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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Creepy 'Men in Black' Incident

I recently received the following account:

Hi Lon, I've been meaning to send you this story for some time now. Was one of the strangest events in my, and my friend's, life.

This event took place approximately 19 years ago, around 1998. A friend and I were on or way back to my place at about 2:00-2:30 AM one night coming from Exton, PA. We stopped at the Turkey Hill on RT 323 east of the town of Honey Brook to grab something to drink. I pulled into a parking space on the left side of the store in front of the window. I got out of the car, my friend remained in the car. Passing the window I noticed a man leaning down on the window sill inside, he was wearing a wide brimmed black hat and had his head down so I couldn't see his face, just the hat. Entering the store I noticed the male clerk behind the counter with his back to me, I retrieved the drinks I went in for and proceeded to the counter. As I did, I observed the man leaning down in the sill, head still down, wearing all black and a black trench coat. Paying for my items I noticed the clerk acted as if the man wasn't even there, but slightly spooked at the same time, being very short with words, and very precise in his actions.

Leaving the store I intended to relay this to my friend waiting in my car. As I got back in she was looking at the man leaning down in the sill and asked if I see this guy. I said yes and had told her a little about being inside the store as I put the car in reverse to leave. At that point the man began to raise his head, he faced directly out at us, but oddly, as my friend yelled, he had no face, it was like it was blurred out, like they do on TV. Needless to say we were both freaked out a little and I tore off out of the lot and headed east toward my home which was only a quarter mile or so from the store. My friend and I were silent at this point as I pulled into the entrance of my mobile home park. I stopped the car there and told my friend we were going back as I suspected the clerk may be getting robbed by the man in the window. We headed out of the entrance and west back to the store.

I decided to make a right on a back road across from the store, by a local store/deli and told my friend to look over inside the store to see what she could. The man was no longer crouching in the sill, but couldn't be seen inside anywhere either. I proceeded a short distance down this road to turn around when we witnessed a female, wearing all black, walking towards us in the middle of the opposite lane. After passing her I immediately turned around to head back toward the store and ask the female if she needed help. Reaching the stop sign at the intersection we noticed she was gone. We then turned our attention back to the store across the street and decided to go right, heading west on 322, slowly past the store when we noticed the man was now outside, crouching by the pay phone, head down, to the right of the store, and a blacked out Lincoln continental or town car parked to his left we hadn't noticed before. The clerk was inside standing behind the counter at this point starring straight out the windows and perfectly still.

I turned around a short distance down at the next mobile home park with the small diner in front and proceeded east again. This time we pulled back into the parking lot, the man, the car, and the clerk still in the same positions as previous. The man began raising his head again, and again, I tore off out of the lot, going east on 322 toward my home, about 300 feet from leaving the lot I had to swerve to miss another man, wearing all black, walking towards us, in the center of our lane, going west towards the store. Both mine, and my friends hearts were pounding at this point and again, I had to turn around and go back wondering what the hell was going on. As we returned back to the store and pulled into the lot we noticed that the walking man was gone, the crouching man with no face was gone, and the car was gone, and the male clerk from inside, was now a female clerk moving around doing work inside the store. At no time did we witness any other patrons to the store, nor anyone else inside the store, nor any other vehicles in the lot during any of this.

After finally returning home, and talking for a bit, my friend calmed down enough to drive herself home. Passing the store after leaving, the same female clerk was still the only person there. My friends car subsequently broke down on her a short distance away, transmission blew, she did make it home safe that night though. I frequented that same store, and days later saw that same male clerk working there where I noticed his demeanor to be totally different than that night.

Neither of us at the time thought we had witnessed Men in Black activity. It wasn't until years later while researching stories of MIB encounters that it hit me. We have both seen unidentified craft periodically throughout our lives, and she, and her mother, have witnessed a being that didn't seem of this earth. We still keep in contact to this day. Because of a landed unidentified craft my mother witnessed in the late 1970s when I was about 8 or 9 I've researched events involving UFOs throughout my life and attempt to investigate sightings now. Thanks for reading this. Michael

NOTE: This is one of more bizarre MIB encounters I have read...a multi-faceted incident with a faceless MIB, a female MIB and a possible time slip. Very interesting...Lon

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