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Huge Bird Encounter in Germany

“I had a big bird experience when I was stationed in Germany. I had crawled across a field in order to establish a forward observation post. I was a good kilometer from our tracked vehicle and well out of sight of any other human. Oddly enough I found a nice hole to crawl into. It wasn't long before I was rewarded with opposition force activity as two M113 armored personnel carriers pulled up about 200 meters in front of me. I observed them from my concealed position for about 30 minutes in which they drove off completely unaware of my position. I sat there a little longer and once I concluded no one else was coming I packed in my night scope in and crawled back to our position in the woods Half way through this journey I stopped for a drink and I don't know if I presented a target or what but, out of the pitch darkness of night swooped this huge bird. Its wingspan had to be six, seven or eight feet in length which scared the living sh*t out of me. I crawled back quickly and told only the facts two tracks on the road that's all.” - Mike Lcml5c

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I'm not sure if there is an natural explanation, but I have heard of other abnormally sized birds being seen in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. They are usually described as having bat-shaped wings and referred to as 'Alps'. Lon


Strange Orb / Hag-Like Being

“I’m not concerned people won’t believe me; some will some won’t, but I’ll stick to one that can’t be easily dismissed. Generally I’m a night owl, something I can afford because of my health, but I enjoy going for walks and runs at night on my property, a 2 acre, but the back is mostly unused with a nice hill on it that gives you a view of our property and the neighbors, a carpenter business. There is a large field on the other side and when the moon is out which is common for where we live it illuminates the night well enough that you can see after allowing your eyes to adjust after a few minutes.

One particular night I’m out running up on our trails and as I’m on top of the hill looking over the properties, I can’t remember if I was switching songs on my ipod or just taking a breather, but I’m standing up there looking over both properties. It’s a nice view, so it isn’t uncommon for me to do so. As I’m looking this I notice what appears to be a glowing ball, about slightly larger than a basketball descending from the sky. We’ve had our share of unusual sightings, but never something like this. My immediate thoughts turned to excitement as I believed I was looking at ball lightning. At the time I knew of it and whenever hearing it discussed always had a curiosity and apprehension towards the phenomena. My lucky night then that I’m far enough way that it can’t reach me, but close enough to see it clearly. It descends into my neighbors property, getting about maybe 8 feet from the ground, below the roofline as the buildings are all warehouse sized structures it emits a beam of light, like a flashlight. It’s floating about still very visible shining a light on things as if it was looking for something. It became obvious at this point I was not looking at ball lightning, but more importantly the idea sank in that this thing whatever it was was in fact looking for me, but had gotten the properties wrong. I can’t say why I thought that, but that was the thought that popped into my head at the time. Now some will claim it was flashlights, but I’ve seen flashlights on his property before. Good flashlights, to the point I immediately called the police believing people were breaking into his property. Hilariously the people I’d seen after the call went out were revealed to be the police themselves checking on the place, something they don’t do often. I can tell what a good flashlight looks shining off the buildings, it looks very movie like, but it never casted a light that formed a ball. This ball was also the source of the light as it coned away from the ball and the way it moved reminds me of a drone from a movie. Upon seeing this I bolted for my house and cut my exercise for the night short, but I did something smart, I went and told my brother who was also up what I’d seen. I told him in detail and I can’t remember but I’m fairly certain we both agreed on not going outside to see if it was still there for reasons that would be obvious to anyone reading this. I’m not a fan of people who say they didn’t tell anyone, when I see something weird I tell people.

I’ll tell a second story on the same note, where I saw a hag-like creature in someone’s yard. It’s not a riveting story, my father was driving and I was looking out the window at houses we’ve passed countless times. In one yard something caught my eye; it was black, but not shadowy. It looked like a deformed person, something you’d see maybe in a Lovecraftian tale (I hadn’t read anything of Lovecraft's or even knew of the concept of Eldritch at the time) or something that had been exposed to radiation. It looked like a hideously deformed person. At first I rationalized it must be some decoration, but then the thing moved, before I could figure out what it was we passed by. Immediately I tell my father to turn around that I saw something weird in the yard and I wanted to get a better look at it. It took us maybe 20 seconds to roundabout as it's a rural area, but by the time we got back it was gone. There was nothing that could possibly trick the eye, no where any person could have gone if they were in costume. It was just gone. It was strange, but that was it.” - Kevin

Beyond Creepy



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