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Monday, October 01, 2018

'Hat Man' Harbinger

Nedra wrote to tell of a strange sighting she had in 2003:

“Early October, 2003, we were on a quest, painting the entire inside of our home. We went to bed exhausted every night of the week. One night I woke up with a jolt. To my right, there were three shadow 'hat men' standing against the wall, side by side. The room was dark but the shadow men were darker. I couldn't see any details. They were made of a thick substance. They were not flat shadows on the wall. I couldn't move my body but I could move my eyes. They were all different heights, with the tallest in the middle, at maybe 7 feet tall. Their hats looked like slightly mashed top hats. Dread overwhelmed me. It was encompassing. It felt like the room was full of evil.

As this dread filled my body, I instantly started to pray. I asked God to cover our bed with a dome of white light and I thanked him for protecting us. I'm not sure how long I felt paralyzed in bed but the shadow hat men didn't move. They just stood there watching me. Next thing I remember, they just seemed to fade into the wall. When I could move, I woke my husband and he, of course, said he had had a bad dream. I couldn't go back to sleep, but before morning, I was overcome with the terrible sad feeling that something ominous was going to happen. More than ever, I prayed that my family would be protected. I couldn't shake this feeling, this horrible horrible feeling.

Two weeks later I had my first attack from an autoimmune disease that I was later diagnosed with. I lost my vision and the entire right side of my body went numb. I couldn't walk without help and I looked as if I had had a stroke. A week after that, my sister-in-law fell, broke her pelvis and we believe accidentally overdosed on pain medication and died. It was the worst month of my family's life. I feel like the shadow hat men were a terrible sign of something foreboding. I've never seen them again nor have I felt that overwhelming sense of dread.

I still have an autoimmune disease and, on occasion, I relapse. For the most part, I'm doing well. I can see, walk, talk etc. In 2010 my husband had the opportunity to speak with a psychic who told him that, yes, things are good in our home but to cleanse our home with sage and to rid our home and lives of clutter. We've done this and I really feel that sage helps every few months just in case something else lurks our way. I never want another encounter with the shadow hat men again. I feel they come with evil.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness – September 15, 2018

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I don't advocate burning white sage, unless it is done by an accomplished medium, shaman or spirit rescuer. I have found that burning Frankincense resin and/or diffusing Lavender essential oil works much better. Lon

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