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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Probable BIGFOOT Chasing/Hunting Deer on Beacon Mountain, NY

A broadcast engineer and his boss are on Beacon Mountain fixing a transmitter. On the steep drive back they encounter deer quickly crossing the road, and hear heavy bipedal footsteps chasing them.

I received the following account:

"I work as a broadcast engineer. One night in September 2015 I received a phone call around 9:30-10:00ish pm from the on-duty engineer that our OTA (over the air) signal had gone out and we were off the air on our OTA platform. The call was with several other engineers as well as my boss at the time. We figured out that the problem was at our transmitter and must be corrected manually. My boss asked for someone to volunteer to go with him and after a few seconds of awkward silence, I offered.

So our RF transmitter site was located on top of Beacon Mountain in Beacon, New York which was about an hour plus from our station. At the time, I had never been up there so going in the middle of the night was a little spooky. I met my boss and we drove together, got to the mountain a little before midnight. The road up the mountain to the transmitter site is a long, narrow, windy, and steep dirt road with a lot of big loose rocks so the drive up and down is scary enough. I can't emphasize enough how dark this drive was. Like pitch black.

A few times while going up we would see headlights coming towards us of people out with their off-road jeeps which wouldn't be as weird if it weren't the middle of the night. We also saw two different campfires deep in the woods which I just assumed were groups of locals hanging out drinking. My boss told me that locals hung out near the transmitter site sometimes and should be avoided as they had a tendency to be sketchy. It didn't seem too sketchy to me but what did I know, it was my first time there. My boss also told me that he never travels to that mountain without a gun. He said it's more than the locals, "I've seen stuff out here I can't really explain."

We get to the top, do our work on our transmitter, close everything up, and start to head back down. As we were heading down, we were at a particularly steep part of the road when you have to ride your brake because the car won't stop till the incline levels out a little. All of a sudden, 3 deer sprint out in front of us not even looking at our oncoming car causing us to swerve since we were already riding the break. The front of the car hit a rock which stopped our momentum.

My boss instantly turned the car off and once the sound of the engine died we heard something BIG run the opposite direction away from the road up the natural slope of the hill. I shined my flashlight in the direction but whatever it was, was already out of sight. We could still see branches moving and leafs settling from being disturbed by whatever ran away. I asked my boss if he thought that was another deer or possibly a bear and he replied, "Bears run on all fours, whatever that was ran on 2 legs. And bears don't hunt deer, something was chasing them." When we first heard the footsteps, I would estimate they were as close as 10-15 feet from the car when it started to run away but appeared to be standing over us as there was a natural incline up the mountain.

There are a few logical explanations like that my boss was just trying to scare me or that it was a local walking/running through the woods but here are a few things to consider:

Yes, it could've been a person walking alone through the woods but why chase the deer? And why run away from the car? Also, whatever ran away was out of sight QUICKLY. Like within 3-4 seconds of starting to run up the hill. This person would have to be in the greatest shape ever to run that quickly up this hill. This also sounded way too big to be a bobcat, mountain lion, or coyote. My boss is not the kind of guy that would try to scare people, he's a very stern all-business type of guy. He seemed pretty rattled by this and wanted to get off the mountain ASAP. He later confided in me that he thought it may have been a Bigfoot.

I ended up going back up that mountain many more times before leaving for a new job and I never saw or heard anything like that night. However, I never went back after sunset. I no longer work for this company and this company no longer owns the transmitter site so I will likely never have a reason to go back. I don't know of any reported sightings or experiences in the area but I do know that over the years there have been many car accidents on that road. I assume all the accidents are due to the poor condition of it but honestly, I have no idea." SS

NOTE: I emailed the witness and kind of picked his brain about his encounter. I believe that a Bigfoot may have been hunting deer. The witness concurred with my thoughts. The mountain is in Putnam County, New York, an area well-known for Bigfoot activity, especially in the area around Newburgh, which is across the Hudson River. Lon



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