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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Shadow Beings in the Mountains -- Recalling a Lost Time Incident -- Bizarre Entity Inflicts Pain

Shadow Beings in the Mountains

I recently received the following information in response to my post 'The Rake vs. Rogue Dryad':


I live in Catawba county about 80 miles east of the Asheville area. I'm 60 yrs old and have a moderate amount of psychic talent. My mother's family all come from the region west of Asheville in the Nantahala Gorge. In the 60's and early 70s, it was sparsely populated, and extremely rugged and (in some places), inaccessible. My grandmother would keep me and my sisters during the summer months and we'd help her out on her small farm (Her closest neighbor was 1 1/2 miles away over two VERY steep mountains. Also, no roads, TV, one station on the radio. Pretty much isolated from the outside world.) Anyway, Grandma was always hyper superstitious. No one was allowed outside after dark and she always carried a loaded pistol. My great grandmother was considered by almost everyone to be a 'witch', and had a profound knowledge of healing herbs and plants. I would accompany her when she would go to gather her 'medicine'.

On one such trip we had walked approximately 5-6 miles into a place she had never taken me before. We gathered some ginseng, bone set, wild mushrooms​ and a few others when all of a sudden, an extremely strong sense of 'not belonging,' or more accurate, being out of phase with the surrounding. Like you're half there and half not, if that makes sense. My great grandma snapped her head up and screamed a string of (words?) And to this day I can't find anything remotely close. She said we had stayed too long and needed to get home before dark because we weren't safe. It gets dark quick between the mountains and we were in the dark for the last hour of the very fast walk home.

But here's the scariest thing: after dark there were "things" all around us! You could plainly hear them walking, or running, beside us - even in front of us. And a whistling, kind of 'language', that never stopped. When I asked her who it was, the only thing she said was "it's the ghosts of the woods". She chanted some kind of mantra until we made it home. I did see two figures in the woods that night- one was a shadow being that was dark and had a human outline. The other, I have no idea! It was blacker than black, tall and broad, and FLOWED across the ground!

I asked my great grandmother and grandmother numerous times what had happened, but neither one would ever say anything about it. Over the years my great grandmother taught me many things about the paranormal, practical magic and herb life. She lived to be 107 yrs old. My opinion is that we went into a opened portal and we're being stalked! So, the idea of a Dryad in Asheville? ABSOLUTELY!

Some of the deepest wild places still harbor creatures we know nothing about! RJ


Recalling a Lost Time Incident

I received the following account last evening:

Hi - I live near Springfield, IL and about to graduate from college. Last week I had a weird experience and didn't know who to tell. This is brief description of what happened.

I was in my car at night when I suddenly got the feeling that something was about to happen. I felt great power and kindness surrounding me. I wasn't afraid, even though I could no longer hear the music on my radio or the sound of the car. Then suddenly I saw lights ahead of the car - and these lights seemed familiar to me. It's hard to explain. I believe I went into a trance, but never lost control of my car. When I regained my full faculties, I discovered that I had lost 2 hours and was almost 70 miles from where I was originally. I also had extreme thirst and hunger.

Last night, I had a dream (possible recall) being onboard an object and meeting a human-like man, who was tall with long black hair, bright greenish eyes and spoke English. This 'man', in particular, seemed to be the leader. The rest of the crew were shorter than him, with opaque white skin and wearing white jump suits. They never communicated with me.

I was taken to what looked to be a command center. There I was shown a mirrored window in which I could see star charts and weird drawings. The tall man showed me how to look correctly at these images and to understand their meaning. The floor was like glass and gave me vertigo at one point. I soon woke, but I believe it was connected to my lost time incident. KS


Bizarre Entity Inflicts Pain

Brandon in North Carolina wrote in to tell of his bizarre sleep paralysis experience:

“My name is Brandon and I have suffered for some time with sleep paralysis. It is said to be a natural thing that happens to a lot of people, young and old. My opinion on this differs from those who are “experts” on the subject, most of whom have never experienced it first hand. There is always an air of malevolence surrounding these instances with me. I suppose I should take it back to the beginning.

I started having this happen when I was ten. As a kid it really rattled me but as I got older, it only got worse. I'm now 23 and a couple of years ago, it went from me laying unable to move and seeing entities, to having this one entity seem to kill off the others in front of me, and then to the point of it physically harming me. From feeling its hot breath on my neck as I lay there on my stomach, to watching it dig its claws into my skin. This experience has been going on and getting worse for too long. I have physical scars from this being, which looks like a fish with legs, (I assume it has legs though you cant see them through this dark mist it has flowing from itself), arms and a head of a wolf or a coyote. These experiences spurred me to do a lot of research into the issue and some hits home, the rest sounds like someone talking about something they have never experienced.

I contacted one of the leading researchers, author Christopher French, regarding this phenomenon and he flat out told me it was hallucinations and that it can't hurt me and not interact with me. After showing him video of my arm magically having a scratch appear on it while my eyes were in wide terror watching this being who was invisible on tape, and photos I would take after each incident, he still would not believe what I showed him and promptly ceased any communication with me there afterwards.”

Source: Darkness Radio – January 2, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I have witnessed this phenomenon myself...where a scratch or welt will appear, causing severe pain to the victim. I recently had a client suffer similar anomalous activity. In this case, a circular welt w/ painful 'deep cold' sensations were inflicted by an earthbound spirit who, in life, was a friend of the family and had disappeared. This entity was trying to relate the pain it suffered in life, before passing on. Fortunately, we were able to quell the activity...Lon



Hey folks...there will be no blog on Friday / Saturday this week. Butch and I will be attending the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure in Fayette County, PA. See you there! Lon


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