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Friday, July 21, 2023

'BIG HAIRY DEMON' Beleaguers Southern Virginia Family

A southern Virginia man and his son investigate constant unexplained sounds around the outside of the Home. They soon encounter a massive Bigfoot in the nearby woods.

I received the following report from an associate who lives in nearby Roanoke Rapids, NC:

This sighting occurred near Blackstone in Brunswick County, Virginia. It happened in May at two o'clock in the morning. The location is an area of the resident's backyard where he's got woods that are alongside a soybean field. The witness and his son were outside armed with a pistol and a shotgun. They were checking for what had made a heavy thud sound at the back of their house. They thought it might be a burglar or a bear especially since something had been causing trouble around their property for the past two years. This is what the witness stated in his report:

"I saw a deer run as if it was being chased. Then I saw a huge figure step out of the woods. This thing was at least eight feet tall. I screamed out to this thing to stop. It moved toward us running. I told my son to shoot. He shot in its direction. Then it ran to my left flank and continued to run toward us. We ran back towards the house. I was in terror because the thing was shaped like a man but it was covered with hair. I stopped and watched it walk into the light from the house. It was huge and there was an odor that really stunk. It stayed in sight for about five minutes before it walked into the woods."

There was follow-up report from a local investigator (DK) who confirmed the event with the son. He said it was too dark to see well but he could clearly hear loud heavy running footsteps coming towards them. The witness also said it made a huffing noise and a shrieking sound when his son shot his gun.

The thing rapidly approached the father and son and stopped just 15 feet short of where the witness stood. In the seconds before the witnessed turned and ran back to his house he saw a massive creature four feet wide that dropped from two legs to a three-point crouch placing one hand on the ground. While it was too dark to make out the details of the face he felt he could see well enough to discern a surprised look on the creature's face. It looked at him panting heavily at this point.

The man and son ran back to their house where his wife was. She told DK that her husband's face was blanched white with a look of terror rand for some time he was unable to verbalize clearly. When he had calmed down enough to tell her what he'd seen he could only describe it as a 'big hairy demon.'

When the witness investigated the area the next day there were 18 to 20 inch long footprints in the field. He also found long brown and gray hair in the woods behind his home.

This isn't the first time strange things have happened at his property. There had been several occurrences of what we would call possible Bigfoot activity that he had attributed to people messing around on his property. Something had been pounding on the walls of his home and throwing rocks at his family and onto his roof. On many occasions heavy things like a riding lawnmower or trailer had been moved overnight. There had also been loud howls coming out of the woods at night.

Their young daughter had claimed to see a hairy man outside a window but the witness didn't believe her at the time. This was prior to him having this actual visual encounter where he saw this creature just 15 feet away from him. Also, the witness may have seen this creature before but attributed to activity associated to nearby Fort Pickett, an Army National Guard maneuver training center.

One evening he saw what he thought was a very large guardsman wearing a backpack and a ghillie suit walking along the road in front of his house. The second time, about a year later when he saw the figure again, he called out to the figure and it began walking fast, until it turned into the woods along the road and disappeared.

What makes this account even more interesting is that there were two reports coming out of Fort Pickett by soldiers who were training there. Both incidents occurred during the course of the same day, about two weeks prior to this witness' encounter.

DK spent several nights camping out on the resident's property, later confirming unusual howling and movement in the woods that he believes was a Bigfoot.

NOTE: I have received reports from the same area over the years. Here are the link to one of the reports: Shadowy Cryptid Stalks Couple Camping at Lake Phoenix, Virginia - Lon



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