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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

'Demon' Playing the Organ

Candy from Sacramento called in to tell of a strange sighting she had:

“My name is Candy and I'm calling from Sacramento. Well my story is a pretty scary one. I haven't told many people this throughout my lifetime. I'm 36 now. I remember the weather was hot so it must have been around June or August in the summer months. I was in the sixth grade and the family was on vacation. I was at home. I didn't go with them. Where they went to, I can't remember that now but grandpa stayed with me and he was in the living room and I was coloring at the dining room table. And I had one of these old organs in my room and down the hallway I could hear this music coming from the organ and I knew I didn't leave it on. And it didn't play by itself. It was beautiful yet eerie.

I kept coloring and I thought, 'Well, it's gonna end anytime soon but it kept going' and I got more curious about it so when I went down the hallway there was this chill in the air and grandpa had told me a couple of months previously that if I were to ever encounter anything scary just to call on the name of Jesus and everything would be alright. I was getting scared by the moment as I kept walking up the hallway to my room. And I called on the name of Jesus but it didn't go away. I got so close to the doorway that the music was blasting my ears. What happened was, I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to go back and get grandpa because I thought I could handle this by myself. When I turned into this doorway real fast-like, there was this thing that I can't describe to anybody but I've drawn pictures of it. (Art Bell asks if it looked like a person) No, it was unearthly. I have no formal description of how to put into words what it looked like but it was red. It was glowing. And it...it...it must have been a demon that I saw. (Art asks if she could make out arms and legs) Yes, and it was using its hand-like fingers on my organ player and it looked straight at me with yellow eyes. It was the most unbelievable, indescribable being and I'm shaking right now. But... but, it challenged me at the age of six years old. So it... I said in the name of Jesus Christ be gone, I command you! And it lifted its head up like it had never been told this before and just vanished.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2006

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Was this an actual entity, or a thoughtform or PK manifested entity by a child who expected to encounter something otherworldly? Interesting account. Lon

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