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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Hubbardsville Encounter (Part 1)

July 24, 1991 – Hubbardsville, New York, USA

This is a 2-part testimonial account of an event that took place on July 24, 1991. Two men, who were night fishing, saw something that challenges conventional explanations. From the video description:


"I'm Fred Arcuri, 55 years old, born and raised in Utica, New York. I'm here to tell you a story of an encounter I had on July 24, 1991. I decided to come out and tell the story to whomever might be interested in hearing it. It's been told to a few people during my lifetime, not many, but a few and I'm going to share this story with whomever else is going to listen."


"So it's a story of an evening of fishing with a close friend of mine (Lou Piazza) and this took place in a little hamlet called Hubbardsville, New York, probably a 30 to 35 minute ride south of my house. It's a small waterway that connects to a series of reservoirs in an area in central New York known as the nine-mile swamp area. The nine-mile swamp area is probably most famous for some of the stories of the old Loomis gang back in there in the early days of our settlers. People in central New York would certainly know or have heard of those stories but this is the area of which I am speaking. It's close to to Hamilton, New York which is the home of Colgate University... it's a very picturesque nice waterway. It's mostly a canoeist kayaking type of a waterway which does hold a decent population of fish. So this was a beautiful typical mid-July summer night. The kind of night where it's that first beautiful hot weather you get when you really know it's summertime now and you know it's time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors and that's what we did.

We took off for an evening after work and traveled down south to get a couple hours worth of fishing in and enjoy the evening. So there was nothing unusual about that night. It was great, you know, it's paddling adventure and we, from where we put in at the country road side of the bridge, we probably would have traveled upstream a couple miles. I would say at least a couple miles upstream and then we would pretty much float down with the currant and fish along the way.

It's not big water in most sections of this waterway. It's really not much wider than a typical room of your house. It's very flat, flat black water yet it is moving water. There's no swift currants that you encounter. It's pretty pretty much flat water, very calm. You are lower on the water level than you are on the side of the banks. It's pretty much over grown, so you're sitting pretty much low and you don't get to see across any distances of the field and swamp. You're pretty much hung down in there. Well, it was just a typical night, I can't brag about any great fish we caught but as it was getting towards the end of the evening, sun setting, we had to race to get back once we decided to call it a night and say, Okay, we're pretty much done fishing."


"I had an alright experience. I looked down next to me in my canoe and my paddle that I have, I'm in the back of the canoe. I'm the steerer, the main paddler, my paddle was no longer in the canoe. Fishing poles, tackle box, they were there. My friend's paddle, he had the paddle in the front, but my paddle wasn't there and I don't remember dropping it the water. I could have, I guess, but, you know, I would thought I would have heard it. So I asked my friend for the paddle, so I could have it because I have to paddle from the back with one paddle, not him from the from. I started looking around for the paddle. I mean it's going to float, that's not very wide, 10 to 12 feet wide. It couldn't have gone too far so as we went back down to the stream a little bit and I looked for it and it was nowhere to be seen. We actually turned around and paddled back up to the point where we quit fishing to make sure it wasn't hung up in the branches or under the cover of something. It was just odd that the paddle had just disappeared with no explanation when it should be laying on the floor of the canoe. It certainly shouldn't have just got up and jumped overboard but it wasn't there so that's it, I'm done looking for the paddle. I can't explain where it went so I'm just gonna, you know, call it a day. I lost my paddle and I'm gonna paddle it out on my own and that's what I proceeded to do. It was just like, it's was a gorgeous evening, I'm just standing up and I'm paddling the canoe from the back, nice and slow as we meander through a lot of switchbacks that runs to this little flat water, you know."


"Probably after the first five minutes of paddling, and as I'm standing up, you know, I get a view, or I could see a little bit higher now since I'm standing. I could see to the top of the grass along the bank and then I'm looking, and I could see it in the distance. I could see that there was an area, a glowing area in the distance, where it was lit up. I was like, we're quite a distance for where we had to be at but it was kind of odd because I can't remember anything over there, you know, a house or building. We're not anywhere close to the village, but it was so bright, this glowing light. It meant nothing to me at the time and I just kept going, you know, meandered down this section, meandered down the next section. The glow in the distance was always off in front of me to my left. It was still in the same area.

