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Friday, July 21, 2023


Many experiencers are aware of the entity named 'ZOZO' which is associated with Ouija manifestation. But there is another alleged entity calling itself 'AJ.' Is this also 'ZOZO?'

Marie in Sweden called in to tell of her experience with a Ouija board and an entity calling itself AJ:

“I was probably 21 because I was sharing an apartment with my sister and that would make her 18. It was in Thousand Oaks. The apartment was on the 3rd floor and we always had a bunch of friends over. It was pretty much the party apartment. So we had a bunch of friends over like once a week and we would do Ouija. I didn't have a board so what I did was, I made one. I got a big piece of cloth, like T-shirt material, jersey. I drew all the letters on it and made all the designs and I created a Ouija board. And I had like a glass ashtray. A small glass ashtray that we could use as a pointer. So the ashtray would just go over the letters and we could see through. So we had a lot of fun with it. We'd ask silly questions just for the first few times. Everybody would ask questions and it was a lot of fun and everybody had a good time. And then one night we had an entity come through.

God, I don't even like to say his name because it still freaks me out to this day, but he called himself 'AJ.' And he would just at first just kinda play around with us. You know, I think he was just kind of stringing us all along, kinda thing. We would ask who he was, when was he alive. How did he die, you know, those kind of things. And he told us that he died in a school bus accident and all of the kids in the bus died and we were like, Ooh. We were getting kinda creeped out by that and he said he felt so guilty about it and it was his fault. I know its hard to think that you could get that kind of information from a Ouija board but I mean this was over time and so my sister and I tried to investigate.

We didn't have an area but we assumed it was from the local area and we tried to investigate. We couldn't find any news stories about a major school bus incident like that. We looked at the local cemetery to see if we could see his name there. We couldn't find anything. So it got to the point where the friends would come over and this entity would always come through. We were like, "We don't want to talk to you. We want to talk to somebody else." It just got to be, you know... It was starting to freak us out. So we were thinking how do we get rid of this guy and then all of a sudden then he started coming to me in my dreams. So now I’m getting really tripped out. I'm like, I said to my sister, her name was Crystal, I'm like "Crystal we have got to get rid of this Ouija board. He's starting to come into my dreams. We gotta get this thing out of the house. It's a bad entity or whatever."

I didn't ever see him in my dream. It was like he was talking to me in my dream and he told me his name so that's how I knew who he was but I didn't see him. It was just really freaky and bizarre and scary because I'm thinking, if we can not only come through a Ouija board, of course, you know, I’m not thinking sensible, of course he come through anything. If he can come through the Ouija board, of course he can come into my thoughts or what have you. (Jimmy Church asks if they ever found out who he was). We never found out who he was and we decided to get rid of the Ouija board. So we took the Ouija board and we threw it into the big apartment dumpster out back. We just threw it away. And we were like no more Ouijaing. No more. We'll do something else. We'll have the friends over for a party but we're not gonna Ouija anymore.

So, like a week later, my sister and I are in the kitchen and we're cooking and I said get me the blah blah or whatever out, what I was asking for and she goes to the drawer to pull it out and there, folded up in the drawer is... guess what? I am serious. She's like, Maria, look in the drawer. I'm like, "How is it there? How did it get there? We threw it out. How did it get there?" We ended up burning it. We were so freaked out. So scared. That was the end of it. Once I burned it, that was it.”

Transcribed Source: Fade To Black with Jimmy Church, September 29, 2016

NOTE: Apparently, this is not the first time 'AJ' or 'AJ Trippi' has made itself known. After a Google search, it seems several people have had other experiences with this entity. Is it a pseudonym for 'Zozo?' I contacted Darren Evans and Rosemary Ellen Guiley at the time. They both were unaware of the name. Lon

I later uncovered the following account:

"When I was growing up, we didn't know about Ouija board dangers. In fact, it was often left under the tree.

We played with it some back then but I didn't pay much attention to it, I just figured others were moving it to be honest.

In fact, it wasn't until I was 17 that I witnessed proof, to me anyways, that there was more to this board than I originally had believed.

My first ex-wife, then my girlfriend, and I were at a party at a friend's house. We were sitting around hitting a pipe with the group (hey, it was the 80s) when Ouija came up.

My friend's older brother talked about it. I was like dude, those things are just bull. He was like no man it really works, you just have to learn to use it correctly and give it some time.

He asked if I wanted to play and I said no. My ex on the other hand was enthused so he brought out the board, set it up and they began.

I'll never forget that night. I was sitting across the room watching them play.

They were asking questions, getting yes or no answers and I thought what a con. So I started thinking to myself OK, is this thing really working? Mind you I'm across the room nowhere near this board.

I repeat a question over and over in my head. No one knows I'm doing this. I keep repeating in my head, "What's Tawnya's middle name?"

The board starts moving really fast in a figure 8. I hear her ask him what's going on? He's like I don't know? In the meantime, I'm repeating my question in my head over and over.

It stops and I hear her say "A" then it starts again. Then I hear him say "N" this continues "N", "E", "T", "T", "E" then the Ouija moves back to normal speed.

He says "ANNETTE" What's that about? She lets go of the Ouija with her eyes so wide open they look like they were about to pop out. Then she says "That's my middle name!" I was like huh "Guess it's not bull" He looks across the room at me and asks "dude were you asking that?" I just smiled and said yes.

Well needless to say, she was tired of playing with the Ouija that night...haha.

Well, me being me, that really sparked my interest. I began doing Ouija sessions for a while. It surprised me but it really seemed to work.

I noticed though that every time we used this thing it increased in intensity. We would always start out talking with one spirit but then others would come through and take over the board.

This one would come through as AJ.

Through time, we learned he was a young boy who drowned. Honestly we thought of him as a friend. But then after a few months his responses became more vulgar in nature.

Sometimes outright hostile. We would get on him, threatening to end the session and not return if he didn't stop. Then the board would start moving lightning fast it trailed to the letters ZOZO.

This would keep repeating, until we decided AJ was throwing a fit. We would say goodbye and put the board away then move on with our day.

Well we were tired of it to be honest. It seemed like every time we got on it, AJ would take over and not let us communicate with anyone else. So we finally stopped messing with it altogether.

Then through the years we learned of the board's dangers and decided to let it go.

This is where this story becomes worthwhile. Just a couple of years ago, I learned of a paranormal investigator's research into a world-wide phenomenon known as ZOZO.

ZOZO is a spirit or demon,I'm not sure that has been linked to murders and suicides worldwide. He comes through Ouija sessions and works on mental stability of users searching for vulnerable victims.

Now granted, we did not fall into his game to that point thank god. However, I think it's imperative for anyone using a Ouija board to be aware of this things." SK



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