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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Humanoids & Other Two-Legged Cryptid Encounters

I have collected the following accounts:

When I was younger I saw something in an older house in midtown Sacramento, CA that I still can't explain. This house belonged to the couple who would babysit me when my mom would have to work a closing shift at the diner she worked at. Most visits to the babysitters were unremarkable. I remember that the husband had a whole room devoted to model trains and that they were nice people who treated me well. I never minded having to go over there. Usually, my mom would show up pretty late at night to come pick me up. So the female babysitter would put me to sleep on some cushions on the floor of the living room, and she'd fall asleep on the couch right above me.

This particular night, I couldn't fall asleep (this is is still fairly common for me...I don't fall asleep easily in silence and darkness) and was just kind of lying there and staring at the wall in the dark. Along this wall, there was a table or a desk of some sort, I remember. So I was staring at this general spot, not sleeping, when I see this grayish humanoid shape kind of glide or slide out from under the table and stand before me. It was too dark to really see details or colors. All I remember was that it was about two or three feet tall and appeared to either be holding a spear or sword or perhaps wearing a pointy hat. I remember being terrified and hiding my face under the covers for some time. Eventually, I heard a faint swishing sound and I looked to see the figure was gone. I shook my babysitter awake and told her that I'd seen a ghost and she told me I was dreaming and to go back to sleep. The thing is, I hadn't been sleeping.

To this day, I have no idea what I saw. In Sacramento, I have heard stories of creatures called "Duendes" or "Dwendels", but most sightings are dismissed as Opossums which makes sense. Anyone else ever see anything like this or have heard of anything like this? What did I see that night? Ghost, goblin, Duende? Opossum with a spear? SK


I used to live in Vancouver, Washington on a cul-de-sac named Orchard Dell Ct. It was a T-shaped cul-de-sac with another road going off of the side of the T. So I was heading to school at about 8 am that morning. I only had to walk about a block from my house to where the cul-de-sac meets the main road St.James Rd. This was your typical every day route that I took. However that morning was different. When I got close to St. James I looked up from me feet and across the road was what I can only describe as a creature. It was made up entirely of black spheres. In the shape of a man it definitely had 2 legs 2 arms a torso and a head. But again all made up of black spheres about a foot wide a little bigger than a basketball. All of the spheres had a texture to them I had never seen before. That is creepy enough but it was dancing around a pole across the street.

The thing is and that's really hard to convey is that this thing projected nothing but PURE malevolence. I felt that this thing was bad. Really really bad. I would not say it was evil, it was just bad. It's like the difference between saying a man can be evil but a man can also be good. This thing could not have the possibility of being good. There was no way. It was bad through and through. Anyways when I looked at it, it stopped dancing, looked at me and just popped out of existence. It did not fade. It did not make any sound. It was just there one moment, the next moment it was gone. I was very freaked out but it's not like I was hurt or felt bad. I was just freaked out. Anyways I went to school like normal, if not a little shaken.

Well that night there was some kids racing cars drunk and there were four or five people killed. The driver and all the passengers all died instantly. When I went out with my father to the corner where it happened I was shocked because it was the exact same intersection where I saw that thing the previous morning. I cannot help but think I saw something strange that morning. Something I was not supposed to see. Whatever that creature was it was bad news. RS


Here's a little background before I share my story. I was about 8-9 (I'm 25 now). My dad, Uncle Brad, and their friend Henry and I all went out on a hunting trip. Where we where that day we call "The Bluff". The lay of the area is as follows. There is a ridge that runs along a river. Along the river are trees and the area is relatively flat for a few feet before the land shoots up at a steep angle, creating the ridge. The trees there are thick and it is difficult walking for a person. At the top of the ridge is a dirt trail that we walk/ride ARCs on while hunting.

On this day we had dropped Henry off at the river and my uncle, father and I were going to go up to the top of the ridge. The plan was for Henry to walk along the river and run a deer over to one of us on the top of the ridge. When he reached where he was even with us he would turn and go back to the drop off and we would meet him to pick him up. My uncle left my dad and I in one spot on the road and he went up a bit farther and took his place.

Things were normal and we could hear Henry coming up the river at the bottom for a while before he came into view. My dad signaled that Uncle Brad was still a ways down the road and we waited. Out of no where there was a scream that was unlike any I had heard (even to this day). There was the sound of something huge tearing through the brush up the ridge side and my dad grabbed my arm and pulled me to him (we both assumed it was a bear). Whatever it was walked on 2 legs and was about 8-9 ft tall, covered in dark hair. It saw us and turned toward the direction of my uncle. Which is when I started crying, being both equally scared for our lives, confused at what I had seen, and scared for my uncle. There was a gun shot, another scream and then my uncle sprinting up the road to us.

To this day my uncle and Henry refuse to go to that ridge or the river. I still am unsure of what we saw. We don't talk about it because we don't want to be ridiculed. But the thing I can say for sure, I've been in the woods my entire life and haven't seen anything close to that since.

And just a side note. There were some "Bigfoot hunters" who showed up a few months back who camped in those same woods for about two weeks. Not sure what spurred that but I will always wonder if that's really what I saw. UG


When I was 13 my friends mom was driving me home in their SUV. My friend sat behind the passenger seat and I sat in the middle (uncomfortable) seat.

Her mom took a back road that was fairly dark but quiet and residential. Suddenly something came running out across the road left to right the headlights illuminated the thing. Her mom swerved and because I was in the middle seat I had a clear view of the road. It happened very suddenly but her mom was so rattled she pulled over at the next subdivision. Turning back to me she said "did you see that?" Both our mouths were hanging open. My friend didn't see it because her view was blocked by the seat.

What we both saw was roughly 3 feet tall, walked on two legs, had human Caucasian colored feet that were mostly covered in thick brown hair. It moved quickly but in a stubby gate. It was almost like a gorilla and a hobbit mixed together. I didn't get a clear view of its face, but from its reaction being caught in the headlights of a car startled it. It ran out of the woods on one side of the road into the woods on the other side.

Weeks later her mom took me aside and we discussed what we saw because she was so taken a back by what happened. I have no explanation for what this thing was. RC

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