Well, as we got closer to the, there's a big wide turn. As the river narrows up, it gets to a wider section, there's this blast, big straight run, probably about 200 yards, it makes a sharp 90-degree turn to the left and carries on for probably another 100 yards until it comes to a narrow gauntlet and, at that point in time, there was an old beaver dam that you have to negotiate when you came up from where we launched the boat. We would paddle up against the swift current and we would hit this old beaver dam. We have to get out, just jump over the old beaver dam, get into the flat water and carry on and, of course, you have to reverse this on the way back so as we hit this last straightaway, this 200 yards straightaway. I know, I realized exactly where I am, how close I am to our destination and I could tell that the lighting isn't back at, say the bridge, it sits in an area where there shouldn't be any light and, you know, I'm just saying, I said, it must be young people fishing on the bank, probably, you know, their Coleman lanterns or whatever, it's no big deal.

So as we go on, I'm talking to my friend and just enjoying the evening, we're paddling, you know, we get to that, we get to the point where we have to make the curve and hit the last stretch. When we came around the curve, made that last stretch, I'm looking straight on to the source of the lights and the source of the lights was not on the bank or on the water's edge, the source of the lights was set back into the woods. And at a 100 yards it was, it clearly looked odd to me. It was clearly something there, a piece of equipment, a machine, an object, something fairly large but it certainly wasn't fishermen along the bank fishing. Okay, what is this? I don't know but we're going to find out because we're drifting and slowly paddling closer to it. I would say probably at 75 yards out I can clearly tell this was a conical shaped object. Why was it conical because I could clearly see the side of it, the cut off top, the bottom, it was conical in a curve because on the right-hand side, my view looking straight ahead, on the right-hand side, it had three stationary lights lit up. I would call them bars or strips, bars, one two three clearly defining the curve of the object. They were amber in color, amber as in the same exact color that you find on your car in your driveway, your signal light. And they were just lit up. The machine was whitish, glowing. The forest floor all around it had an aura of a fog, a haze, something that you would see maybe as a special effect that would occur with the dry ice, the evaporation of the CO2 but yet there was no movement to it. There was just a white foggy aura over the earth.

At 50 yards I can clearly see two entities... What it was, I don't know, but it was two, not one, but two... two figurines that were hiding behind the machine. I'll call it a machine. They were hiding because they were clearly looking out the side, peering out the side, taking a peek and watching us. They were watching us because at 50 yards I had started to communicate what my curiosity was. What is this? What am I looking at here? So I yelled out to them. 'How's it going tonight? How are you doing?' Nothing. Dead silent. It was so dead silent that I didn't hear a cricket. I didn't hear a hear a frog. I didn't hear anything. The whole environment around us is dead silent. Calm, warm, muggy evening. The two figurines, as I yelled out to them, at that point in time, have ferried behind the machine and made a quick duck behind the machine to hide. Okay, I don't know what this is going on? I don't even know what I'm looking at? This is odd. It was odd. What is this machine? What was it doing there? What did I just witness? I just witnessed two figurines, pale, white, with dark black shiny eyes They were larger than mine is the most identifying feature I can make to what I just witnessed. My friend sitting in front of me is witnessing this exact same thing. From a hundred yards to the 50-yard event I had been communicating with my friend and all the way up asking, 'What is this? What the hell is this?' I badgered this poor guy so much that he snapped back, I mean, he said, 'I don't know what it is, shut up!' He was nervous. What were we watching.

As we got closer, now, I'm within thirty 30 yards. The current is taking me towards this beaver dam. I'm no longer paddling. There's no need to paddle. My eyes are focused on something and I can't make out what it is and I, once again, the land is aglow, the machine is sitting there. I would say it's about eight to nine feet tall. It clearly stood on at least three legs that I could tell. It had an additional feature to it. It had light. I call it light. It had an object on top of it and on the left hand side, as I'm looking at it, would be on the top left, during my shout out to whatever it is, I'm shouting out to with no reply, at a certain point in time, I couldn't tell you if it was 50 yards. I'll say 50 yards. It was a little bit of a distance."

NOTE: Part 2 will be posted tomorrow...Lon

Source: From FavaFilms, quoting Fred Arcuri, from a video titled “The Hubbardsville NY Encounter (Testimonial 1), published on 25 Jan 2014

UFO image: FavaFilms

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