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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Large Cylindrical UFO, Military Jet Encounters, Government Vehicles, Silent Explosions - Florence, Oregon

On Fade to Black Radio, host Jimmy Church and ufologist Chase Kloetzke were discussing odd-shaped UFOs. A man named Mark called in to describe a UFO fleet over his home in Florence, Oregon:

“You mentioned the cigar-shaped UFOs. Well, we had a sighting here in November 2012 out here in the yard and it went on for like 3 days. But it was really odd because the lights were in the sky and then periodically there were also jets in the sky. But I guess it was at the end of the third night when the tube came through and it was much larger than the other ones. Much larger! And it was escorted by smaller UFOs when it went by. And these, even the little ones, would shoot, shoot like they were shooting directly into another one and merging. I mean it would be an impossible collision. Anyway, that's my tube UFO story.

(Jimmy asks if it was metallic) That would be really hard to say because it was up pretty darn high. They were up so high that they were useless to try and photograph these things with the camera we had. In fact I didn't even know if our little SLR, you can shoot video with, would get it up there. None of these made any sense aerodynamically the way they would shoot around erratically and yet it was a really weird thing because they were circling for like 3 nights. We'd go out there at night about 9:00 o'clock and they'd be circling this whole area and we're kind of on the edge of the circle but they would literally, there would be like 30 of them out at a time, and they'd be circling this whole area. And then at one point we even saw one of them drop something that fell very slowly and was illuminated down and it looked like it fell into the Siuslaw River over here in Florence, Oregon, that's where we are.

(Jimmy asks about the cigar-shaped object that flew over with the escort) This was a tube. It was not cigar-shaped. It was actually flat on each end. None of these made any noise at all. The only thing that made any noises were when the jets came through and at some point there were like jets that were chasing them and then, at other times, it seemed like it was escorting them. I've gotten to now when I hear jets, I go outside to look for the UFOs. I don't live under any kind of a flight path here for jets or commercial airlines. Any of the commercial jets, they're a few miles off-shore and pretty high up in the air. And, after that, after we saw that thing drop down into the river, after that, there were all these government vehicles here in town. And they were actually searching through the forest.

(Mark's wife chimes in, insisting Mark tell Jimmy about the light-flash) This was in daylight and it was around the same period of time. There was a military jet and there was a UFO. And the jet shot something at the UFO and it made this huge flash of light and an explosion and again all of this had no sound. I was just completely perplexed. What is this? Am I seeing a hologram? Because how do you have a big explosion in the sky with no noise? How do you do that?”

Source: Fade To Black with Jimmy Church – March 14, 2015

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NOTE: There is a report from Florence, Oregon (2012) in the the MUFON archive:

June 6, 2012, 4:45 AM - Florence, Oregon: “This AM I had gotten my walk with my dog in and she barked at the door shortly after aggressively I went out and she was still on leash she immediately looked up at the sky I too looked and we saw a ROUND bright white yellow light no flashing lights with it. The light headed south east over our heads it stopped for a second or so and then continued I watched as clouds came in just shortly behind it making the same pattern as the light. Also noticing that the moon was never covered By the clouds during any of this time when we went for our walk it was clear star-lite sky. I was able to guess the height by it passing the tree in my back yard. Florence Oregon. June 6, 2012 4:44 AM Normally not light out at this time this was an exceptionally bright AM” - MUFON

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