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Friday, October 11, 2019

Deadly Giant Bigfoot-Like Beast Encountered in Afghanistan

I came across the following interesting account today:

Now this account is not my own, but was told to me by a Marine doing combat tours in Afghanistan. For the sake of his own job and security clearance, he has asked that I not give any names and never mention what region they were operating in. From my understanding, the individuals who were with him during the encounter were from a Task Force operating under orders for the CIA. Beyond that, I was told next to nothing. I will refer to him as Sarge if only to have a name.

Anyway, here's his story:

During a patrol checking on some local farmers, Sarge's unit was made aware of a “deadly being” living in a cave system near their farms. When pushed for more information, the locals were only willing to say that this “being” was stealing from their farms and had killed a few people who had made the mistake of trying to protect their livelihood from it.

Convinced the locals were being harassed by a group of Taliban fighters. Half of Sarge's unit was sent out to investigate and either arrest or kill any hostile forces in the area. So, with a few Humvees armed with M2 machine guns, they went out to the cave where the mysterious being supposedly lived.

Upon arrival, they noticed nothing of interest. There were signs that something was living in the cave, and the soldiers found animal bones scattered around the entry. Not wanting to risk his entire unit fighting in a cave that the enemy would know very well, Sarge sent his two fastest Marines to investigate. The two men just gave the others a cocky grin and a thumbs up before disappearing into the darkness beyond the mouth of the cave.

For ten minutes, there was nothing. Not a single sound inside or outside the cave other than the idle chatter of the bored Marines. Then sound erupted from the cave, shouting and screaming. In a matter of seconds the two men emerged from the cave at a full run and zipped past their teammates, one of them shouting, “run, just run!”

But like the hard-ass Special Forces operators they were, the other soldiers stood their ground, only to see a massive man emerge from the cave. He stood nearly ten feet tall with leathery skin and red hair. In one of it's massive hands was a log that it began waving at the soldiers in a very obviously threatening manner.

Shocked, but not panicked, Sarge commanded his men to “shoot that motherf*cker!”, and the twelve Marines opened fire. But the bullets seemed to be doing little more than pissing this giant off. Finally, in desperation, one of them fired a grenade launcher at the being, blowing out a massive chunk of its flesh, exposing a small portion of the ribs and ripping most of the skin and muscle off.

The giant retreated into the cave, and the soldiers decided that the best thing to do was head back to the village and report to the rest of their unit. Clearly this was more than a few Taliban militants. Even with that gaping wound, the giant was too terrifying for the Marines to willingly walk into its territory. So, they headed back and reported to their CO. Of course, their boss didn't believe them and demanded to see proof, so that night, they drove him out to the cave and showed him some of the shredded flesh that had been blown off by the grenade launcher.

From here, the report went up the chain, and nobody knows what was done about this creature.

I wish he would have told me more. From what I've managed to find on my own, accounts like this are not uncommon in that part of the Middle East. Of course, since all of these reports were word of mouth stories, I don't know how factual they are, or if they're being exaggerated. UP

NOTE: this is not the only giant humanoid story that I have heard from Afghanistan. The Greater Kandahar region / Helmand Province seems to be the general area for bizarre activity. Was this a beast similar to Bigfoot? Possibly. Some will say that is was the manifestation of a Djinn. Bigfoot-like creatures have been reported previously in the mountainous areas. There have also been a fair number of unexplained supernatural beasts reported throughout the war zone (as well as further west in Iraq and Syria). Since we have little to no access to cryptid activity in Iran, I can imagine that it also experiences unexplained creatures. Lon

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