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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Bigfoot Pair Observed Near Crater Lake, Oregon

I recently received the following account:

I received a telephone call from 'KD' today, who states that she observed two 7+ ft Bigfoot crossing the highway in front of her.

KD was returning to her home in central Oregon after spending the week in California. The incident occurred on a clear day (Sunday September 30th) around 2PM PT while she was driving north on Oregon Rt. 230 in the vicinity of Crater Lake.

The two creatures walked out onto the highway, one behind the other, and briskly crossed the road in front of KD (west to east toward Crater Lake). She estimates that the pair reached the east side shoulder of the highway approximately 30 ft. from her...so she was able to get a good description of the Bigfoot pair.

KD has lived in Oregon and California all of her 60 years, but has never seen one of these beings before. She states that both Bigfoot were very similar in height and body mass...7+ ft and extremely muscular. She assumes both were male. They were covered in medium brown fur / hair, with no other distinguishable features. KD states that they were definitely not human, though they moved fluidly like a human, with arms swaying back and forth as they walked. She says that they traversed the width of the roadway in 6-7 strides each. She was amazed at how nonchalant the two Bigfoot were...not seeming to care what was around them. There were no other vehicles in the vicinity at the time of the sighting.

This sighting was made in Klamath County, Oregon, an area well-known for Bigfoot observations, and possible habituations...as well as other legends.

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