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Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Resisting Otherworldly 'GOBLINS': Am I One Of 'THEM?'

A teen girl is visiting her Dad in Pennsylvania when one night she encounters several unknown beings while sleeping on the couch. She continues to experience anomalous activity as an adult.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"When I was in my early teens I visited my Dad in Pennsylvania. He had just gotten remarried and had another child - my baby sister. Anyway, I fell asleep at my new grandmother's house downstairs. This is a three-story house with a basement and an attic - 5 floors. And I had no clue where anyone else was. I woke up downstairs on the couch around midnight in utter terror and could not explain why. I felt as if something in the shadows was watching me and I needed to get away. I ran upstairs and got into bed with my dad who never woke up.

Moments pass and I feel something on my legs. I wanted to look but couldn't look. I must have been paralyzed. It seems like hours passed as I slowly somehow began to work my head to the side and saw one of them peeking over my father with its hands over his mouth. I received a telepathic message of some kind that he shouldn't be smoking and that something bad might happen to him because of it. I don't know if it was a threat, and these are childhood memories so it's very difficult to specifically put into words. If I had to describe these little creatures they would be like salacious Crumb from Star Wars, very goblin-like, very skinny with big ears. There was a bigger one standing at the foot of the bed.

I was fighting this paralysis the entire time, and I think it's this ability to fight their paralysis that made them interested in me in the first place. Anyway, I see the big one who seems to have an oval-shaped flat and purple-like head with a dark cape. The body never moves, but the head can swivel 360° like an owl or something. At first, the being was extremely interested in the books on the shelf. Paperbacks and hardbacks. Novels. For whatever reason it was checking all these books out. There were two identical ones, one bigger than the other though, marching in place in the corner of the room. They were glowing white and looked to be very furry or luminous. Big bushy circular bodies with spindly skinny appendages. A big one and a little one both glowing, both marching in place in the corner of the room, not looking at anyone. This seems to go on forever.

At some point, they migrated to the next room where my little sister was sleeping in her crib. At that point, I felt strength. I felt anger. That's what it was. You are not going to touch my sister! And I shut off the paralysis and jumped out of bed. As soon as I did that, the two beings marching in the corner went down to the floor and the light began to change in the room. I saw them march downward THROUGH THE FLOOR and then I ran into the next room. The rest looked at me and floated quickly toward the stairwell as the light from 8am in the morning brightly lit the entire house and they went down the staircase and turned into indistinguishable vapor in the morning light. Believe me when I say I was in pitch black for an endless timeless state and then it was immediately 8 hours afterward. That was my first experience. It gets weirder

So after that, I went back home to Mississippi with my mom and began having nightly experiences for the next eight or nine years. I'm not going to go into those details because they were terrifying and I don't want to think about them.. But eventually, I felt that the danger must be coming from the window in my room. I didn't like my room anymore. And I had witnessed too many weird things around my window late at night. So I rearranged my room and blocked up the window by putting my bed right beside it. You'd think that this wouldn't be the right move, but it made me feel safe for whatever reason. The night I did this is the one I will never ever forget for as long as I live and I get chills just thinking about it.

I woke to the back door being kicked open and immediately I knew that our house was being robbed. I tried to stay as still as possible in my bed with my eyes just barely cracks of lashes to be able to see what was going on but still pretend that I was sleeping. I hear a commotion in the hallway outside my room. Thinking about it now it could not have been adult people. These were either a whole bunch of small creatures or not actually physical disturbances. It was a commotion. A torrent of motion through the hallway. And then my bedroom door slowly crept open.

Standing in the doorway was a bright ball of light. When I was a child I figured it must be a flashlight but my memory does not agree with that. As an adult, it doesn't make sense to me. It was simply a ball of light. And it moved on. I heard commotion throughout the house I heard a struggle. I heard fighting and my family being in pain. I was too afraid to move. I wasn't exactly paralyzed I felt like they were maybe testing me. Finally, I hear my mother calling my name and pain dragging herself across the carpet. I will never forget this for the rest of my life. I was too afraid to move to help my mother. But strangely, the sound of her pulling herself across the carpet never advanced. It stayed right outside my door. I felt like they wanted to lure me somehow and I didn't understand intellectually, but instinctively I knew I should stay put.

This dragging noise went on for a timeless state yet again. Then, like a switch of up light bulb, it was morning and I hadn't even closed my eyes. So I ran to the phone and dial nine-one-one, but hung up immediately. My brother was asleep in his room. My mom was asleep in her room. I woke her up and asked her what happened last night! She said your brother had an asthma attack and we left you here at home alone at midnight.

So I got all into energy work and Kundalini Yoga and became a Reiki Master and attempted to understand what this spiritual energy was that I have that allows me to fight their paralysis when I become angry and impassioned at them. This spiritual force that fights them was my main goal in life at that point. I needed them to stop and it worked. For a long time.

I have many more stories about this intermediate period where I kept them at bay from terrorizing me, but began to have truly interesting and enlightening experiences with the UFO phenomenon. It led me to believe that there may be some good ones and some bad ones. Either that, or they don't all come from outer space. So maybe goblins coming from an extradimensional realm beneath us. No idea really. I'm just relating what happened. The story goes on. Even up until the present day. Would you believe me if I said I have trouble keeping ordinary jobs? I have a difficult time relating to normal people. I'm always far out and crazy. And nobody understands. I wonder why? Is it possible that I may be one of 'them?'" C



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