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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Bizarre Personal Encounters

“Back in 2002, me and my friend was heading back home from a music festival. My friend was going in another direction by bus, so I waited with him at a bus stop, just to say goodbye. There was only us and a lady. Then the light at the bus stop started flickering and the wind started blowing. It had been completely quiet with no wind before that. It all blew in our direction or my direction. Because suddenly the wind lifted me and only me, like I was in the center of a tiny tornado. Simply lifted me off the ground and the light at the bus stop flashed brightly. Then the wind stopped and all was calm again. After that we were confused and laughed hysterical, like WTF was that! And the lady looked at me in sheer terror. We calmed down a little bit, still had to wait for the bus, it was late. So I checked my watch. It had stopped! In that right moment. I have no idea what that was, but it felt like a weird glitch.” IL


“Many years ago I was driving home about 8:00 PM on a very clear night. As I came to a cemetery on the left I saw a blackish thing ghost-like, not solid about 30 feet up in the air. This thing was about 15 feet or longer long . It was travelling about 20 mph kind of like a stretched out dark cloud. It crossed the road and went behind a house 75 feet the other side of the road maintaining altitude and I lost sight of it. It reminded me of something out of a Scooby Doo cartoon.” DB


“We had tall black bipedal things running around Luke AFB and Davis Monthan AFB back in the 70's when I was stationed at both bases. Both desert bases in Arizona, go figure, like where do they hide in a desert? They seemed to only come out at night. We had one at Luke springboard over a pickup truck containing three security police who were parked near the runway. It scared the absolute hell out of them. Yes, the bases are spooky places, believe me.” Dan


“Back in the mid 80s while out on a hike in Estacada, Oregon my husband and I came upon a game trail and noticed to our left a large patch of dry grass matted down. Then I noticed the top part of a tall tree bent down. Then three large barefoot human looking foot prints. The prints we about 5 feet apart. We could see the toe print as well. We thought 'What idiot would be out here walking barefoot?' Then we heard an owl... that wasn’t an owl or a woodpecker. Now that I know what I do, I don’t think it was a woodpecker. I think we woke it up. We began to get this dead animal smell and I felt dread and told my husband, 'I don’t feel comfortable we need to go.' We walked about 50 yards and came out onto the highway. Yes, they rest out in the forest. This happened at about 11:00 AM.” DD


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