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Friday, October 05, 2018

'I Have a Bigfoot Problem'

I recently received the following account:

Hi...during the past month or so, there has been strange activity around my property and the area surrounding it. I strongly feel that I have a Bigfoot problem. Here is what has been going on.

I live alone in a rural part of northern Arkansas, in the Ozarks. My closet neighbor is about a half mile down the road from me. Each evening before dusk, I walked my 2 dogs along the road and occasionally off into the woods.

Since early September, when we'd reach an area near the edge of my property during our walks, small rocks and branches have been hurled from the woods in our direction. In fact, one evening my Pitbull was hit in the hindquarters, hard enough to cause swelling. The dogs have reacted violently during a few walks, but not all the time. Because of the initial activity, I decided to walk my dogs in the other direction along the road.

About a week ago, the same activity started along the new route. For the past few days, I have just allowed the dogs to roam on their own in the yard and woods around my house. I figured that the dogs would avoid any danger and stay clear of whatever was in the area. I believe that they have been OK, and have returned to the house after 10 minutes or so.

Now I have another problem. Wednesday night (October 3rd) there were blood curdling screams coming from the woods behind my property. I have never heard anything like it before. It sounded like someone or something was in terrible pain, and it was coming from several directions. The dogs cowered in the basement and would not come upstairs until the next morning, when I left them outside. When I opened the back door, there was an horrific stench that still lingers in the air. It smells like old road kill, to be honest. The dogs stayed in the yard, and quickly did their business and ran back into the house.

Last night, it was fairly quiet, but around 10PM I noticed something bizarre near the woodpile at the back of my yard. I could barely make out the large tall form as I watched from my porch. I'd say it was at least 7 ft in height. But whatever it was had, literally, glowing red eyes. I looked at it for about 15 seconds, then it quickly vanished.

I told my brother about the incidents, and he suggested that it may be a Bigfoot. He gave me your email after searching online. If we could talk, that would be great. HH

NOTE: I called the witness today and discussed the incidents. He has lived in the house for over 10 years and has never experienced anything unusual previously. The witness is skeptical when it comes to the paranormal, but he truly believes that he has a Bigfoot-like being in his vicinity. At this point, HH asked that I not be specific about his location when posting the account. I will keep in touch with HH in order to assess any further activity. Lon

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