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Saturday, July 01, 2023

US Army Veteran Describes His BIGFOOT Encounters in Eastern Maine

An Army veteran discusses his 2 encounters with a Bigfoot near his family's dense forest property in eastern Maine. He says it was an '8-foot-tall behemoth' and has not returned since the last encounter.

I received the following account:

"Im 38 and an Army veteran trying to work as a local carpenter In Maine, the state where I have almost always lived. I've had two encounters with the creature I will soon tell you about, one that occurred when I was a teenager and actually one a couple years ago. The house I am currently living in is my father's since he now has multiple heart conditions and would have to live alone. I and my sister grew up in this house which is in eastern Maine. Living here as a child always felt a little off as if something was not right in a way, it's hard to describe. The house is surrounded by woods on almost all sides and sits on a dead-end road with 6 or 7 houses down the way.

We own 70 acres of dense forest that are littered with ATV trails and walking trails. I've been out on these trails over a hundred times probably just clearing them for neighbors who we let use them and just trying to maintain them. But every time I'm out there I feel like I'm being stalked. In this area, I nor my father have ever seen a bear, wolf, or mountain lion nothing really above the size of a bobcat. As a teen, I liked dressing up in military gear and going out to play "war" and games similar, normally go out with my friends Sid and Marvin two guys who lived down the road.

Sid was an older dude around 18 who smoked and did average "tough guy" stuff. Marv, (who I still am friends with today, we even served together until he was discharged) was more on my level. We were both pretty timid young guys who didn't really associate with most people and just enjoyed being out in the woods and chilling.

Anyway, one day we had gone out around 3pm on a chilly winter evening to go play as we did most days. We all grabbed our gear which was stuff that Sid's dad who was a Vietnam vet had given him and then Sid had shared with us. This included medical kits, an ammo box, grenade pouches, etc. He even gave Sid an old handgun (without the magazine or ammunition) but Sid's dad still didn't allow him to take it out of the house. So after a while of walking down one of the paths we come to one of our favorite spots which is sort of like a clearing full of boulders and moss. At the time it was covered in knee-deep snow. Normally my mother would not have let us go out this far but she wasn't there to say "no" since she was in New Hampshire for the holidays.

We had been out there for quite a while throwing snowballs and pretending they were grenades and blasting at each other with our sticks. It was about 5pm when we were starting to gather our stuff because it was beginning to get dark. As I'm scooping up my stuff Marv talks in a confused and worrisome tone. "Hey guys, what the hell is that thing?" He draws our attention to a tall completely black creature standing on two legs, its arms dangling by its sides and dragging through the snow. From our angle at 50 or 60 meters away, we couldn't see its face but it was walking away from us. I remember a weird tightness in my chest after realizing that I had no idea what we were looking at. Then Sid yelled out "Hey hairball!" Then the creature stopped. My chest grew even tighter and it felt like my body was frozen after I saw its abrupt stop. It slowly turned towards us, its face had no facial features but it looked to be plain flesh! No nose, eyes, or mouth. We were so frightened that none of us could talk. It stared at us for a couple minutes before one of us suggested the bright idea of leaving. We crept away as the sun was now really low, while one of us constantly looked back until we got out of sight. Then we bolted back to my house where we hid inside, collapsing onto the living room floor. 

We were silent for a moment before I broke out laughing. The others joined in. After a few seconds Sid said "Ok, guys. But WTF did we just see?" We tried rationalizing but I think we all knew that we had seen something that didn't belong. The guys ended up staying the night at my place that night. We stayed up late drinking hot chocolate and every now and then stepping onto the front porch to see if it may have followed us.

After a couple days, the creature mostly disappeared from our minds. We still got together and hung out having adventures in the woods. I never told my parents about this thing that we saw because they probably would have believed me and I didn't want to go through all the trouble of explaining it to them over and over. Neither did I tell my sister because she wouldn't care and I wouldn't receive any feedback, so it was pointless. We three also never really brought the creature up again, it was like an unspoken agreement.

My 2nd encounter transpired in roughly the same area about a mile or 2 from there 3 years ago. I had just been honorably discharged and been home with my father for no more than a month picking up odd jobs mostly in auto and house repairs, both being skills I learned from my time overseas. It was a summer evening when I decided to head out on the trails and take a look around, after all, I haven't been out there for ages and expected the trails to be overgrown. So I took with me some basic "brush clearings" equipment such as a hatchet, an old machete, and some other stuff and then set out. Sid had recently moved to Vermont and Marv had been medically discharged a while ago and left with a leg disability making it hard to walk. I would have asked him to join me if not for his disability.

I had made it half a mile into the main path moving and cutting up the suspected limbs, branches, and overgrown grass as best as possible hoping to come back tomorrow with a weed wacker to do some more work. As I got deeper the feeling of being watched returned, the same feeling I got as a teenager when I was out there. And I began noticing that the dense growth was getting thinner and more and more limbs were smashed or pushed out of the way. As well, the tall grass and overgrowth were no longer in the way. In fact, the trail became almost cleared and looked like it used to. I was shocked that somebody cared enough to come out here and clear all this. But as I thought on it more I remembered that the entrance hadn't been groomed, so how did they get in?

I began looking closely at the ground noticing feet or paw prints I had never seen before, I crouched down to gain a better look. The print had three pointy toes each about 6 inches long, and were spaced about 3 feet apart in sets of two. I didn't recognize these and decided to just follow them a little further to check it out. About a quarter of a mile later I see this creature. My 2nd encounter, and so far my last time. It was walking from the side of the path at a slow pace not acknowledging my presence. Not yet at least. It slowly crossed the path and continued into the woods and after a minute I walked up to the area where he had entered and there it was strolling or creeping into the woods still not noticing me. I could hear his arms dragging across the forest floor and his fur coat still looked silky black, yet I wanted to see its face again but not to the point where I would risk being spotted.

So I slowly reached for my phone only to realize that it was in the front pocket of my backpack as I didn't want to lose it while working. I pulled the bag from my shoulders and placed it in front of me and began unzipping the pocket. But as I did the creature stopped as he had done the last time. "Oh Lord Jesus," I thought as I froze and my chest tightened. It began to turn. Its fleshy face began staring back at me. I tightened the grip on the hatchet I had in hand and now that I think about it that probably wouldn't have done much to the 8-foot behemoth now that I think about it. We both stared motionless for what felt like hours. In reality, I had no idea how long we had been there. I eventually stood up with my legs feeling numb. I backed away until it was out of sight and then took off as fast as I could go. As I was running I was sure I heard a violent scream from behind me but I wasn't going to turn to look.

Long story short, I haven't been back in those woods for 3 years and don't plan on it either. I know this may sound over-exaggerated or fake like something from a children's book but I know what I saw and Marvin knows what he saw. I will never forget this." SK



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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