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Friday, October 26, 2018

Pukwudgie Encounter?

I recently came across the following post. What are your thoughts?:

Around 2010 I saw something in my house. I was up studying, it was around 2am. I had my 160lb Roman Rottweiler sitting on the bed with me. For reference he wasn't really scared of anything, he was well-trained and always followed my commands without hesitation. He's also a very friendly dog despite the reputation of Rottweilers being more of a "loves the family but suspicious of others" breed.

Normally when there is a bear outside he can tell and he'll give me that low quiet growl and walk to the door. I let him out and he'll chase it off, he knows to not pursue or attack it. He doesn't even react to deer in the yard because he knows they're no threat.

Back to my studying, if I remember correctly it was bovine anatomy. I had finished my notes and decided to change my music. All of a sudden he starts whimpering, he doesn't really do that unless it's something serious. Once when he got bit by a snake and the other time was when a tornado got close.

I loved on him, patted him and told him to "stop that whining." I guess it didn't click at the time that something might have been wrong. He jumps up suddenly, posted up. Teeth showing, guttural growling and his scruff is on end. He's staring at my bedroom door so I look to see what it is that has him so freaked out.

This thing was about 3 feet tall. It had a pointed nose and ears. The eyes were long and bloodshot looking, the pupils were way bigger than they should have been. Looking at them was like staring into a dark hole. It's hair was long and matted, really dirty looking. It's arms/hands/feet seemed longer than they should have been. I couldn't tell exactly what it was wearing but it looked like some kind of hooded poncho that was tattered and covered in mud. It's skin was almost an olive color but was covered in dirt. The lips were extremely think and it had a kind of smirk on its face.

I couldn't even move, I just had a hold on my dog. Unable to speak I'm sitting there just staring at this thing. Then it f**king smiled at me revealing sharp teeth. When I say sharp teeth I mean it looked like when a person files their teeth into points. All the while my dog is still growling like I've never heard. I buried my head in my dog and didn't move for what felt like hours, in reality 10 minutes had passed. I guess that kid part of me came out and I was doing the equivalent of hiding under the blanket so the monster can't get you.

Even though I was terrified he seemed to calm down after a while and I looked up, this thing was gone. I grabbed him by the collar and drug him through the house with me so I could make sure all the doors and windows were locked. My front door was wide open when I made it into the living room.

I didn't sleep that night and I didn't sleep well for a good while after that afraid this thing would come back. I noticed after the incident I started waking up with my dog laying over my body like he was trying to pin me. This lasted for weeks but eventually stopped. He still followed me anywhere I went though, I couldn't even close the bathroom door without him trying to get in.

Just thinking about that thing still fills me with a sense of dread and terror. I've always lived alone so it's not as if a roommate planked me and there's no way what I saw was human.

It's crazy to think that if you told others they'd think you're crazy or think you're just telling them a spooky story. I came across a story about 6 years ago that was extremely similar after some extensive searching. I just had to figure out what it was. I tried contacting the OP but the post was old and I never got a reply back. I can't even remember what site it was on I just know it was a forum.

I've never seen anything like that and I've never experienced anything weird like that again. Life moved on but I still think about that encounter. I know I wasn't asleep and I know I'm not crazy. All of my searching just led me to things like fairy-folk. I don't even believe in that stuff.

Maybe this isn't the appropriate place to post this but I figured I ought to give it a try and see if any of you might know. Sorry about the poor structure this is a bit of a rant. I've never really told people about this and it has my mind buzzing. The_Cynical_Old_Man on Reddit

The witness added the following information:

After someone suggested it was a troll I googled sightings in my area. A few counties over in 2008 a woman claimed to have seen something that is similar to what I saw.

There are also other reports mostly involving encountering these things on the road. But they seem to be larger in stature.

And another update:

I've been up all night searching and the closest thing I came up with was the Pukwudgie though those seem to be "native" to Massachusetts as far as I can tell.

After reading about them though one thing stuck me as odd. They start fires. My house burnt down a few months after seeing this thing and they couldn't ever identify what caused it. I almost died and was in the hospital for a few months due to scarring on my lungs.

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