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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

What Do You See?

Hey folks...I recently received the following information w/ an attached photo. I'm going to leave it up to the readers for an opinion. What do you see? Lon

Hi Lon,

I’m sending this photo to you because I’ve recently discovered something I’d not initially noticed when the picture was taken in early 2012. I’ve since showed to it family and one family friend, all of them confirm they see what I ‘think’ I might be seeing! This was the house I lived in from the time I was born until I joined the Navy at the age of 19. My parents lived there until the end, my mom passing in 2006, my dad in 2011. The house had been sold to the City a year before my dad passed because he was stricken with irreversible lung cancer and wouldn’t survive, he suggested we make a deal with the City. I was handling his affairs and the City wanted the property for what is today parking for a new City Building. They were more than fair, we made a deal and after my dad had passed, we (my family members) were given access to the place for old time’s sake, that’s when this picture was taken. There were several pics taken and I pretty much dismissed them until recently, when something caught my eye; on the right side of the wood paneling, the area that is bright, I thought I was looking at the large face of a man! To me it takes up all of the panel and more; eyes appear closed, dark hair on top of the brow and what appears to be a beard on the chin. Further, I can make out a nose and an ear on the right side. To those I’ve shared it with, they all see the same thing, without my prompting!

The house was the oldest recorded building constructed to be an actual home in the then small town, circa 1908. There were many other business buildings before it, but business owners back then lived on the premises of their shops/saloons/stores, etc. This house changed hands many times over the years, at one time being a boarding house for perhaps 20 years. My parents bought it in 1955 or 56, I’m not sure, but my older sisters early on reported strange things, like distinct shadow people, with hats and bonnets visiting the original bedroom area each night. I personally never experienced anything out of the ordinary, until December of 2011, after my dad had passed and I was removing the last of the family belongings. There was no electricity or water, it was VERY cold as a result, even for the desert southwest. I had given family friends permission to strip the house of anything salvageable, so the house was stripped. When I was alone and sorting through the final keepsakes (pictures and papers) as to what would be split between me and my two older sisters, it felt like eyes were on me, it was creepy, but I worked through it.

I had everything loaded up and was going to lock the front door on my way out when I remembered, my dad and I had talked about me taking at least one of the remaining two antique door lock sets in order to mount them on a display board. Well, one of the locks was actually used to lock the back door into the house, that wouldn’t work, but the other was into the bathroom, which had two entries; the one with the door using the old lock and another with a now removed modern style door that had been harvested for salvage. So, I got my tool bag, and went to do the deed, working first from the side that I could get at least some weak sunlight for help. It wasn’t going to be easy as there were generations of different paint coatings covering the screws and I had to chip and pry away to get the screws out. The ‘easy’ side done, I had to go now into the bathroom, do the same thing, but having the door shut, it was complete darkness, not a shred of light except for the small flashlight in my mouth. As I started the same paint removal process in order to remove the screws and hardware, I heard and then felt something standing right behind me!

I’ve actually never been so scared and would not dare turn around, I used all my inner-strength to remain focused on getting those screws and finally the lockset out, which I did rapidly! I refused to look behind me, but once I was able to open that door for the now almost completely gone late afternoon light coming from a kitchen window, I once again packed up, this time my tools and all the lockset parts. I loaded them in my vehicle, went back up to the front door and ran through a mental checklist of anything I might have left behind, because I knew that when I pulled that door shut and locked it, if I had to go back inside, I was convinced that whatever had been behind me in the bathroom would be facing me straight up when I cracked open that door again! I kept that experience to myself and when a few months later we made entry for the very last time, when this photo was captured in fact, I said nothing to the large group of family and friends about anything weird, I just wanted everyone to remember how much we loved and missed my dad and my mom leaving us before him. Take a look at the picture and determine for yourself if you glimpse something odd. I’ve been skeptical about seeing things on walls, windows or any surface, including Mars, because light can produce many interesting things. That said, I see a face on the wall of my parent’s now demolished house!

SW in Arizona

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