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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Witness Experiences Possible Otherworldly 'Tonal Communication'

I received the following single-witness compilation of reports from MUFON, provided by humanoid researcher / author Albert Rosales:

Houston, Texas - 4-13-17 @ 0130:
I was in our big hangar at work after turning off the main lights and closing the main doors at night after everyone had left. (Everyone left about 1900.) After I finished closing the last one I was walking to exit on the north side door of the hangar when I noticed something move. I then stopped to look in the back at the hangar (west wall) as to what was moving and I noticed it was someone walking behind the aircraft in back of the hangar. So I stopped (east wall) to look at who was there and I saw 2 long skinny legs, grayish green in color and could tell whatever it was is was facing my direction. I then saw it turn and begin walking to the south wall and was a little nervous by this point and quickly was walking to my exit on the north side of the hangar. I knew there was an aircraft parked in front of me so a very quickly looked in front of me so I didn't walk into the nose of the plane and once I knew I was in a clear path to the door I quickly looked back to where I saw this being and it was gone. I then heard a loud bang in the back southwest corner of the hangar and knew without a doubt whatever I was looking at was moving extremely fast! So I picked up my pace towards the door and then directly behind me was a loud bang on the main hangar doors where I was just standing seconds ago! As I reached for the door handle, whatever it was I knew and could feel it directly behind me! Every hair on my body was standing straight up! Although I was obviously startled by this event I did not feel any negative energy associated with it. I was just scared because I knew it ran around and came up right behind me. That scared me but I didn't feel threatened necessarily.

The next day I told one co-worker what had happened and we walked in together and showed him where the event took place. The hangar is 150'x 200' This being made in around the entire hangar in the time is took me to walk quickly about only 50'-65'! We also walked back by the plane I saw it next to and decided it was around 9'-10' tall. I definitely saw the legs clearly up to probably just below the waist. The color was unmistakably grayish green and I could tell it was skin not clothing. The legs were long and skinny and they were the same size above and below the knee. I did not see torso/head or arms it was behind the plane. I did clearly see it walk and turn to the south and legs bending and stepping. I was more fixated on the legs and I could have seen the feet but I did not. It made no sound. Weather was clear and no wind.

21 days later on 5/4/17 @ 0010:
Same hangar while cleaning aircraft my phone, that was playing music, stopped after hearing strange talking on the other side of the plane I was working on. I walked over and nobody was there and the phone had full signal. So I thought OK, pushed play on the phone. Again music started up and walked to the side of the plane again. I was pretty much in the center of the hangar at this point when all of this sudden the entire hangar started ringing exactly like a crystal meditation bowl! It was so loud and I could actually feel it in my body, so not only did I hear this...I felt it! The sound was traveling around the hangar in a counter-clockwise direction above me towards the ceiling atop the side walls of the hangar. It rang beautifully for about 20 seconds or so and then when it stopped I realized my phone was turned off again. So I turned my music back on again. After that no more events that night and phone worked fine. After further investigation on my part I found the exact tone was in 'F'. The Heart Chakra note. So amazing I wish I could experience that again! Weather was clearing after storm had moved about 25-30 miles to the south. No wind.

12 days later on 5/16/17 @ 2035:
Took portable speaker into same hangar and played the recording of 'F' note from a crystal meditation bowl and immediately got a VERY strong feeling of a presence! Again every hair on my body was standing on end as I walked around playing the note on a speaker. For some reason I got the idea to play monks chanting 'OM' at 432 Hz, so I did and instantly my goosebumps went away and I never felt anything again that night. Super strange! So I left the hangar without incident. Weather partly cloudy and windy.

2 days later on 5/18/17 @ 2035:
Took co-worker with me into same hangar and both of us heard the 'F' note faintly. We both walked around and tried to find a source but could not explain it. Coming from top of the hangar. Weather clear no wind.

1 day later on 5/19/17 @ 2130:
Co-worker and I went in again and heard and felt nothing. Weather cloudy and windy.

I sure wish I knew what was happening! Can beings communicate using tones and vibrations? Is this thing I saw trying to communicate with me? Next time I see it I'm going towards it.

NOTE: Hypothetically, lets say that a series of tones, like the 'D, E, C high octave, C low octave, G' notes demonstrated in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' are indicative of an actual means of communicating with otherworldly beings. I'm not discounting it...tones may be a universal language, similar to binary numbers. The witness should use the Zoltan Kodaly visual aid as well...if they have another encounter. But then again, if the aliens don't have hands, this may be a problem. Lon

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