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Monday, October 21, 2019

Hunter Recalls His Bigfoot Close Encounter

“I have to say that for most of my life I hiked and hunted deer and never encountered anything like a Bigfoot or Dogman or anything really. I've seen bear, deer, foxes; all manner of skittish critters, but never found a sign or footprint or seen one. Then in 1993, I had a close personal friend visit me. He and I were having a good time catching up and somehow the subject of Bigfoot came up. I told him I didn't believe in it and I'd been all over in what was supposed to be Bigfoot hot spots and ain't seen a damn thing. That it was all a bunch of hooey. He then gets all serious and sullen-like and I'm looking at him as he tells me of his encounter with a Bigfoot.

He said the one he saw was down in Georgia while he was hunting. He was going to position himself in an area where timber had been harvested the year or two before because the old logging roads were still open and the weeds had grown high and provided cover and food for them. He located a snag of tree tops that had be left behind from the logging operation. He got up in there as it provided him with a good cover spot and afforded him a very clear line of site down these old logging roads.

So he settled himself in. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon, so he poured himself a cup of coffee and took out a snack bar as he relaxed a bit before he needed to get serious about being all stealthy. He said he finished eating the snack bar and was about to light a cigarette when he noticed what appeared to be a man come out of the the tall weeds who started looking around at the ground like it was looking for tracks. He also noticed that while it had the correct features for a human, two arms, legs and one head that the head seemed odd. He described it as not having a discernible neck and the Trapezium muscles looked like they went up to where its ears should be on a normal person. He sort of thought that was odd, but at this point he was still under the impression that this was just another hunter and he was bundled up as it was in the mid-thirties. So my buddy doesn't really concern himself too much with it, the guy is just looking about, and he doesn't see any sign of a gun on him. He could be out scouting or something.

Then he notices that he suddenly has crossed the road and gone into the tall weeds. Now they are brown as this is late in the season and right after Christmas but they provide some very good cover. Now my buddy is a little concerned because there's what he believes is a human right in the immediate area he's hunting, and take my word for it, nothing will upset a hunter more if someone is messing up his hunt. While this guy isn't right there, he could be hit by a bullet. My buddy isn't in his normal tree stand shooting downward, he's on the ground and shooting level in an area that's been clear cut. Now at this point my buddy is trying to decide if he needs to relocate, just leave or what, because it was going to be time for the deer up in here to be headed back into the woods and if he's going to get a good shot at them then he needs to be ready and he can't see where that damn guy went.

Then suddenly he hears some kind of commotion coming from in the weeds. He's not sure what it is but he can hear a quick cry and grunt-like noise. Then he sees at least twenty deer bust out of the brush like mad. He said they were running like the very devil was after them. Of course, all he had in his hand was his coffee cup and by the time he threw it down grabbed his rifle all the deer were gone. "if that SOB comes out, I'm going to have a word of prayer with him." He was pissed. Anyway he didn't have long to wait. All of sudden he heard something coming through the weeds and he he was watching to see where he came out. Mind you he still had his rifle up and was scanning up and down the the road nearest where he heard the noises.

Just then, out he popped. Only now the "man" was a good deal closer and looked a lot bigger. Then he realized that this guy was wearing a fur coat and damn if he didn't have a deer over his shoulder. Not just a small deer but a pretty darn good size female. he assumed it was a female because he didn't see a rack on it. Now when it came out he is on the left of it, and the deer is over its left shoulder, so he can't see it's face. Anyway just as he's about to stand up and call to him the damn thing turned to the left, and when he did he said he thought he was seeing things. It was no man, and it looked around like it was making sure it was alone. He said he almost messed up his pants because the thing looked right at him and the pile he was in and then back the other way again. When it did he looked through his scope and got a great look at it. It wasn't an ape, but it looked like it had larger than human feature, a very prominent brow ridge and a flat nose. He said it looked like it was covered in fuzz, or very short hair. At least it didn't look like skin. In a flash he realized he could take it and he only had a couple seconds to really make up his mind to shoot or not.

Now right or wrong he opted not to shoot unless it came after him, which it didn't. But right as he's sort of relaxed this thing let out a scream that scared the hell out of him. Now, mind you, it's standing only about fifty feet from him and he's looking at it threw a rifle scope and it just let out a blood curling scream. He watched it look up and down the roads both ways. Then quick as a flash it took off carrying a whole deer like it was nothing. According to him the deer was apparently dead as it made no movement or effort to get away as it held it, and in seconds it was gone.

Now I know this story sounds an awful lot like many of stories here on the internet, but all I can really tell you is this story resounds with me. I knew this fellow and when you know someone, I mean really know them, you know when they are messing with you and when they aren't. I could clearly see this wasn't a joking matter to him. He was dead serious. He and I had hunted together. He used to teach me tracking and some survival techniques and we were friends. He never reneged on the story and when I would go hiking or hunting I started paying a little more attention to things and when I did it was like magic. I started seeing things I'd seen before but now they seemed to make sense. I believe there is a big old primate like thing in the woods. I have never found a track, or seen one and I haven't really found anything that I can point to and say, "See this right here? There is your proof." However, I do get out and I'm always looking.

Now, as for my buddy. God love him. He was killed a few years ago in an unfortunate freak accident at work. But just that preceding weekend he and I had spoken on the phone and I guess we spent a good hour and a half talking, and as it happened I asked him about the Bigfoot again and he told me. He'd quit hunting years ago. He didn't say if it was because of seeing the Bigfoot, but I sort of got the impression it was. So I look for it whenever I get the chance to get out and look. I don't want to offend anyone, but I'd like to say that I would like to shoot one and bring it in for a real scientist and verify that they are real. Not so much for me, but for my friend who told me about him seeing it. Sort of to honor him. KP

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