright that the trees around could be clearly seen. After ten minutes the light faded out, and the men went outside to see if there were any marks on the soft surface of the road, but nothing was found, nor was nothing found during the next day on the logging opening.

Some five hours later than Kiviojas and Ojas observation, a dairy worker was coming with his tractor on another road some ten kilometres from the logging opening, when he suddenly observed a very bright light coming from the right side of the road some one hundred meters away. It turned out to be an object two meters in diameter, emitting bright green light, which flew one meter over the ground in a walking speed, evading easily the obstacles on its way. The dairy worker, Heimo Mattila, drove his tractor as fast as he could and passed the object just before it flew over the road. Looking at it from the rear mirror Mattila could last see it some 300 meters away.

27.12.1973 03.00 Road to Timovaara

Olavi Kolehmainen from Polvijärvi was plowing the Timovaara road from snow. When he came to the Lipasvaara road crossing at little over three o´clock in the morning, he noticed a strange steelgrey object about four meters broad, which was standing on the Timovaara road. The object was not emitting light. Kolehmainen stopped his truck at a distance of 40 to 50 meters and looked around to get some hint what it was. After about a minute a little hatch opened on the side of the object and against the bright light inside the object Kolehmainen could see at least two white clad, human like figures who were looking out.

He realised this was no ordinary vehicle, and began to fear he would be abducted, so he closed the car door and waited on the cabin step with a knife in his hand.( As the Timovaara road is very narrow he could not turn his truck round and escape.) Howewer, after some ten or fifteen seconds mutual staring the hatch was closed and wining or buzzing sound could be heard. The sound became louder and some kind of smoke came from the object, after which it started to rise. The ascend continued and it vanished to the north. Kolehmainen listened its distancing sound a minute and stepped then down and went to the place where the object had been. Three landing marks could be seen on the snow.

Beginning of January 1976, about 15.00 Saukkoaava road around border of Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi.

A travelling salesman was driving his car on the Saukkoaava road towards Vuostimo on one of the first days of January. At about 15.00 he was near the border of Kemijärvi and Pelkosenniemi, near the farm of Niskala, when a large disc-shaped bright object descended gently towards the ground, flying over his car. The motor of his car ceased running and he had no choice but to stop his car. The bright object landed on the road some 100 meters away, and the salesman estimated it to be four meters in diameter and one and a half high. It was shining brightly. In a moment to small human-like creatures appeared beside the object. In the darkness (up north it is dark already at that time) their strangelooking suits seemed to be dark green, and they were only about 80 cm:s high. The two humanoids started to walk towards the car, but when they were about 40 meters off, they suddenly turned around and hurried back to the object. The salesman did not notice how they got in, but the object ascended almost at once straight up and vanished behind the thin clouds without a sound. When the object had disappeared, the salesman tried to start his car, and it started running at once. He drove to the place where the object had been, and there was three landing marks, five cm:s wide and two and a half meters apart.

02.10.1980 about 23.25 Liipantönkkä in Ylistaro

a 23-year old man was driving from Vaasa towards Lapua on road number 64 to have a late night meal in a grill bar. When he was in Ylistaro near the border of Lapua on a small hill the surroundings were lit by a bright light from the sky and a shining grey disc-shaped solid object appeared 5-10 meters in front of his car. The man cant remember if he himself stopped the car. The contours of the object were clear, and it somehow glowed the light, like it would have been hot. The object was as broad as the road, about 6 meters, and it had two lights, one on each end, but no other details were visible. It hovered about half a meter over the road surface, when two small lights were lit in the middle of it and three humanoids came out. The driver described them as quite humanlike, but smaller. He did not see any ears or hair, but the eyes were very small, quite unlike the ones he had seen in the TV and magazines. The humanoids came to the laft door of his car – and that is all he can recall. The next thing he remembers is driving to the parking place of the grill bar he was heading, but it was already closed as four hours had passed, hours he cant recall.

NOTE: Many thanks to Albert for the fantastic reports. The 3rd and final part will be posted tomorrow. Lon

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