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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Harrowing 'Black Eyed Kids' Incidents

I'm a believer in many things paranormal, with BEKs being one of the stories I thought was urban legend until early this morning. I'm the assistant manager of the Pizza Hut in my town and my GM has me on the late night shift so he doesn't have to anymore. It was a little after 2am and around that time is when the external lights of the building cut off, leaving the parking lot almost pitch black. The driver and I were in the very back of the store finishing up dough prep and dishes as we normally do. I like to say that I am attuned to the paranormal since I have witnessed many things throughout my 21 years.

While we were in a conversation about sales and what to prep, I started to feel unnerved. I ignored it due to anxiety and stressing over a homeless man making a scene a couple hours prior to close. But the feeling didn't go away, so I made a patrol around the restaurant. I looked out of the front doors first since the highway out front gives off a little bit of light, but there was nothing. I looked out the windows in the dining room, but still nothing. It wasn't until I decided to look out the drive through window that I saw it. Standing about 5 yards away from the window was a girl in a dress, barely illuminated by the lights that were still cooling down outside. She was pale and had hair that fell just past her shoulders. As an adult my first thought was "What is that kid doing out in 34°F weather in the pouring rain?" But then our eyes met and I saw that her's were a jet black color. I recoiled from the window and ran over to the safe to get my phone out of it. We have to keep our phones locked up during business hours and I don't have to have my phone glued to me 24/7, so I normally just leave it in there until I need it. By the time I got it out and ran back to the drive thru she wasn't there and I didn't see her again for the entire time we were there. I know the stories say they come to the doors of homes in tried to get in in as long as you don't invite them in your fine, but she just stood there and then vanished.

I am still on edge from the whole situation. The believer of the paranormal in me also makes me wonder if it could have been a spirit, which scares me more. My first encounter with an entity was one that portrayed itself as a child, so who knows. I just had to post my story somewhere. My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy and my general manager, who also believes in things such as this, is now freaking out. NA


I was seventeen when this happened. At the time of writing this, I am nineteen almost twenty. I was working at an indoor water park that will be referred to as the Puddle. I was a lifeguard and was the last one heading home late one night. I was soaking wet and freezing despite it being around eighty degrees out. I got into my car and locked it, pulling my phone out for some music. I read a couple messages and got distracted. Suddenly there was a tap on my window. I looked up and saw a couple of kids staring at me. I rolled the window down just enough to hear them clearly. “What's up guys? Are you lost?” I asked in a polite tone. They didn't really respond. They didn't move at all. Finally, the smaller child spoke. And as he did, my heart dropped. The voice that came from this child's mouth was deeper than my own. It was so deep that it sounded like Satan himself spoke to me. “We just need a ride home. Could you let us in and take us there?” I couldn't move. I was frozen in fear. “Come on mister, just open the door” it demanded, knocking again. As they were knocking a car's headlights illuminated their faces. They had voids where their eyes should be. When they saw my look of horror, they grinned and started pounding so hard on my window that I thought it'd break. I kept trying to start my car but it wouldn't. Finally, one of the housekeepers of the hotel the Puddle was built around came out to throw the trash away. I heard them walking and went to warn them about the kids. When I looked up, they were gone.

Now, this could have been a hallucination brought on by the amount of stress I went through. But, it was very real for me. Anyway, my car ended up starting and I made it home in record time. Like I said, not the scariest thing that's happened to me, but it's up there. Let's just hope they don't find me again. NR


I have one experience with black eyed kids. I was on vacation with my parents a long time ago (was still a kid myself) and it was very late at night. I had just gotten back to the hotel but wanted to go back downstairs and kill some time in the arcade and decided to take the elevator. What happened next was one of the most confusing, terrifying experiences of my life. I get in and go down and in the elevator as it gets closer to the bottom floor I suddenly feel terror I've never felt before in my life, the feeling was so specific. The door opens and standing in front of me are 2 kids with huge pitch black eyes staring at me. One kid looked a bit older than the other and was taller, they were both wearing some average looking clothes. They said nothing but they were beyond threatening. I mean I would have rather the door opened to someone holding a gun to my face than these creatures with the feeling they gave off. I was in shock for a second and immediately closed the door and got back up as fast as I could. My little brain was a mix of traumatized and highly confused at what happened. Needless to say I never used the elevator alone or went into the hotel arcade late at night ever again.

This happened before I even knew that other people encountered them, didn't even have decent internet at the time. I never saw one outside of a dream ever again that usually presented itself as a young girl with long black hair and large fang like teeth. IF

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