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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: Instantly Transported 9 Miles -- Abduction or Vivid Dream? -- Black Panther or Jaguarundi?

Instantly Transported 9 Miles

Hayes, Louisiana - 2017-04-08: My brother and I were going fishing. We stopped at a store on the way. When we left we went about a half mile and then we were instantly transported 9 miles down the road. I know it was nine miles because the sign we noticed said 9 miles from the small town we just left. Both my brother and I were confused as to what had happened to us. We never made it to the turn where we were going fishing we were instantly 9 miles down the road. We did not experience any aliens or UFO. We were just instantly transported down the road. My brother asked me didn't 'we just leave the store?' and I thought the same thing. He also asked me what we were talking about and I could not tell him. He just asked me to not talk about what had happened out of fear people would think we were crazy. He does not like to talk about it. - MUFON


Abduction or Vivid Dream?

Monroe, Michigan - 2017-03-31: Facts only - I went to sleep on April 1st 2017 then was awake on board a craft. Felt like I blinked then we we high up but descending. That I felt a sudden drop but I was under control. Able to not loose any balance. I felt sharp turns. Then we landed. I got out seen two glowing lights as a landmark free-floating above the ground. It was still night because it seemed dark. I saw a building covered or looked to be sprayed with sand. I felt as if I was being rushed or pulled inside. I saw people. Then one woman. I was so happy, feeling like love, joy, peace ,happiness to the highest level I've ever felt before ever! I went over to the woman. Reached out to see if I could touch her. I did but she felt like my hand then arm was passing through or into her being? It felt like a light weight silicon jelly!? Or something. I touched her lower back area. She felt me touching her and turned and was happy, or smiling back at me. Then we kissed! My happy feeling turned to a nervous one and next thing I new I was coming back into my bedroom at home. But I could see myself and for a second or two could hear myself snoring. Then I woke up and could remember everything, and much more. I'm now experiencing a super download of information. Stuff I never new before. It just keeps coming. - MUFON


Black Panther or Jaguarundi?

“Black panther” reports are common in the American South.

Accounts of mysterious black cats crossing the road in front of motorists or seen by hunters are frequent but rarely backed up by photography.

In my 25 years of wildlife journalism I have learned most people assume the animals they are seeing are black (melanistic) cougars. The problem is cougars do not produce melanistic offspring and there has never in history been one documented by science.

So, what are people seeing?

That question is broad and we will dive into that in another post, however one possible solution is the jaguarundi. Read more at Black Panther Captured On Texas Game Camera?


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