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Thursday, July 20, 2023

MANTA RAY-SHAPED ANOMALY / UAP Recently Observed in Brooklyn, NY

The eyewitness contacted about the sighting of a flying manta ray-shaped anomaly / UAP recently observed at 18th Ave. & 65th Street in Brooklyn, NY. Photos & sketches provided.

I recently received the following account:

"Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 8-8:15 pm - Brooklyn, NY - slight breeze, high humidity after the afternoon rain. On the corner of 18th Avenue and 65th Street looking roughly northeast, I saw a gliding black object. I originally thought it was a balloon but stopped thinking about that when I saw it go in a straight line. It was not rise the way helium-filled balloons do. This might be due to distance, but it didn't seem that big. When I first noticed it I could only see it from the side and it was torpedo-shaped without tapering. As it went along, it shifted slightly from side to side. That's when I noticed that it was more like a rounded kite with upturned edges and the top half was domed. This was like something out of the film 'Nope.' It then passed behind 18th Avenue buildings. I rushed across the street to see if I could catch it but it was gone. To do so and not go over 18th Avenue it would have had to u-turn. Now that I'm reflecting on what I saw, it was almost manta ray-like without the tail. I don't think I was looking at a drone due to the lack of lights or propellers. It glided the way hawks do, wings outstretched and using air currents to keep it aloft. My iPod has a camera but is bad at long distance photos. At the most, I would have gotten a blobsquatch.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions, or if you want photos of the location. I'm withholding my name for privacy sake." K

I contacted the witness and asked for photos and/or sketches. I received the following:

"Hello, Lon:

My drawing skills aren't that sharp, but I've also included a photo of the intersection in question to clarify. I would have been standing on the southeast corner looking across the street at the Santander Bank. The photo was taken around the same time as the sighting. However, the sky is hazy unlike yesterday's with visible clouds.

I first noticed the object at A and when sighted it would have looked like the top half of a torpedo. However, the front is blunt and not as pointed as the back. It slowly moved from A to B where it did the first of two slight pivots, the first where the top faced me and then the second where I looked at the underbelly. At this point is when I got a really clear look at it and noticed it was manta shaped only without the long thin tail. The object was jet black with no shine at all and no visible detail outside of the "wings" which moved very slightly. In the evening, you wouldn't have seen this thing.

Around the flagpole is where I lost sight of it, expecting it to cross over 64th and 18th Avenue intersection. It must have either landed on the roof or turned around, but was low enough to be hidden by the building top. There weren't that many people walking around and traffic was relatively light so unless you happened to be looking up at the right time I don't think you would have seen this thing. The sighting lasted only a minute at most. It didn't strike me as that large an object, roughly the size of a large hawk. While I'd like to believe I was looking at a drone, the lack of propellers, lights, and the way it moved made me think I was watching something organic. The way it moved very slowly reminded me of a bird of prey circled around until something to hunt is spotted.

I used the words Manta and UFO on YouTube and didn't find anything that matched what I was looking for except this. There is a drone, but I think it's an art project, made of silver material, and way more substantial than what I saw. Also it's helium filled and in a controlled environment. I don't think it 

Festo - Air_ray



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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